Sunday, April 6, 2014

ILNP: Reminisce (+Stamping)

Hello, darlings!! This has been a very interesting 24(ish) hours since my last post. Last night Cake-Hole decided to break all of the rules by pushing her way out of the polish mob, disregarding the queue and slathering herself all over my nails! Norma has coined this "polish anarchy" and I just have to share her recounting of a similar experience she had:

"Ha! that's how I got schooled! I just smelled regular old polish. Then Liberty was like CHARGE! and I was all o_O the rest was history"

Yep, we've been accosted by polish. Turns out in both cases the polishes were right to be pushy. In Norma's case Liberty was just too pretty to be ignored any longer, in mine Cake-Hole was just the thing to brighten up this surprisingly stormy day. That's the other weird part, big freak storm (just rain this time) out of nowhere when I went to pick my dad up! o_O I have an art idea for Cake-Hole so it will likely be another day or so before I get to posting her, just had to share that bit of polish hilariousness.

Now, to make a long post even longer, Reminisce! At her core Reminisce is "just another green-purple duochrome", but ILNP went and made something a bit more special than your average green-purple duochrome. Here are some shots in the sun and shade:

The colors are so vibrant in this. Two coats, no black undies. There's a clear distinction between the colors and you don't have to hold your hand at wonky angles to see the purple. If you do, however, in certain lights you will be treated to a teal color that I don't think quite showed up when I tried to capture it...

Maybe a little... Of course I had to get a quick video of the shift:

I loved Reminisce so much I didn't want to take her off. So I did a bit of stamping with Cheeky plate CH10

And KleanColor Metallic Mango since I had it handy.

I think this is one case where mattifying it for photography's sake made it... uglier and actually harder to see.

Eh. It was pretty. Very happy I took part in the pre-order fun for this one. Tomorrow I'll have another longish post including a comparison between Zoya Tangy and the Vollare polish that Gin sent. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I'm going to try to take a nap... lol Take care! (^_^)"/"


  1. LOL those darn pushy polishes! Very pretty polish :) I recently got my first Cheeky plate and I feel like it's etched deeper than any of my other plates, is yours like that too?

    1. MMMmm Some of them seem to be. Deeper than most of my cheap-o plates anyway. I still have problems with some of the more detailed designs, but that's probably user-error. lol

  2. Very pretty! Some day I'd love to see a comparison post between this and Mutie :) Also LOL I can't believe you included my tale of shock and awe when Liberty took matters into her own hands! LOL Too funny!

    1. Ooooh, yes, I will have to compare the two. *strokes beard* hehehe It was too funny not to share! XD You captured it so perfectly.


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