Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Birthday Nail Art Bonanza

Huzzah! I'm here. No, it's not my birthday. It's Isis' sweet 16 and for her big day she wanted me to do her nails.

Ta-da! *ahem* I know it's hard to see, they're all going to be hard to see because she doesn't like to sit still. lol Here's her inspiration (linked to the original source):

She loves Homestuck. Thankfully putting together the polishes was fairly easy.

And drawing the designs wasn't too hard. The hardest, actually, was the Capricorn sign. I kinda blurped the loop on one of 'em. >_>

Yeah, I know. I was taking pictures of the puppy and forgot to switch back to macro.

I was a little self-conscious about my own nails because they didn't turn out quite the way I pictured in my head, but as soon as she saw them Isis said, "ERMAHGERD BACON AND EGGS!!!" and that made me feel much better about them. ^_^

Like the fimo eggs? Yeah... that was the big secret. So maybe it wasn't totally worth the buildup, but in case anybody's curious here's what I used:

China Glaze Brownstone, Sinful Colors Vacation Time and CHI My White Knight. None of them ended up as red-toned as I thought, but it's as close as I could get with what I have.

Eh... not my first fail (or, near-fail) and I'm sure it won't be my last. I wanted to water marble the bacon, but I couldn't get the lines to turn out right. I guess it could be worse. I did have fun doing it. Tomorrow I'll have swatches of the flakie gorgeousness that is Twisted so come on back for that. I'll be trying to get all of these polish layers off. lol Y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/"


  1. I think the bacon and eggs are cute!

  2. There's one of mine in there!! :) Always love seeing my polishes. I love that you are such a fan! <3

    1. hehehe Of course! ^_^ It was a perfect time to try it out. Works great!

  3. Very cool! I think your bacon and eggs mani turned out pretty good actually!

  4. Fail?? That Bacon & Eggs mani is awesome, you need to share it on Reddit!!!


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