Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Zoya: Dillon & Rebel

Hey, guys. Going to try to make this kind of quick. I've had a headache nearly all day. :( The good news is I did figure out if my last pictures were Dillon or Rebel. Do you have a guess? Here's a hint: First up, three coats of Dillon.

Yep, that's Dillon in full-on direct sunlight. No, it doesn't really look blue... my camera, apparently, had some sort of spaz attack. Each sun picture came out like that. Here's a close-up in the shade:

Greener, but not quite right. We'll come back to Dillon after I show you three coats of Rebel.

Now that is definitely, obviously blue. Starts to look kinda lavender in the shade, though...:

Maybe it's the shimmer throwing things off. The only time that my camera wanted to capture Dillon's true color is when I compared her against Rebel:

*facepalm* That's green. Not only is it green, that's green in the sun. Compared to the blue. *shakes head* At least you can see the proper color there.

Time to finish up dinner. I would have been done already, but I forgot to turn on the burner. lol One of those days. On the bright side my mom had to reschedule her appointment for tomorrow so my day is free! I'm going to save myself shipping costs and just drive out to the two Ultas for my Butter London fix. Anybody else going to take advantage? Let me know! Send me pics of what you grab! It'll be fun. Like a party. Maybe? I dunno. I'll be back tomorrow with pics of mine, and yours if you wanna share with me. Also, Seance! More fun with the blacklight. Y'all take care! (^_^)"/"


  1. Have fun hauling tomorrow, cant wait to see what you buy!

    1. Thanks! I did have fun, actually. lol Turned into a very lucky trip. ^_^

  2. Ooo I really like Rebel, very pretty shade! Hope you found the polishes you wanted from Ulta ;) I decided not to get any, I know, I know LOL nothing really stood out to me so I passed :)

    1. Yeah, that's the problem for me, too. Since The Black Knight I know I can get nearl all of their colors cheaper, but... What can I say? I'm a sucker for their quirky names. lol


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