Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Polish Yer Hooves: St Zombie Cow Patrick's Day

Hey guys!! First I want to thank y'all so much for all the love yesterday. ^_^ I really needed that. *tacklehugs everybody*

Today I have what is currently a one of a kind! St Zombie Cow Patrick's Day!

Love me some Zombie Cow! My base for this is one coat of the silver Once Upon A Time with sponged on tips in Metallic Black.

Now... I wanted to do some interesting patchy sponging like Colette did here, but...

That didn't turn out so well. (and also the big ol' chips) If you're curious that's Metallic Green. Still made a cute (and greener for the Paddy's Day theme) base for SZCPD.

You're probably wondering what makes it "St Patrick's Day". There are shamrock glitters in there, I just didn't manage to grab any. That's okay, though! You know my philosophy: Just leaves more for later.

If you'd like your own bottle of St Zombie Cow Patrick's Day, or any of the other Polish Yer Hooves colors, they are available by request.

Spoiler Alert: Leigh Anne is working on an Easter Zombie Cow for me as well! hehehe I can't wait. Tomorrow I have another double-header with the last two KleanColor metallics. Metallic Mango and Metallic Fuchsia. Perhaps with some stamping. I've been really good not buying polish and can actually see the mob diminishing. Huzzah! Stick with me, I've got many more pretties to share. (^_^)"/"


  1. This is fun, kinda feels like a gothic christmas polish!

    1. LOL Yeah, without the shamrocks it would definitely work for christmas. ^_^

  2. How cool that it has shamrock glitters!! Love this and I really like the look of the green with black tips.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, definitely nice having something other than the average green/gold Paddy's Day polish. ^_^


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