Monday, May 12, 2014

Essence: I Love My Jeans + Finger Paints: Psychedelic Hue & Colorful Dream

GYAH! Was going to take a shower after typing this up, but my sister is doing laundry again... anybody else got one of those? Sisters? Hate to love 'em, but you gotta. LOL Today was a long, exhausting kind of day. Couldn't sleep last night and got maybe five hours today. Kind of worked out, though. Was mostly overcast this morning, but had just enough sun for pics, then storms the whole rest of the day. Still storming. Still want my shower... -_-

Starting off with two coats of essence I Love My Jeans. I so do. I couldn't have lived having to wear dresses for the sake of femininity or some bizarro notion that men can't handle women in slacks. I Love My Jeans makes more sense since it's matte (and most fabric is matte lol) and black jeans are not uncommon.

I Love My Jeans dried really quickly, applied smoothly, and has a subtle silver shimmer that reminds me of, like, the white that is kind of speckled in denim fabric. So that makes sense, too.

For these last two flakies I have a bit of good news - bad news. The good news is that the rising sun actually cast the perfect light to be able to see these flakies in their colorful glory. The bad news is... I had some kind of issue with Psychedelic Hue... On their own these flakies dry shiny. I added topcoat to smooth them out (love flakies under "glass"), but Psychedelic Hue and the finishing topcoat got this weird matteness and all the previous coats just... melted...

See the weird matteness? No idea what happened there. I do like the teal color of the flakies. Going to have to revisit this one, because none of the other flakies have given me this problem. This one didn't in my test swatch either. Possibly environmental.

The other good news is that Colorful Dream did not give me any problems.

Okay, I'm going to go ahead and admit it: I love this one. Look at all of those colors!

Seems like it should be great for springtime celebrations, but the black undies are kind of counter-intuitive for that. *shrugs*

Any of you guys ever run into polish weirdness that you couldn't explain? Do share! Maybe we can compile a page with "Tales of Haunted Polish" or something. lol Tomorrow is going to be a fun post. Models Own Aciiied and China Glaze Bling It On! Lots of new-to-me China Glazes. We'll get through them, though! You and me together. Y'all take care out there. Hope your week is off to a great start. See you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"


  1. I like flakie topcoats. I haven't wear them for a while but they are pretty:)

    1. So pretty. ^_^ You should wear them more with summer coming. ;)

  2. Those flakies are gorgeous, especially Colorful Dream! Very appropriate name for that essence polish!

    1. Colorful Dream is definitely the stand out from this collection. Love it!!


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