Monday, May 26, 2014

Butter London: Jaded Jack VS Squatter

Hey guys! These aren't the best pics ever, but it's been overcast and rainy and... that's expected to continue for the rest of the week... so... get used to it? LOL

So today we're looking at two coats of Jaded Jack. I picked this one up with Silly Billy and Cake-Hole and both of those required undies. Jaded Jack did not.

Fabulous BL formula. Sorry for the pic. Was running around the house like a crazy person trying to chase spots of sunlight. lol

When I picked this up I didn't have Squatter yet, and when I ordered Squatter I didn't care how similar these two may or may not be. Still, since I have both...

Jaded Jack on the left and Squatter on the right. You can already tell from the bottles that Squatter is a bit more yellow.

Squatter, on my thumb, is definitely more yellow and also shinier. By comparison Jaded Jack dries to a more semi-matte finish that isn't obviously apparent on its own.

I definitely need to buckle down and do something; my poor international drawer is almost uncloseable.... *looks innocent* I have no idea how that happened. hehehehe Don't forget tomorrow is my ChG nail strip review (need to get a pic of the packaging) and then Way Back Wednesday! So far she's looking good so *fingers crossed* nothing disastrous happens between now and the next cloud-break. Aaron's taking a nap so I'm going to jump on Fallout before dinner. See if I can make it through The Divide.... ominous. lol Y'all take care and stay safe. Hope everyone has an amazing week. (^_^)"/"


  1. In the pic of the bottles, there is almost no difference!

    1. Really? Maybe it's my Sims-centered monitor settings, but they definitely look different to me. lol

  2. Squatter?? Butter London comes up with the wackiest names lol

  3. Funny names LOL I see a subtle difference in the bottle shots. I really like Jaded Jack though, so bright!


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