Friday, April 25, 2014

Polish Yer Hooves: Buttercup & In The Farmer's Garden

Wow. Didn't have a lot to do today, but still managed to exhaust myself. Been (stationary) biking 30 minutes a day and my legs feel like jelly almost constantly. If I can beat Aaron to mowing the lawn tomorrow I just might be able to skip it. hehehe Stupid bike... -_-

So anyway, today I have two coats of the very sunny Buttercup! The polish was a little thick, but not difficult to work with. Dried pretty quickly.

You know I don't normally like yellow polish, but I didn't hate this. Even with the VNL. Wore it all day and everything.

Also, I don't normally like to layer glitters over shimmers (it tends to look wonky or sunken), but In The Farmer's Garden really did look good layered over Buttercup.

Very nice combination. Uh... that's in the shade if you couldn't tell... lol

Tomorrow I'm drifting back into my comfort zone with a lovely green cream. lol I may or may not do a twofer with Inkheart which is "perfect for stampy set". If I don't include it tomorrow then you'll see it on... *thinks*... Sunday. Yep, lost track of my days for a second there. Oh! Did I tell y'all that Ulta is selling Nails Inc now? So exciting. Hope everyone has a terrific weekend. Take care! (^_^)"/"


  1. Hmm can't say I like this. Shimmer/frost of most color I despise with a passion haha

    1. I don't mind a little frostiness. As long as it doesn't totally distort the color. >_>

  2. Sorry it was a bit thick! I should have checked it before I sent it. I didn't. *hangs head in shame* I like the way it looks under Farmer's Garden. I really like that yellow and I don't like yellows either. :)

    1. lol No worries. Usually I test 'em myself before wearing them and didn't. It is a pretty yellow, though. ^_^


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