Friday, March 14, 2014

Mark: Saffron & Mint Tea

Hey, y'all. Hope everyone is doing well. Here... not so much. Aaron's tooth is really hurting him (I know how that is) and the place his mom suggested isn't open on Fridays... neither is the free clinic. *ugh* So everybody send happy thoughts for him, please?

Today I'm sharing the two mark. minis that the lovely Amy (of Small Budget Beauty fame) sent to me with the Sephora 18k topcoat. Yay! I didn't know mark. did polish, and I was very pleasantly surprised by these two.

Starting with two coats of Saffron:

Yes, it looks a bit sheer in direct sunlight, but in the shade you can see what it looks like most of the time.

Isn't that pretty?

Mint Tea is a bit of an odd name for this one. Unless it's named after, like, the color of dried mint tea leaves?

*looks around* Yeah, I have no idea. I think mint and think pale green, but then I think tea and think dark green to blackish.... In the shade!

lol I very much enjoyed both of these colors. They applied smoothly and dried quickly. Head to Amy's Avon page to check it out.

Okay, next post I will finally be getting to Dillon which I wore forever ago. lol I'm so behind. You're here with me, though, right? On this slow, erratic journey through my unworns. I can't make it without you! hehehe Y'all take care and don't be surprised if I post again after dinner. (^_^)"/"


  1. Lovely look! Especially love that colour nail polish!

  2. How many unworns do you have now? I *think* I'm down to about 20 (?) of course I'm hoping to do that Ch G and that Zoya haul so...>_> LOL hubz was like 'you just painted your nails yesterday!' I could've tried to explain to him that I'm trying to get through my unworns but that'd be lost on him since he's not a Polish Psycho :p

    1. A little over 30... *mumbles~not counting the ones in the mail~mumbles* lol OMG! You waited a whole day. ;) I'm trying really hard not to do each hand a different color every day to get through them all.

  3. So pretty! I got myself a set of them but have not got around to trying them. Wonder how Saffron would work stamped over Mint Tea? That would make a cute St. Patty's mani :)

    1. That would be cute!! I need to go through my plates and see if I have anything. I know I have a shamrock, at least...

  4. these two would go great with each other in a gradient!!


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