Friday, March 7, 2014

Finger Paints: Flashy

OMG! Hey, everybody. Ready for the weekend? Does that even make sense? lol Everyone I know in real life is either unemployed or has to work weekends so it doesn't really make a difference if it's the calendar-weekend or not. *shrugs* Happy Friday, regardless.

Today I have another original Finger Paints flakey, this time it's Flashy!

Look at that red! Uhm... yeah, you'll get a better look in the close-up. Sorry about that. This is one coat of Flashy over two coats of Onyx Rush. (lol Hey, Norma, check out how low my Swagbucks goals used to be!) Oh yeah, and topcoat.

There we are. Look at how pretty. I just can't get over how vibrant these are!

Tomorrow! *intense music plays* Monet. Then I'll do a post on these super cute rings I got from Born Pretty Store while I decide what to wear next. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Take care! (^_^)"/"


  1. If I could I would cover my entire body in flakies lolz~~

  2. Another gorgeous flakie! Love it :)

  3. That's beautiful! It almost reminds me of black vases with the flakes in them.


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