Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why I Went Naked Today

Hey y'all. I assure you, the blatant nudity was not intentional. I love painting my nails, but over the past 24 hours I just didn't have the time. I could have made the time, sure, but I did not. Last night I had Miss Piggy's BF all open and ready to go when Aaron asked if I wanted to play New Vegas. OMG Of course I did! So I did. Then I slept. Then I woke up early, Aaron was asleep, my dad had borrowed my car, so I played some more New Vegas. Daddy brought my car back and I left to get gas for the lawnmower, then spent two and a half hours mowing the lawn. Usually it only takes an hour and a half, but the landlord asked if I'd mow the open area on the outside of our yard. -_- Normally I put it off because, hey, that's not our yard, but he also mentioned we were getting new neighbors... so in the interest of building good karma and in honor of our last good neighbor (who would mow our outside fence line by the cars) I did it. Two and a half hours...

Then, sweaty and sunburned, I played some more New Vegas. lol I don't know how many of you are familiar with the game, but I had been playing the Dead Money DLC for a couple of days and omg I had to get myself out of there. Which I did! So yay for that. Shortly after my triumphant return to the Mojave Wasteland Aaron woke up and we left to grab dinner. Little Caesar's. YUM! By the time we got back and I fed all of the animals and myself it was dark. So... no nails today. Sorry!

I know I've been trying to use up the masses of samples I have laying around, but of course I can never help grabbing more! I have a card with three shades of neutrogena foundation (reminds me of Cover Girl using Noxema ingredients so it's better for your skin, right?), three samples of Olay BB cream (in "light to medium"), three samples of olay regenerist wrinkle cream, and omg today HEB had these massive samples with Garnier Damage Eraser shampoo, conditioner and reconstructing butter and a smaller card (with coupon) with a sample of Gernier "Marvelous Oil" ~ Deep nourish elixir. *phew* That's a mouthful. I only grabbed two of each of the Garnier ones, so I probably don't have enough to do an in-depth review (unless I grab more tomorrow!), but you'll hear about it at the end of the month I'm sure.

I've been doing great keeping track on MFP, up to half an hour biking daily (except today, screw that after the yard) and staying under my calorie goals. Only had 800 today which I know is too low, but I just can't eat any more. Maybe I'll have a carrot before bed. Took my laxative so I can weigh myself proper tomorrow. (no, it's not cheating, if you absolutely have to know about my screwed up bowels click here but I warn you: it's rife with TMI and I didn't get to finish because our dog got sick...)

Oh yeah, the other thing I was going to mention. Everybody be sure to check your bank account and credit card statements. I just had some bogus charge pop up on my bank account so I spent an hour changing all of my passwords (starting on sites I buy stuff from) and tomorrow I'm going to have to call the bank and be like, "Yo, y'all need to block this". Big fun. Not really... so, yeah, make sure to check your statements!

Aaron's watching videos so I'm going to take the time to at least apply the first coat of Miss Piggy's BF. Hope everyone's having a great weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. It's good to give your nails a break hehe, good for you for catching those scam charges on your credit card. I was once charged like 70$ from Itunes because someone hacked into my account...

    1. Oh noes! This was only $1.66, but still. Can't let scammers get their foot in the door. I'll be checking my account daily for a while.


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