Friday, April 4, 2014

OPI: Push And Shove (+Chrome Comparison & Basecoat Test)

Greetings, Earth creatures! lol Sorry, walking around all day with chromey nails has put me in a sci-fi kind of mood. I'm not too proud to admit I went into this very skeptical. It's no secret I'm not a huge fan of OPI and, c'mon, how special can a silver chrome polish be? Did Push And Shove change my mind? Let's find out!

Starting with Push And Shove on her own, two coats over the "special" Lay Down That Base basecoat. The first is with my regular camera, the second is with my phone's camera:

Definitely chromey. Push And Shove applies (more or less) like a regular polish. Even so I tried very hard not to play with it too much. Four strokes per finger (center, left, right, center) to minimize dragging. The difference is that Push And Shove dries extremely flat and will settle into every nook and cranny. Upon close inspection I can see the growth from the last time I buffed my nails, some buff marks from the last time I buffed them, and even some wonky growth squiggles that are barely visible on my bare nails.

Does that mean that Push And Shove is going to look like crap if you have less than stellar nails? No way! I mean, look at it! lol These "visible" imperfections are hardly noticeable from any normal distance. Unless you're a serious polish fiend (as I know most of us are) staring at your nails up close and personal all day, nobody is likely to notice. If you have really deep ridges you'll probably want to buff them a little, and it probably wouldn't look great if you have nail patches. Other than that the chromey shine is enough to make up for how insanely flat it dries.

That's all well and good. It's a great silver chrome polish. Fine. So how does it compare to other silver chromes?

Just to clarify, I define "chrome" as "liquid metal", or "not pulverized particles". So it turns out I don't have that many true chromes, but I have enough! Left to right: China Glaze Devotion, OPI Push And Shove and Sally Hansen Silver Diamond Chrome which is the most silvery of the three SH silver chromes I have.

Left to right: OPI, ChG, OPI, SH. Push And Shove is a little shinier/reflective and a little more silver, making the other two look almost purple by comparison, which is kind of weird for them. Again, though, you can see the settling issue with PAS whereas Devotion has better coverage on that account. Silver Diamond Chrome is kind of midway between the two. At a distance the differences are fairly minimal with Push And Shove barely taking the lead with it's extra reflective chrominess. Up close you get to see where I'm finally growing out a weird half-break on my middle finger that I have no idea how I got it and have been trying to grow out for weeks.

I'd say comparatively it's a personal choice here. Do you want more chromeness or more coverage?

Ah, but we still have one more thing to test! The basecoats. It's a source of great confusion that OPI paired Push And Shove with a supposedly "special" basecoat, but only a mini bottle of it! Why?! Even with two coats of polish 3.75ml of basecoat is not enough for 15ml of polish. Even if you manage to use up every drop you'll run out halfway through. Is the basecoat a necessity? This question was far more difficult to answer than you might imagine. I started with two palette tests which yielded similar results.

Note how OPI's special basecoat on the far right is barely visible. It dries just as flat as Push And Shove. This is an interesting clue. Forgive me for not getting a picture (I deleted the one I sent to Norma), but on the palette the only basecoat that showed any drag at all was the Wet n Wild one. On the nail was a fairly different story:

I did get bits of drag here and there, the worst with the Yellow Buster. To be honest I didn't notice anything amiss with the other three until I was editing the pictures. Orly's Bonder appeared to perform best in all three tests and you'll notice on the palette picture it also dries almost entirely flat. Turns out, though, as flat as OPI's "special" basecoat dries... you can skip it altogether.

Isn't that something? You may lose some wear time, but there are no worries about staining. Speaking of wear time! OPI would have us believe that topcoat is a serious no-no for Push And Shove with their "one night only!" claim, but...

I know it looks fuzzy, but that's still the difference between buffed and ridgy. Even with my cheap-o (though still amazing) topcoat the difference is imperceptible. Your topcoat may behave differently (especially if it's older or getting cloudy), but it's worth trying.

Plain on the left, topcoated on the right.

So, what have we learned? Despite its settling into cracks and ridges Push And Shove is a pretty amazing chrome, very silver, very reflective. Does it require a special basecoat? No. Do you have to sacrifice wear time by skipping topcoat? No. I will admit it is an impressive chrome, but overall it's not quite as special as OPI claims. If I can apply it without issue, surely you can as well. Now, we all know I'll have this either taken off or covered up before the sun sets, but if you're curious about what sort of wear time you can expect, check out this video that Norma and I stumbled across looking for more information. Bottom line: If you love chrome polish as much as I do, go ahead and grab it. If you can find it on sale (I got mine for $4.50 before coupon) all the better! I hope this post has helped clarify a few things. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I'll be back tomorrow with Illamasqua Omen. Take care and have a great weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. I'm not too big on chrome polishes, but that one is a stunner!

    1. lol It is definitely pretty. I think if you're only going to have one P&S isn't a bad one to have. According to the websites Ulta and Sally's are still selling it for $4.50.

  2. Oh wow such a comprehensive review! Probably the most helpful one I read. I think your nails are super smooth though and makes all of them look 10X better!

  3. very detailed! i was curious about this polish but i'm not actually tempted by it however neat to know that base coat is just a gimmick afterall.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, that is what I was most curious about since it's so tiny.


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