Saturday, May 31, 2014

Decluttering Update #4

Ever have one of those "duh"/"a-ha!" moments? Me, too! That's why I'm starting this now. Before we leave. While I have time. *ahem*

Starting with two Cartier perfume samples that I did not like at all. In my opinion Declaration smelled like a stuffy old lady and Baiser Vole smelled like a stuffy old lady's attic. Two different scents, same general theme.

I went through a couple of the samples that gin sent. This "aqua drop pack" is like a nighttime moisturizer that... is almost exactly what it says. Very watery, but absorbed pretty quickly and did moisturize.

Finally! Julep's Mighty Nail & Cuticle serum. I've never had problems with my cuticles, and from my previous (continuous) usage it didn't do anything for the staining (as far as trying to grow it out), but it does seem to have helped with growing out my ridges. My nails are still ridgy, but far less so. Could be this, could be the buffing, could be both. Who knows?

I'll be honest... I don't even remember using this. lol I swear next month I'll take notes.

This I do remember. It was a bit thinner than I expected, but foamed up really nicely so it at least felt like it was deep cleaning.

The "olive oil cream". Was about what it says as well. Like a cream moisturizer with olive oil in it. Smelled like olive oil, but didn't feel greasy or anything on my skin.

OMG Actual make-up! I love this! Pressed powder that does, in fact, "cover all". Gave me a very even, matte finish without foundation. Once I finish up my other pressed powders I will very likely purchase this again... assuming it's still available.

Lastly, Lancome's Hypnose Star mascara. Hated this, too. It was so thick and heavy that I could feel it pulling my lashes down; making me feel sleepy. I love free samples (this was a Sephora birthday freebie), but I will not ever buy this. My current essence mascara looks far more natural without weighing down my lids.

So, there we have it. I won't have a true update until tomorrow, but as of last week I've lost a total of 12lbs!! Eight in April and four for May isn't stellar, but progress is progress and I'm sticking with it. Welp, time to pee and throw some clothes on. See you next month! (^_^)"/"

Zoya: Josie & Orly: Green Flakie Topcoat +Tattoo

Hey guys! Going to try to be a little quick. Last minute plans with the in-laws and I still have to make myself *ahem* presentable. lol

Today we're starting out with two coats of Josie. Perfect Zoya formula, dried quickly. Awesome color.

I can't believe I put this one off for so long!

Now... Green Flakie Topcoat. If I remember correctly Orly put out two of these to go with their matte polishes. The base is green so I thought it made sense to wear it over green...

Maybe a darker green would have been better since the flakies didn't really stand out over Josie.

It does dry matte on its own, which is kinda cool because who doesn't like matte flakies? The problem is that they kind of sink so you may find yourself wanting to topcoat it to make everything smooth. I did get a quick picture over black for you.

So Green Flakie Topcoat is a bit of a misnomer, but it's still pretty cool.

Now, who's ready to see my tattoo? lol For those that don't recognize it I got the astrological symbol for the planet (yes planet) Pluto since Pluto is the ruling planet for scorpio.

No, it didn't hurt. :p The outline kind of stung a bit, but by the time he got to the color I barely felt a thing... except my ribcage vibrating every time he hit a bone. That was an unusual sensation. The coolest part was sitting there with him and mixing up the perfect green. Pluto is generally associated with red, but... I don't like red. Sailor Pluto (from the Sailor Moon series) has green hair, and it's my favorite color, so I went with that. (and for the moment it matches my purse LOL)

There it is a little more fresh. OMG! I've been following Rhonda Choudhry (a metaphysical teacher) on YouTube and facebook and she liked my tattoo pic! *SQUEE* I didn't do it for her, but it's still nice. ^_^

Okay, tonight I'm going to try really hard to get my decluttering post up. *fingers crossed* No idea when we'll be getting back so it might be a smidge late. Then tomorrow I'll have some Finger Paints and some crackle!! Okay, enough procrastinating. Time to work on the hair and face. Love you guys! Take care and hope y'all are having a great weekend!! (^_^)"/"

Friday, May 30, 2014

Scented Nabi: White, Hot Pink & Neon Orange

Hey, everybody! You know what I love about Nabi? They'll take something (magnetic, texture, crackle, etc) and then release it in just about any color you can imagine. It's insane! You know what I hate about Nabi? I can only ever find it at Goodwill or online. >_< Frustrating. Still on the hunt for the textures (hoping to save myself some shipping costs), but I did find the scented finally, and today I'm sharing three out of the four that I picked up. Let's get started!

First up: White. For the undies, ya know? I have a few scented mainstream polishes and sometimes the formula ends up... thick? Gloopy? Stringy? Like, you can tell there's something in there that the polish doesn't want in there. lol Not so with the Nabis. These three, anyway. The formula was very smooth and dried very quickly and even the white was wearable with just one coat!

Looks like a normal white polish, huh? Fair warning if you pick these up: It's scented "when dry". When wet it smells like chemically polish. White is supposed to smell like "lollipops" which basically means it has a faint sugary scent when it dries.

Hot Pink! Love this color. One coat over White, dried quickly. It's supposed to smell like strawberries, but... I just smelled more sweetness. Not overpowering, the scents are pretty faint, but didn't quite smell like strawberries to me.

Next up is Neon Orange on the hot mess that is my right hand at the moment...

Yeah... I think my left hand is jealous because my right hand writes so prettily. *ahem* One coat over White, also dried quickly. Looks like I had problems with cleanup, but I didn't see that in real life so it could just be my camera spazzing out over the insane brightness. This one actually did smell like oranges.

OH! After a bit of searching on amazon and a bit of waiting I think I've finally collected every China Glaze crackle polish! least I thought I did, but then I found a China Glaze wiki and I don't think I have the pink one... OMG Or the silver one? WTF? Correction: I am three crackles closer to owning every one. -_-

Black Mesh, Lightning Bolt and Fault Line. I have some super fun ideas to go with those.

Time to pull the clothes out of the dryer and get this day started. Tomorrow I'll be back with Zoya Josie and possibly Orly Green Flakie Topcoat... possibly. I will, for sure, have pictures of my new tattoo which I am getting in OMG FOUR HOURS! hehehe Y'all take care and have a fantastic weekend!! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Essence: Yummy, Yummy!

Hey guys! OMG! Tomorrow y'all finally get to see how much shorter my right nails are compared to the left. I suck so bad... XD Until then we have one last day of denial while I share with you the surprising awesomeness of Yummy, Yummy!.

What's so surprising about it? Well... I'm not sure. Two coats, dried quickly, that's to be expected. I think I just had an image in my mind of something... different? I dunno. Yummy, Yummy! is from the Cookies & Cream trend edition and came with these cute "sweets" stickers!

Which I didn't use... lol Yummy, Yummy! isn't terribly exciting, but I can always use more neutral polishes in my life.

Time to go get the rest of the pics for tomorrow's swatch-a-palooza. Prepare to be astounded. Oh wait... spoiler alert? *looks around* Sorry. lol Hope everyone is having a great week. The end is near! Week-end. Get it? Okay I'm rambling. Y'all take care. I'll be here tomorrow with many more polishes. (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Misa: Forbidden Lust ~Revisited

Hello, dolls! Welcome to another exciting edition of Way Back Wednesday! Today we're taking a second look at the very seductive Forbidden Lust *rawr* The sun didn't exactly want to cooperate, but at least I didn't have any dings or sheet marks this time!

If you like purple, even a little bit, you have to get your hands on this one. Two coats that do take a bit longer to dry than they should, but the payoff is so worth it.

And, seriously, you can't beat the name. hehehe

Yes. Short post today. Went a little overboard for lunch so I'm going to jump on the bike again before I jump in the shower. Tomorrow is Yummy, Yummy!, then Friday I'm going to really blow you away with three (yes, three) of the scented Nabis. Here's hoping the formula doesn't suck too bad! LOL Ya know, cuz they're neon and scented and that just feels like a recipe for disaster. We'll see! Y'all take care out there and... Happy Polishing!! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

China Glaze Real Nail Polish Appliques: Sneaky Snake

That's kind of a mouthful. lol Today we're getting a look at China Glaze's addition to the "polish strip" world thanks to an extra 50% off clearance sale at Sally's. ^_^ I try not to buy these too often because they're usually pricey and I know I won't wear them that long. No matter how awesome they look.... and Sneaky Snake is pretty freakin' awesome.

If you have any experience with polish strips then it might help to know that these are about mid-way between the very pliable and easily smoothable Sally Hansen version, and the stiff ones that are practically stickers. (Like the Kiss ones or OPI Nail Apps) They were fairly pliable, but didn't smooth completely (that required some acetone and two layers of topcoat) and did have adhesive on the back. Oh yeah, I said I'd get a picture of the packaging:

It is a super cool design and once I did finally manage to get the appliques smoothed out the effect was really nice. Just a little more work than I think it should have been. Also, sizing was a little difficult to determine...

My nails are pretty rounded, though, so that wasn't really visible most of the time. Overall I think I'd give these a B+. They do work, but could use some improvements.

Yes, I wore these right before the last big chop and decided to go a little wild with a second piercing:

How could I not? Badass design like that should have extra piercings. LOL

Have you tried the China Glaze Appliques? What were your impressions?

Let's see... tomorrow is WBWednesday (I think I'm going to keep making these a surprise), then Thursday we're jumping back into the untrieds with essence Yummy, Yummy!. Also need to remember my empties because the end of the month is sneaking up on us quickly! Are you ready for June? lol Welp, I'm going to work on my nails a bit (right hand is still pretty janky from the chop) and get back to my book. Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Take care and I'll see you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"

Monday, May 26, 2014

Butter London: Jaded Jack VS Squatter

Hey guys! These aren't the best pics ever, but it's been overcast and rainy and... that's expected to continue for the rest of the week... so... get used to it? LOL

So today we're looking at two coats of Jaded Jack. I picked this one up with Silly Billy and Cake-Hole and both of those required undies. Jaded Jack did not.

Fabulous BL formula. Sorry for the pic. Was running around the house like a crazy person trying to chase spots of sunlight. lol

When I picked this up I didn't have Squatter yet, and when I ordered Squatter I didn't care how similar these two may or may not be. Still, since I have both...

Jaded Jack on the left and Squatter on the right. You can already tell from the bottles that Squatter is a bit more yellow.

Squatter, on my thumb, is definitely more yellow and also shinier. By comparison Jaded Jack dries to a more semi-matte finish that isn't obviously apparent on its own.

I definitely need to buckle down and do something; my poor international drawer is almost uncloseable.... *looks innocent* I have no idea how that happened. hehehehe Don't forget tomorrow is my ChG nail strip review (need to get a pic of the packaging) and then Way Back Wednesday! So far she's looking good so *fingers crossed* nothing disastrous happens between now and the next cloud-break. Aaron's taking a nap so I'm going to jump on Fallout before dinner. See if I can make it through The Divide.... ominous. lol Y'all take care and stay safe. Hope everyone has an amazing week. (^_^)"/"

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Essence: That's What I Mint & China Glaze: Light As A Feather +Plus

Hey, y'all! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I don't know how many of you have the pleasure of an extended weekend for Memorial Day, but stay safe out there. People be actin' all crazy and stuff...

*ahem* Today we're starting with two quick-drying coats of That's What I Mint. Another "minty" named polish that is more blue in real life...

It is pretty, and was opaque without undies, but I would have liked it a tad more green...

Also, it made a nice base color for Light As A Feather!

Took me forever to find a base color that didn't disguise or clash with any of the glitters. This is one coat, no having to swoosh it around for even coverage, dried quickly.

Upon close inspection out in the sun I was surprised that Light As A Feather contains five colors of glitter: black, white, yellow, orange/peach and pink! At some point I will be getting the rest of these. ;)

Last week Aaron and I wandered around to a couple of bookstores and I found some books I liked, but... they were a bit pricey so I came home and ordered them used from amazon. The first one, Dream Magic came in last night and I can't wait to dig in. This morning we went to O'Mart to kill some time and I grabbed an interesting looking sheet mask (it's lotion so I don't have to wash it off!) and these strawberry flavored "corn chips". o_O? *shrugs* They look good, but I'm saving my calories for dinner. lol

Let's see... I don't have a special Memorial Day mani planned so it looks like Jaded Jack (with Squatter comparison) tomorrow, my China Glaze "Real Nail Polish Appliques" review Tuesday, then another surprise for Way Back Wednesday! It's a pretty one that got a little dinged up in the night the first time around, so I'll be extra careful this time. Promise! Y'all take care, be safe and have a great Monday; whether you're off or not. (^_^)"/"

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Orly: Purple Velvet +Haul

Hey, everybody!! Man oh man have I been busy! Would you believe my nails have been naked for almost two days?! *dies* Fortunately I do have a couple of pictures lined up so I can still bring you the daily nail. ^_^

Today I have two coats of Orly's Purple Velvet. Totally awesome matte purple. Applied smoothly, dried quickly.

That actually came out pretty color accurate. Perfect addition to the rest of my Orly mattes. hehehe Quick shot in the shade!

I love my matte topcoats, but I love having matte straight out of the bottle even more.

So... just as soon as I tell myself I need to save some money I run into nail polish awesomeness. I've been waiting for months for Goodwill to get a "new" Nabi display and they finally delivered with the scented collection!

In a perfect world I would have grabbed one of each of the thirty or so in the display, but I managed to restrain myself and got White, Hot Pink, Lime and Neon Orange. Now to just hang tight and wait patiently for them to get the textures!! I already warned Aaron I will be grabbing far more of those.

Then after weeks of waiting for anybody to get the Sally Hansen chromes, I finally found them at Walgreens. There was no price on the display and I nearly had a stroke while checking out, but... CHROME!! The bottles are super reflective so this next picture kinda sucks.

Again, I would have loved to get them all, but thankfully pared it down to my favorites: Purple Alloy, Cobalt Chrome, Minted Metal and Sterling Silver. I'll be hanging on to Sterling Silver until I can get my hands on No Place Like Chrome and then I'll have yet another silver chrome comparison for you guys!

Yesterday was an especially big day for Aaron. Turns out I was right to be concerned about his feelings having to change his hair and wardrobe and such to venture out into the "grown up" working world. He found a great remedy, though!

"Say No To Normal". Now he's happy. No matter what he has to do on the outside, he knows what's going on underneath it all. Also, when he's happy I'm happy. Incidentally I'll be getting a new tattoo in a couple of weeks when we go back to show the artist how it's healed up. Awesome guy, great work, surprisingly affordable. Can't wait.

That's it for me today. Uhm... Looks like tomorrow I'll have essence That's What I Mint topped with ChG Light As A Feather. Gorgeous combo. You're gonna love it. Even if you hate bar glitter. lol Now I'm going to see if I can find that essie on the cheap before I have to make dinner. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Take care and stay safe. (^_^)"/"

Friday, May 23, 2014

Norma's Jamberry Review

Hey, guys! As promised I'm handing the blog over to Norma today. Take it away, Norma!!

I’m no nail wrap expert. I’ve always thought "what’s the point when you can get so many manis out of an actual bottle?" But I’m a huge sucker for nail anything and an even bigger sucker for FREE! @_@ So when Amber Roy on Polish-Aholics Anonymous was kind enough to reach out to me to ask if I’d like to give Jamberry nail wraps a try, I was all ‘hellz yeah! (*waves* THANKS AMBER!)

I’d vaguely heard of Jamberry before but hadn’t given them much thought. But after getting the wraps I of course went to Google to check things out. The claim on the Jamberry site says wraps can give up to 14 days of wear. Not gonna lie, that scared me! I like to switch up my mani at least twice a week! But I calmed myself down by saying ‘self, you don’t HAVE to wear them that long. But I was determined to wear the wraps for 7 days!

I applied them on May 8th. The instructions for my Jamberry nail wraps said they needed to be heated up with a blow dryer before applying. I was bummed! I don’t have a blow dryer! Thankfully good old Google made me realize that anything could be used to heat them up (duh lol!) so I used a small space heater.

To apply, I first cut my sample in half (it looked like one big strip) and then grabbed the very edge of one side of the wrap (you’re supposed to use tweezers or a stick but I couldn’t get it that way!). I placed the wrap on a tooth pick and headed over to my space heater to heat it up for about 5 seconds. I was amazed at how soft and almost floppy the wrap got. I lined it up with my ring finger and smoothed it on. I hate to sound cliché, but I will, it went on like butter! Seriously it practically draped itself over my nail. I trimmed off as much of the excess overhang as I could with a pair of nail scissors and then filed it to fit. I then went back to the space heater and heated it up for another 5 or so seconds and smoothed away any buckles or bubbles. They were, seriously, the smoothest wraps I’d ever applied! I was sooo impressed with them.

After one day of wear they were holding strong. After two days of wear, however, I noticed some buckling at the tip of my right ring finger along the ridges. Unfortunately once the buckling started, there was no stopping it! It got progressively worse and odd bubbles began to form along the nail tip under the wrap. I would press them down, trying to smooth things out but they turned out to be bubbles of glue that must’ve come up and in the process of trying to smooth the nail wrap back down, I just wound up pressing glue out from between my nail and the wrap.

By the third day of wear the wrap began to lift along the line where the buckling had started and I tried to ignore it...I tried! But I’m weak. In an attempt to smooth things back out I cut the lifted up part off. BAD IDEA! I hate chips. And cutting up the lifted off part just made the wrap look like it had a chip in it. Which drove me nutzo! So by day four, I decided to take them off.

Day four, left hand (no buckling! Still looks amazing)

Day four, right hand (you can see how I trimmed the piece that had lifted...which made it look like it was chipped...which drove me nuts!)

Again, I was pleasantly surprised! I got out my space heater and heated the nail wraps for about 5 to 8 seconds and began to peel them off. I’ll admit, I was hesitant because any time I’ve tried to remove traditional nail wraps they seem to want to take your entire nail with them. Not these! They peeled off just as easily as they went on and left no damage!

Overall I think these wraps are great for:

- people who want more elaborate designs but aren’t into doing their own art
- people who don’t like to switch their manicures often
- people who can leave well enough alone if the wraps do start to peel or lift or buckle slightly *sheepish look*
- people who have even nails. I think if your nails have significant enough ridges like mine or any other lumps, humps or imperfections, the wraps will have a harder time staying on for a full week.

One of the major drawbacks for me was the price. One set of wraps costs $15.00 plus shipping. I’m pretty sure someone could get at least 2 manicures out of one set of wraps (maybe even more) but I’m cheap! And that’s just too steep for me considering I’d balk at paying that much for a bottle of polish that I could get several manicures out of. With all that said, I really enjoyed my experience using Jamberry nail wraps and would highly recommend these to anyone.

Thanks, Norma!! Amazing review! *high fives* Norma's always trolling my comments (I mean that with the utmost love lol) so if you have any questions, feel free to ask! She will answer them. Don't forget Purple Velvet tomorrow. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, May 22, 2014

China Glaze: Tail Me Something

Texture!! I wasn't going to name names because I don't believe in blog-bashing, but apparently this is considered an article so.... *ahem*

The other day this article started circulating around the polish arena. Now, I'm all for freedom of speech. Everybody's entitled to their own opinion and all that good stuff. However, to say that something needs to "die" simply because you (not you personally, you know what I mean) don't like it is... just way out of line. I've ranted at length about the misconceptions regarding texture polish (Cliff's Notes: it does not look like sheet-marked polish and it's far easier to remove than glitter), but the bottom line is this: If you don't like it, don't buy it.

Me? I love texture polish, and I'm not the only one. So as my part of an outpouring of love for texture (keep your eyes on Frazzle and Aniploish for Karen's addition!) I present to you Tail Me Something from China Glaze's Sea Goddess collection!

Of course I didn't get any sun. LOL This is two coats, dried super quick. It's more frosty than sparkly, but in my opinion this is closer to what Stevie should have been.

I did get some sun later in the day, but only had my phone with me.

I know, I know. I should have done a comparison with Stevie, but I honestly expected this to be more of a deep purple, and also more... PixieDust-like? Less frosty? Along those lines.... *ahem* Close-up!

Texture! It's not for everybody, to be sure, but I enjoy it. I will continue to enjoy it. I will rally around new texture collections, sing their praises, and sport them along with my crackles, holos, mattes, shimmers, magnetics and creams. Let us not thwart polish expansion and creativity, but embrace it. If it wasn't for innovation we'd all still be wearing basic red and pink and that, my dears, is a very scary thought indeed.

Tomorrow I will be handing over the reigns to Norma so she can regale us with her Jamberry experience. Then Saturday I'll be going matte with Orly's Purple Velvet. Exciting things on the horizon. Will you join us? I hope you do. Y'all take care and I will see you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

OPI: I Have A Herring Problem ~Revisited

Hello everybody and welcome to my first Way Back Wednesday post! I know "Throwback Thursday" is the big thing, but as a girl that grew up fishing I just can't think of my lovelies as "throw backs". It just doesn't work for me. So instead I'll be doing Way Back Wednesday where I reach way back for a polish that deserves a second chance. Either because I had problems with the formula, or the camera I had back then sucked, or maybe the lighting wasn't cooperative. Maybe I really like the color and just want to wear it again. Today's inaugural post is because my camera sucked and so I Have A Herring Problem is getting a second shot.

Ta-da! I Have A Herring Problem is not that blue. It's more of a blue-grey. This is two coats and the dry time was pretty good. I love the delicate shimmers in this one.

There's the right color. lol Y'all know I'm not a huge fan of OPI, but this is one of my favorites. Like, all time favorites, not just OPI favorites. Yeah, a big part of that is the name.

So, after a very spiteful post circulated it's way around to me I've decided to fast track Tail Me Something for tomorrow. Yep, another texture-hater got my dander up and I'm fighting back. In my own totally-passive, nobody-cares kind of way. LOL Then Friday I'll have Norma's review of the Jamberry nail strips. Things to look forward to. Time to post up before I gotta head out. Y'all take care and I'll see you tomorrow! With texture! (^_^)"/"