Wednesday, April 30, 2014

China Glaze: Devotion & Orly: Peaceful Opposition

Hey, y'all!! Unintentional twofer today! lol I had Peaceful Opposition lined up for tomorrow, but then I thought "hey, Devotion would make a great base for that".

So here we have two coats of Devotion looking more purple than she ought to. It's insane. Devotion looks silver in real life in most lights, but apparently my camera disagreed.

Love. Love. Love chrome. So smooth, so shiny, so elegantly edgy.

Over this I layered one coat of Peaceful Opposition. I'm sure more would give you more of that glitter-depth that these sheer/milky bases are made for, but... I mean... just look at how much glitter I got on the first coat!

I used Norma's suggestion and kept the bottle upside-down last night to re-circulate the glitters. It helps! Here's a pic of my tester-palette so you can see how sheer the base is:

Hardly altered that purple (Orly Purple Velvet) at all!

I like this combination. Actually, I want to try layering Peaceful Opposition over Color Club Hot Like Lava and Cold Metal. I bet that would look pretty awesome.

That's it for me. Tonight I'll have another Decluttering update ready for you. Well, for those of you who are interested in my late night ramblings. lol Tomorrow I'll have another holo, this one from Catrice. And it has a Star Trek name!!! So exciting. Hope everyone had a fantastic month. Take care and I'll catch ya later! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Avon: Radiant

Hey, y'all! OMG How did it get so late? o_O Oh yeah... New Vegas in the mornings... hehehe

Today! We got sun! Radiant is a bit sheer so I used three coats for opacity. It dried fairly quickly, though, as you can see I have no damage from handling the controller after painting.

hehehe Radiant is a pale green with dense scattered holo shimmer. It comes off like a dull gold in some lights so I'm wondering how it will compare to Princess Sabra. I'll have to keep it handy!

So gorgeous, and very elegant indoors when it's not shooting sparkles everywhere. Of course I had to get a video. ;)

So pretty! Thanks, Amy!! I love it!

Have any of y'all heard of a store called Five Below? I don't think I have ever, but apparently we have one and they sell Funky Fingers polishes 3/$5. O_O After my recent haul I really could have gone without knowing this, but... since I just had to find out...

Glitter Matters, Glitter Explains It All and Jawbreaker. They had some awesome neons, but they also had this kickass little safe that I had to have:

How cool is that? I'm going to paint it up with some polish and then cover it in Hello Kitty stickers. LOL It will give me a secure place to hide money from myself.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget Devotion tomorrow! Take care and stay awesome, you guys!!! (^_^)"/"

Monday, April 28, 2014

Essence: Inkheart +Stamping

Hey guys! *WAVES* Let's get this awesome-coaster rolling with two coats of Inkheart!

One coat would have sufficed, but I applied it directly over Miss Piggy's BF and there was some green around the edges... lol Inkheart is an inky (ha) blue grey (more grey than it looks in the pic) color, dries semi-matte. I love this color. It's got some attitude. lol

For the stamping I used this octagonal plate OB31... I think I got it off of eBay or something?

So how well did Inkheart work for stamping?

Pretty darn good. Keroppi and My Melody kind of lost their bodies in the transfer (I positioned the heads lower because the bodies didn't make it onto the stamper), but otherwise everything looks good. ^_^ I think I'm most surprised that all of My Melody's hat filled in. That's pretty impressive.

Tomorrow I'm going to have Avon Radiant so *fingers crossed* for continued sunshine; then Wednesday I'll have a full swatch of China Glaze Devotion. omg It looks like I have enough polish to get through the next two months... lol Hope everyone's week is off to a great start. I'm going to go climb onto the bike before I really don't want to. Take care and c'mon back!! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Catrice: Miss Piggy's BF +Sally's Haul

Back on the horse today! Technically last night, but that's neither here nor there, eh? *clears throat* Today! Three luxurious coats of Miss Piggy's BF!

Two would have sufficed, but I didn't want any VNL with this one. The formula was exceptionally creamy and dried fairly quickly. This green. lol I can practically hear Kermit singing "It Ain't Easy Being Green" in my head. ^_^ Last night I was twirling the bottle around in my fingers and noticed something. It gave me kind of a giggle.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you'll want to wear a good basecoat with this one. XD It is nice of them to mention for those who aren't 'in the know'. Miss Piggy's BF is going to get another day's wear because I'm going to have to test Inkheart's stampability.

Haul time! I can't even begin to tell you what possessed me this morning. I saw on Polish-aholics Anonymous that Sally's was having another "50% off clearance prices" sale and someone mentioned the Sea Goddess polishes and... well...

O_O In my own defense that all was under $15 and three of them are for gin and... I accidentally grabbed a 2nd bottle of Abstract Attraction... Still, the eleven new bottles for myself officially brought my polish total to over 1000 bottles!! *dies* And before anybody goes calling me names, no I did not want the second Finger Paints flakies collection at full price, but when they worked out to $1 each I totally wanted them. So there. lol Now my polish mob has doubled in size and I can already hear them grumbling... Shush y'all! I'll get to you! I only have the two hands! *cries*

Time again for me to force myself onto the bike. *sigh* I know, I know, it's all my own fault. Hope everyone's had a phenomenal weekend. Y'all take care out there, be safe and I will see you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why I Went Naked Today

Hey y'all. I assure you, the blatant nudity was not intentional. I love painting my nails, but over the past 24 hours I just didn't have the time. I could have made the time, sure, but I did not. Last night I had Miss Piggy's BF all open and ready to go when Aaron asked if I wanted to play New Vegas. OMG Of course I did! So I did. Then I slept. Then I woke up early, Aaron was asleep, my dad had borrowed my car, so I played some more New Vegas. Daddy brought my car back and I left to get gas for the lawnmower, then spent two and a half hours mowing the lawn. Usually it only takes an hour and a half, but the landlord asked if I'd mow the open area on the outside of our yard. -_- Normally I put it off because, hey, that's not our yard, but he also mentioned we were getting new neighbors... so in the interest of building good karma and in honor of our last good neighbor (who would mow our outside fence line by the cars) I did it. Two and a half hours...

Then, sweaty and sunburned, I played some more New Vegas. lol I don't know how many of you are familiar with the game, but I had been playing the Dead Money DLC for a couple of days and omg I had to get myself out of there. Which I did! So yay for that. Shortly after my triumphant return to the Mojave Wasteland Aaron woke up and we left to grab dinner. Little Caesar's. YUM! By the time we got back and I fed all of the animals and myself it was dark. So... no nails today. Sorry!

I know I've been trying to use up the masses of samples I have laying around, but of course I can never help grabbing more! I have a card with three shades of neutrogena foundation (reminds me of Cover Girl using Noxema ingredients so it's better for your skin, right?), three samples of Olay BB cream (in "light to medium"), three samples of olay regenerist wrinkle cream, and omg today HEB had these massive samples with Garnier Damage Eraser shampoo, conditioner and reconstructing butter and a smaller card (with coupon) with a sample of Gernier "Marvelous Oil" ~ Deep nourish elixir. *phew* That's a mouthful. I only grabbed two of each of the Garnier ones, so I probably don't have enough to do an in-depth review (unless I grab more tomorrow!), but you'll hear about it at the end of the month I'm sure.

I've been doing great keeping track on MFP, up to half an hour biking daily (except today, screw that after the yard) and staying under my calorie goals. Only had 800 today which I know is too low, but I just can't eat any more. Maybe I'll have a carrot before bed. Took my laxative so I can weigh myself proper tomorrow. (no, it's not cheating, if you absolutely have to know about my screwed up bowels click here but I warn you: it's rife with TMI and I didn't get to finish because our dog got sick...)

Oh yeah, the other thing I was going to mention. Everybody be sure to check your bank account and credit card statements. I just had some bogus charge pop up on my bank account so I spent an hour changing all of my passwords (starting on sites I buy stuff from) and tomorrow I'm going to have to call the bank and be like, "Yo, y'all need to block this". Big fun. Not really... so, yeah, make sure to check your statements!

Aaron's watching videos so I'm going to take the time to at least apply the first coat of Miss Piggy's BF. Hope everyone's having a great weekend! (^_^)"/"

Friday, April 25, 2014

Polish Yer Hooves: Buttercup & In The Farmer's Garden

Wow. Didn't have a lot to do today, but still managed to exhaust myself. Been (stationary) biking 30 minutes a day and my legs feel like jelly almost constantly. If I can beat Aaron to mowing the lawn tomorrow I just might be able to skip it. hehehe Stupid bike... -_-

So anyway, today I have two coats of the very sunny Buttercup! The polish was a little thick, but not difficult to work with. Dried pretty quickly.

You know I don't normally like yellow polish, but I didn't hate this. Even with the VNL. Wore it all day and everything.

Also, I don't normally like to layer glitters over shimmers (it tends to look wonky or sunken), but In The Farmer's Garden really did look good layered over Buttercup.

Very nice combination. Uh... that's in the shade if you couldn't tell... lol

Tomorrow I'm drifting back into my comfort zone with a lovely green cream. lol I may or may not do a twofer with Inkheart which is "perfect for stampy set". If I don't include it tomorrow then you'll see it on... *thinks*... Sunday. Yep, lost track of my days for a second there. Oh! Did I tell y'all that Ulta is selling Nails Inc now? So exciting. Hope everyone has a terrific weekend. Take care! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Butter London: Silly Billy

Hey, everybody!! Is it just me or has this been about the most exhausting week ever?! *falls over* I'm just gonna lay here and blog from the floor...

Today I have another of the Butter Londons that I picked up during Ulta's 2/$15 sale. Silly Billy! An awesomely bright neon orange that is so sheer "How sheer is it?" It is so sheer I added some water decals under the two coats of polish and it didn't obscure the images one bit.

lol Two coats of Silly Billy over two coats of white. That shine is all her own, no topcoat!

The formula was amazing. I just love when a sheer neon just glides right over the white base. It's bliss.

I hope you can see that one. For some reason I couldn't get the glare to go away. *ggrrrr*

Looks like PYH Buttercup for tomorrow. I hope we have some sun because it's got some really pretty shimmer. I don't know if it will help (or if it's even a good idea), but I'm going to wear the yellow-buster basecoat under it. (Buttercup is yellow) *looks around* Yeah. *shrugs* We'll see what (if anything) happens. Leigh Anne recommended I try layering In The Farmer's Garden over it, so that's what I'm going to do! It will be fun. Hope everyone is having a great week. I'm definitely trying. lol Y'all take care and I'll see you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finger Paints: Rockin' Gunmetal +Plus

Howdy, y'all. First, if I may, I'd like to ask a small favor from each of you. My hubby's been trying like mad to get the last few signatures for this petition to bring back Making Monsters for another season. You don't have to donate (obviously), but if you could kindly go and sign it that would mean a lot to both of us. ^_^

Now! On to the polish! Two coats of Rockin' Gunmetal which took a bit longer to dry than I expected. I do think, though, that this is more what people were expecting with the China Glaze Crinkled Chrome polishes.

Or perhaps a little rougher. The texture on this one is... discrete? More visual than textural. Which is nice for a change from the rougher, more predominant textures out there.

Picture time! I really should have done these yesterday while my hair was a little straighter, but... I got a couple that came out alright.

See my purdy necklace? ^_^ OMG It's so delicate!! I'm almost afraid I'll break it.

Now... I'm not even gonna post this up on facebook, but I was playing around in the bathroom and, just for laughs, took a "horrible" duck-face selfie for y'all.

BWAHAHAHA! That's awful. For... so many reasons. LOL

Since it's Spring (starting to feel like Summer here in TX) I'm going to try and play around with the pastel makeups from the essence Floral Grunge collection a bit more. If I manage anything not-horrid I'll share. lol

Tomorrow we're going neon orange with Silly Billy and a fun little addition to go along with the name. hehehe Hope everyone is having a terrific week. Don't forget to sign the petition! (if you want, you don't have to) Take care and I will see you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yes Love: Grey & Polish Yer Hooves: Very Eastery

Funny story. I'm not sure on the "official" names of either of these polishes (I got "Grey" off of a blog and "Very Eastery" was more of a description than a name) and they both ended up way more sheer than I expected. I mean, I expected some sheerness, but with color.

Yes Love Grey is a sister polish to Mint Green, both being part of their speckled collection. This is two coats, dried really quickly.

Definitely needs to be layered.


So does Very Eastery. lol Also two coats, dried quickly.

I did start to get more glitters as I went along, but I really wish I could get the ones unstuck from the sides.

Just look at all those glitters!

So pretty... I'll layer it next time.

We did adopt Aaron's friend's plecostemus. Her name is T'Pol; like the female Vulcan from Star Trek: Enterprise. I couldn't change that! She's bigger than Howard and a bit rambunctious. Everybody seems to be adjusting well. My mom has another early appointment in Georgetown. If I can manage to wake myself up early enough I'll have a face pretty enough to go with my sloth necklace and my last Finger Paints! I think... *checks*.... yes, last Finger Paints! Rockin' Gunmetal. So excited. Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Almost half-over already! Mind blowing. Y'all take care, don't work too hard, and c'mon back for some "rockin'" texture! (^_^)"/"

Monday, April 21, 2014

Essie: Penny Talk +Comparison +Nail Mail

Hey, guys... First a bit of sad news. Our plecostamus, Howard, died. :( No idea when or how. Just noticed it had been a while since I'd seen him so we scoured the tank and found bits of him under the filter. It's too soon to know if we'll get another one, he was definitely one of a kind with his own personality. *sigh*

So today I have Penny Talk. Two coats, dried super quick. Minimal brushstroke lines. I can definitely see what the hype on this one was about.

I know, the bottle looks way different than the polish, but I swear I grabbed the right one. See?

All I had was brand new and completely thrashed pennies, but to my eyes it definitely looks copper, if not "brand new penny" copper.

*Update* Aaron's talking to one of his friends who said we could have one of his plecos since he's going to have to donate them before a job-related move anyways. Details pending.

I did end up digging everything (except the appropriate Sally Hansen chromes, I can do that if y'all want, though) out for the comparison.

Left to right: Penny Talk, Steel-ing The Scene, Good As Gold, Gold Digger and Wonder Wow! Man!.

Same order on the nails.

I don't know how well it shows, but they are all different. The golds are more similar than the coppers, but... that's getting ahead of myself.

Penny Talk has a smoother chrome finish, while Steel-ing The Scene has a deeper color and some nice sparkle.

Good As Gold and Gold Digger are very similar in color and finish, but Good As Gold leans slightly whiter. Wonder Wow! Man! is the most yellow.

Also, because I thought it was interesting (and in no way snarky, I swear) on the first coat both Penny Talk and Good As Gold had a fair bit of drag similar to Push & Shove.

So... yeah. Chrome finish. You know I love it.

Nail mail time!

China Glaze Adore I ordered off of amazon. All the rest are from Essie Blue Rhapsody, essence Forever Mine, I Love My Jeans, Date With The Night, What Do U Think? and Can't Cheat On Me. Yeah, I went a bit nutzoid with the 50cent discontinued essences. lol Sadly I have been unable to find the metallic finish Nabi Punky but I'm not giving up!

That's it for me. Tomorrow I'm having a slight change of plans with two semi-sheer glitter minis. Yep. Another twofer to make up for my splurge. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start. Take care of yourselves and I will see you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Essence: Chaising Lacy +Easter Art

*dies* No blog today. I'm dead. .......... *looks around* Okay, I guess I'm not. Just super bummed. Woke up all early this morning to weigh-in and HEB was closed. *cries* I know, I'm more upset than I should be. Just my first week actually logging again and I was curious if myfitnesspal has done me as good as sparkpeople used to. *sigh* Also, I like weighing when I feel fat because then I'm usually pleasantly surprised. :p

Today we're starting off with two coats of Chaising Lacy. Formula was a little thin, but not difficult to work with. Dried quickly... ish? It was dry when I went to bed, but I must've slept rough because there was a bit of damage come morning. The bottle is so pretty. Look! Look at the bottle! lol

Chaising Lacy is a slightly peachy-pink. Or pinky-peach. Or apricotish-peachy-pinkish... -_- Slightly more peachish than it's looking in the picture.

I kept my art simple; sticking to water decals and dotting tools.

For the decals I used these cute bunnies from born pretty store 11 character sheet decals. Was pleasantly surprised that I hadn't used any when I reviewed them before.

For the dots I used Models Own Aciiied which turned out much more opaque than I expected. Now I'm doubly excited for when I get around to swatching it. lol

Hrm. So I downloaded an audio book to go with my new mp3 player and if I turn it off then it loses my spot. So I'm stuck either leaving it on (presumably plugged in) or chopping off however much I've listened to... after one day I'm not 100% sure if the whole audiobook-while-biking thing is going to work long-term, but if anybody knows of a free (and virus free) program to edit mp3s, let me know! I'm using the NCH Software Wavepad Sound Editor which is good, but the resulting save file is almost half a Gig. O_O Insane compared to the 8MB original.

I didn't feel like putting my face on today, but I did straighten my hair so hopefully I'll get some decent face + necklace pics tomorrow. Whether I do or not (hopefully I will) I'll still have the Penny Talk swatch with Steel-ing The Scene comparison. Woohoo! lol They don't look close at all in the bottle so I may throw Good As Gold and Gold Digger in the mix as well. Why not? Let's make it a party. Y'all enjoy the rest of your Sunday, I'm gonna crawl onto the bike and then see if I can scrounge up more funds for storenvy. hehehe Take care! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Zoya: Sunshine +Plus!

Howdy, howdy, howdy! OMG you guys! I'm back up to half an hour on the stationary bike, and I've logged in under my calorie goal every day this past week. Even so I'm a bit nervous about my weekly weigh-in tomorrow. Wish me luck!! *fingers crossed*

I didn't get a lot of sun for Sunshine. Even so, she is still very noticeably pretty.

Very deep almost purpley blue. Two easy coats, dried super quickly. Have I mentioned lately how much I love these PixieDusts? ^_^

I did get a picture on my phone last night of Sunshine glittering in a parking lot light:

Love. Love. Love.

Speaking of love. hehehe Got some nail mail last night!

That is my new darling Squatter on the left compared to Jaded Jack (which I picked up on sale at Ulta a whiles back) on the right. Had to see if they were different and they are! Also, Squatter is far more opaque than Jaded Jack.

That's not all! OMG! Last month Jasmine held a giveaway for an adorable happy sloth necklace created by the insanely talented Mary from MaryMary Handmade. "So?" So?! So I won!!

Isn't that just mind-blowingly cute!? hehehe I will get a picture of myself wearing this tomorrow! Also for tomorrow, y'all can thank Jasmine for inspiring an Easter mani for me because I was seriously not going to do one.

On the note of upcoming polishes, I noticed I had three textures in a row so I did a little re-arranging. Things to look forward to in the coming days? Chaising Lacy as the base for my Easter art, then Penny Talk plus comparison followed by the Yes Love grey speckled. Then I'll loop back into texture. lol The polishes seem to be okay with the change in plans. As long as things keep moving along and nobody gets too pushy I don't think they'll mutiny on me.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Have a Happy Easter if you celebrate; if not then just enjoy your Sunday. I'll be here, as usual, biking and gaming and painting my nails. lol Take care y'all! (^_^)"/"

Friday, April 18, 2014

Essence: Steel-ing The Scene (Polish)

OMG You guys, my head hurts so bad. Might've overdone it a little on the pizza. lol You'll notice today is Steel-ing The Scene "polish"; for those of you who missed it there is also a Steel-ing The Scene Topper. Don't know why they used the same name twice in the same collection, but they did.

Steel-ing The Scene the polish is a gorgeous copper chrome which I will be comparing to Penny Talk when I get to that one. Two coats, dried super quick. Absolutely gorgeous with a hint of sparkle.

Aaaaannnndddd.... that's it for me. Sorry ladies, I'll catch up on all your blogs tomorrow. Gotta haul myself up on the bike before I really don't want to, then I'm calling it an early night. I'll be back tomorrow with Sunshine (hopefully I'll have some to get awesome sparkly pictures) and, with luck, a bit more energy. lol Y'all take care and have an amazing weekend!! (^_^)"/"