Saturday, April 12, 2014

Essence: Petal To The Metal

Hey guys! So... my "spa night" didn't go quite as well as I had hoped. It started out great. The new face wash and conditioner I picked up are amazing. Loved the peel-off mask. Then... I learned a very painful lesson. Which I will impart to you because not all knowledge is as "common" as some people think, eh? *gets comfy* So last month I picked up this sugaring (it's like waxing except it's sugar) kit from Ulta and did my legs and it worked great. Aaron helped because he could pull the strips way faster than I can. So anyway, I had this brilliant idea to do my bikini area. No biggie, right? WRONG! It should have been no biggie, but I didn't realize that trying to sugar/wax stretch-marked skin is not the same because the skin is stretched so thin. At first I was all "okay, that hurt a bit" but by the third strip it was obvious something was horribly wrong. So we stopped and now I have a big ol' bruise on my inner thigh. -_- Damn my fat thighs....

Now, to take our minds off of that overly disturbing overshare, let's turn our attention to Petal To The Metal! An absolutely gorgeous lavender metallic from the Metal Glam collection:

Two coats, though one would have sufficed if not for a missed spot and a few dog hairs I had to pull out. :p Dried super quick and super smooth. Little brush-stroky but if you can get the strokes lined up nice it's not too big a deal.

So pretty and springtime... fresh?... *shrugs*

I'm going to step away for a second (maybe more if blogging time runs into cat-feeding time), but I'll be back with a review and mini-tutorial that I'm so excited to share. Takes me back to my high school days. hehehe So sit tight and I'll be right back! (^_^)"/"


  1. Now see that is not something that would have crossed my mind about skin with stretch marks. Anywho, love that polish. Perfect for spring!

    1. Right? I never thought twice about it, but NOW it seems so obvious! LOL This is why I share. If I can help at least one person then it's all worth it. ^_^


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