Sunday, April 20, 2014

Essence: Chaising Lacy +Easter Art

*dies* No blog today. I'm dead. .......... *looks around* Okay, I guess I'm not. Just super bummed. Woke up all early this morning to weigh-in and HEB was closed. *cries* I know, I'm more upset than I should be. Just my first week actually logging again and I was curious if myfitnesspal has done me as good as sparkpeople used to. *sigh* Also, I like weighing when I feel fat because then I'm usually pleasantly surprised. :p

Today we're starting off with two coats of Chaising Lacy. Formula was a little thin, but not difficult to work with. Dried quickly... ish? It was dry when I went to bed, but I must've slept rough because there was a bit of damage come morning. The bottle is so pretty. Look! Look at the bottle! lol

Chaising Lacy is a slightly peachy-pink. Or pinky-peach. Or apricotish-peachy-pinkish... -_- Slightly more peachish than it's looking in the picture.

I kept my art simple; sticking to water decals and dotting tools.

For the decals I used these cute bunnies from born pretty store 11 character sheet decals. Was pleasantly surprised that I hadn't used any when I reviewed them before.

For the dots I used Models Own Aciiied which turned out much more opaque than I expected. Now I'm doubly excited for when I get around to swatching it. lol

Hrm. So I downloaded an audio book to go with my new mp3 player and if I turn it off then it loses my spot. So I'm stuck either leaving it on (presumably plugged in) or chopping off however much I've listened to... after one day I'm not 100% sure if the whole audiobook-while-biking thing is going to work long-term, but if anybody knows of a free (and virus free) program to edit mp3s, let me know! I'm using the NCH Software Wavepad Sound Editor which is good, but the resulting save file is almost half a Gig. O_O Insane compared to the 8MB original.

I didn't feel like putting my face on today, but I did straighten my hair so hopefully I'll get some decent face + necklace pics tomorrow. Whether I do or not (hopefully I will) I'll still have the Penny Talk swatch with Steel-ing The Scene comparison. Woohoo! lol They don't look close at all in the bottle so I may throw Good As Gold and Gold Digger in the mix as well. Why not? Let's make it a party. Y'all enjoy the rest of your Sunday, I'm gonna crawl onto the bike and then see if I can scrounge up more funds for storenvy. hehehe Take care! (^_^)"/"


  1. this is really cute including the look and the bottle! happy easter!

  2. Beautiful color and the decals are just adorable!

    1. Thanks! ^_^ I should use these more often. lol

  3. Super cute nail art! You are right that bottle is really pretty.

    1. Isn't it darling? Most of the colors were kinda meh, but I had to have at least one bottle. ^_^


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