Sunday, March 9, 2014

Born Pretty Store Rings

Happy Sunday, everybody! Today I'm doing something a little different. Last time I ordered from Born Pretty Store I ordered two super cute rings that I'm going to share with you!

First is this simple Infinity Symbol Ring.

I chose black, but this ring is also available in silver, gold and gloss black. My hands aren't huge, but they're not petite by any stretch. This ring is not adjustable, but thankfully it does fit on my pinkie. It has a little height to it, but nothing that's going to get snagged.

The second ring that I just had to have was this adorable Mouse Ring!

I got the silver one, but it is also available in bronze. I love how this little guy looks like he's hanging on for dear life! The mouse ring is slightly adjustable. I would recommend doing so very slowly and carefully. It doesn't feel cheap, but it's not very bendy either.

Both of these rings are available for 99cents US. Shipping is free. For that price they are both an amazing deal. Especially the mouse. You can't get much more adorable.

I don't wear much jewelry, but I've always been a sucker for rings. I will definitely be getting more. Don't forget to use my code EMX31 for 10% off! Ten takers and Born Pretty Store will sponsor a giveaway! Come on back tomorrow for some more bps goodies. Also! I finally got the proper nail foil glue so I'll be able to revisit that soon, too. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Take care and c'mon back! (^_^)"/"


  1. Aww that little mouse is so cute! I love the Infinity ring and only $.99, may have to check that out :)

    1. Absolutely! ^_^ They have a ton of cute rings for cheap. There's a two-finger snake one I want, too. ;)

  2. Hehe the mouse ring is adorable! I at first thought the mouse was a tarsier!

    1. OH! ^_^ A tarsier would make an adorable ring, too! hehehehe


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