Thursday, May 1, 2014

Catrice: Plum Me Up Scotty

Blessed Beltane for those of you who celebrate and a Happy Thursday for those that don't. Wow, I seriously thought I was going to get this up before noon. LOL So easily distracted. Sure, that's what it was. Not a very eventful day, just that as soon as I sat down we had to go out and then we came back and people popping up to chat. You know, that whole thing.

Today! Today I have two coats of Plum Me Up Scotty. A gorgeous lavender holo. We didn't get blinding bright sun today, little cloudy, but it's still a very pretty linear holo.

See? Can you see? Maybe in the close-up...

There we are. Like I said, two coats. The formula was a bit thick, but easy to use and dried (semi-matte) fairly quickly. Video!!

So pretty, and a big ol' thanks to gin for this one!

Tomorrow I'll be back with a chartreuse and a glitter. Can you guess which ones? hehehe You don't have to guess. There are... so many... lol Ooops, almost out of cotton balls. Hope everyone's week is winding down nicely. Take care of yourselves out there. Happy polishing and I'll see you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"


  1. this is so so pretty! wish we could get catrice here.

    1. I wish you could, too! I wish I could, too... lol All of the ones I have are from swaps with gin shivers. ;)

  2. So pretty!!! Love a good Holographic polish!

    1. hehehe Me too! ^_^ Got some good ones lined up, too.


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