Monday, March 31, 2014

Decluttering Update #2

Hey, guys! \(^_^)/ Yes, I remembered. This one is going to be a little weird, because some of the stuff I still have more of or didn't really use up yet, but... I'll get to it all. First up:

One tube of Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser. I grab these whenever I see them at the dermatologist. I still have a few and will probably grab more, I just wanted to say how much I love this! It foams up really well and washes clean. I've been using it to get rid of the residue from the crappy face scrub I'm still trying to use up.

Sally Hansen wax strips. Had four or five of the strips just sitting in the box so I finally used them up. I'll usually grab these once I've grown tired of tweezing and happen to have a few extra bucks. I found something better (which I'll review on it's own next time I grab some), but these are still ultra easy to use and do their job.

Eucerin Calming body wash... I hated this. Another freebie grab from the dermatologist. OMG... I don't have any skin conditions so I can't say how well it works apart from it did get me clean. It didn't really foam and the smell made me sick to my stomach. I don't care if it's free, I won't be grabbing any more of these.

Essence gel-look topcoat... this... oy... I couldn't use it up proper because it just would not dry! All of those bubbles in my fruit fimo art are from this. I tried it over a few manis and... it won't dry! So I dumped what was left into a half-empty bottle of my quick dry topcoat. The bottle is gone so I'm counting it as decluttering.

Finally used up the last (or, at least, what I could dig out of it) of the SH VitaSurge. I have had this forever. Sadly thanks to my unscientific nail methods (I also use nail strengthening basecoat and remover) I can't say how well it works, but I always felt better about myself using it after buffing.

Love's Baby Soft body mist... I loved this in high school and was so shocked to see it again I had to pick it up... I can't stand it now. lol Maybe because people I know are having babies now and it just reminds me of that or something. I don't know. I struggled through the last 1/3 and am glad to be rid of it.

Lastly this sample packet of baking powder cleansing wash from etude house. It was a little weird at first because I've used baking powder toothpaste and the scent reminded me of that, but I really liked it! It foamed up really nicely and had a gentle exfoliation that left my skin feeling clean and fresh.

lol Turns out I'm still working on using up the things I mentioned last month. In addition to the crappy face scrub, Julep cuticle oil and maracuja oil I've added this suave hair smoothing serum I found when I moved some boxes around. I also wanted to include how much weight I've lost, but... I haven't. *cries* I'll just have to work harder next month. I've got a birthday party to go to tomorrow so I don't yet know if I'll post my super secret nail art or pre-post my next swatch. Come on back and find out! lol Y'all take care! (^_^)"/"

Rimmel: Golden Hour

OMG Any other Walking Dead fans out there? O_O I am freaking out!! I'll never make it to the start of the next season... hehehehe *ahem* Anyway, quick post today because I'll have another decluttering post this evening. It's the end of the month again! Yes... really...

So sometime late last year (gyah, really?!) I came across a new (to me) Rimmel display and, for reasons I've long since forgotten, I grabbed Pink-A-Boo and Golden Hour.

This was two coats, dried quickly. I'm not sure if it's coming across in the pictures, but there was a bit of VNL. Not as much as I've had with some oranges, but a little.

Very pretty shimmer in this one. Almost down to only untrieds I've purchased this year. Man alive how do I accumulate so much polish...

As far as the super secret nail art I keep alluding to, Norma has helped me pick out some colors. I don't have any room temp water yet (oooh, spoiler!), but just as soon as I do I'll see how well they play! *fingers crossed* Y'all take care out there, hang tough, watch out for freak hail storms, be safe, love you all, have a great week!! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sincerely Polish: Sweetheart & Mia

Hey, guys! OMG Yesterday was such a nice day! I even got some cleaning done! ^_^ On the other hand... has anybody else been having problems with blogger? It might be me, seems our internet's been wonky for a few days now, but it never hurts to ask.

Today! Yes, today in honor of a successful essence week I'm squeezing in the polishes I won from Manis & Makeovers blogoversary giveaway. My first experience with Sincerely Polish and I'm quite impressed. I wasn't at first, but... that's getting ahead of myself.

Both of these polishes were very sheer, but totally buildable. I used three coats each to obtain this opacity and while there is a teeny bit of VNL the glitter helps disguise that. Dry time was great, clean up was a breeze and in spite of the larger glitters removal was super easy.

Sweetheart is a pretty, girly pink with darker pink and even heart-shaped glitters. I believe this one was from a Valentine's Day collection. I think I was most surprised that I liked this one. Possibly because it's almost over-the-top girly. lol

Mia is a gorgeous lavender with purple and white glitters.

Very cool. These would be really good for layering. Even the first sheer coat went on super smooth without streaks or patches.

Out of all of the available prizes I don't think I would have chosen these, but perhaps it is a lesson to me that I did. I love them! Also... I'm seriously considering getting the Neon Jellies collection. How cool is that?!

I mentioned we got hail the other day. Seriously starting to confuse myself by typing these up ahead of time... Anyway, here's a pic of springtime Texas hail:

Apparently we got off light. Some places east of us were getting egg-to-baseball sized hail...

That's it for today. Tomorrow I'm working on kind of blocking out my unworns by finally finishing off Rimmel, then stay tuned for the "special topper" I alluded to on Sunday. Any guesses? I bet you can guess. hehehe Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Y'all take care! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Essence: Bashful

Good morning, darlings! Can you tell by the time stamp that I set this post up last night? ^_^ Just trying to make some space around here. Not a lot of space since these "Dwarf" polishes are smaller, but still... Finishing off essence week with two coats of Bashful!!

Jungle green with gold shimmer. Not overly imaginative, but well executed. Two coats for full opacity, dried quickly. Just what I needed after yesterday. Nothing like green to soothe the soul.

Thus concludes essence week! *applause* I still have a couple unworn, but this took a chunk out, for sure. Tomorrow I'll have my pretties from Sincerely Polish!! They are girly, but so unlike anything else I have. Just wait 'til you see them. Take care everybody, and be on the lookout for wonky weather! We got random hail yesterday! (^_^)"/"

Friday, March 28, 2014

Essence: Icebreaker +I Won!

Hey, everybody! Today's essence is from the Ice, Ice Baby collection. Last one! Like the others this one is almost painfully sheer. Here is three coats:

Pretty purple with delicate pink shimmer. Dried super quickly. The purple isn't as unflattering on me as some sheers, but... I think sheer colors generally look better on shorter nails. Overall, though, I didn't mind this one indoors. Just outside in the glaring daylight... so sheer...

Eh... maybe now that I have this one posted winter will go away. lol

Back in February I entered the epic blogoversary giveaway on Manis & Makeovers and... *drumroll* I won!! The prize I won was furnished by Sincerely Polish.

Sweetheart and Mia! By far two of the most girly polishes I own. We had an hour of sun today so I went a little swatch crazy and... dude... these are so cute!! I'll get to them first thing Sunday since tomorrow is the last day of essence week! *phew* Been a heck of a week, but at least I put a dent in them. Hope everyone is staying warm and safe and has a fantastic weekend!! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Essence: The Incredible

Hey, guys! Just a quick post today. Trucking along essence week (which still has two days left, I'm keeping track!) with the final Superheroes polish The Incredible, sand effect.

MMMmmm..... I think I've been spoiled with textures... lol This is three coats; it was opaque with two, but I was hoping a third would make it more textured. It's not completely smooth, but definitely light on the texture. If this was more widely available I'd recommend it for people who think "I would hate feeling the texture" and don't bother trying to find out... Anyway, yes, three coats, dried really quickly in spite of the three coats, clean up was a breeze and no staining for being such a pigmented blue. Other than the mild texture this one is a pretty big win.

Yeah, I think that's it for this one. Which Superhero was your favorite? I think mine had to be the "oil slick".

I did wear this over the "yellow buster", which works fine as a basecoat, but so far I haven't seen any noticeable difference. Yet. As excited as I am to dig in with Push And Shove I want to compare it to other chromes to see how special it really is. I have Pure Ice Silver Mercedes and Sally Hansen Silver Diamond Chrome (the most silver of my SH chromes), but I also ordered China Glaze Devotion since I remembered (just last night) that the Romantique collection is chromey as well. So as soon as that gets here I'll have a massive silver chrome and Push And Shove over different basecoats comparison extravaganza! It will be fun and informative. Tomorrow I'm finally getting around to Icebreaker (long since swatched the rest of the Ice, Ice, Baby collection) and then finishing off essence week with Bashful. Aw. hehehehe *ahem* I haven't forgotten about my fimo-idea either. Just... wow... all these unworns... It's like a cacophony in my head. All in good time, my pretties! All in good time. I've heard a lot of you are getting snow... *shudders* If it helps, we're not exactly basking in springtime warmth here either. Y'all stay safe and warm wherever you are! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Essence: Wonder Wow! Man! +Gold Digger Comparison

Good afternoon, everybody!! Glad to see you came back! ^_^ As you can see I have a comparison for you. First, though, let's take a look at the "liquid gold" of Wonder Wow! Man!.

Two coats, quick drying... two necessary coats as it was pretty sheer after the first. As I said, though, it did dry quickly and while it is a bit brush-strokey it wasn't difficult to work with. Spread evenly and all that.

So, how did it compare to Gold Digger? First, a quick look at the bottles:

They do look a little different. Since it was cloudy today I had to take the comparison picture indoors with the flash to capture the fact that these are, in fact, pretty distinct colors.

Gold Digger on my thumb is a more antiqued, pinkish, toned-down gold while Wonder Wow! Man! leans more yellow and is a bit brighter. As Zoya is so fond of saying on their facebook page, "No dupes here!". lol Also, while I'm thinking about it, I prefer the formula on Gold Digger. Thicker, more opaque, one coater if you're careful.

I was trolling last night and came across something that looks promising. So, of course, I headed out there today and was treated to an extra surprise.

First I grabbed the develop 10 "yellow buster" which got rave reviews on the site. To bring my total over $10 and allow me to use my coupon I also grabbed OPI Push And Shove which... was on sale for $4.50! O_O No signs or anything, but that's how it rang up. With my $3.50 coupon I paid $8.50 (after tax) for both of those. I tend to have big breakage/splitting issues if I stray too far from my LA Colors hardening basecoat, so I'll likely alternate between the two, but you can expect a review of the yellow buster... soon? Ish? ....eventually. lol

I'm going to give that yellow buster a try now; remembering to take "before" pics just in case it does something. Halfway through essence week. Hope everyone is having an excellent one so far. C'mon back tomorrow for the final Superheroes polish The Incredible, sand effect. Yay texture! (^_^)"/"

Now if blogger would let me post.... -_-

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Essence: The Awesome & Fantastic Girl

Howdy howdy howdy! *falls over* Woke up on time this morning, got on the bike, started the day off with a bang! Now I'm exhausted. lol Ah well, I'm here now and that's what matters, right? A special "hello" to my new followers! (^_^)"/" Hope you enjoy your time here.

As promised today I have a two-fer for ya. Both of these are two coats over one coat of WnW Once Upon A Time. Starting off with The Awesome. Galaxy Flakes!

As simple as this is (compared to the nail art galaxy manis) I'd say "galaxy flakes" is pretty appropriate. Sheer pink-purple base with medium, small, tiny and teensy silver glitters. Even over silver this one needed two coats and the sheer jelly-like base tints the glitters underneath, effectively doubling the kinds of glitters! lol Close-up in the shade:

Super girly, sparkly and fun. Oh yeah, despite an almost gelatinous consistency this one dried pretty quickly.

Up next we have Fantastic Girl; Thermo Effect!

That is about the midway color. When I took pics this morning it wasn't overly hot or cold so that's how it came out. No thermal tips this time. Fortunately we (almost) always have hot and cold running water! Here is the darkest cold water color:

Beautiful dusty purple. I was trying hard not to burn myself with the hot water, so lucky us having a pinkie to compare the difference between the hot color and the cold color:

Kind of a bright rosy pink. I don't imagine it looking that way often unless you're playing around with hot water, or working in an oven or something. For the most part It's been kind of a medium antique rose color, midway between the "hot" picture and the first outdoor one.

*phew* Still have a bit of catching up to do elsewhere, but I think I've earned a nap. Tomorrow I'm going to have Wonder Wow! Man!, the "liquid gold" which I will compare to their other "liquid gold" polish Gold Digger. Yay! Exciting stuff coming up. I do hope you'll join me. Y'all take care and c'mon back! (^_^)"/"

Monday, March 24, 2014

Essence: Super, Man!

Welcome back, guys! "\"(^_^)"/" Today I have the second super powered essence polish Super, Man!. I think having holo glitter in a silver base without either overpowering the other should definitely classify as a super power.

This is two coats, dried a little slower than most essence polishes because the base is a bit... gel-like? Thick so that it applied smooth, but when it dries it shrinks down so there is a bit of texture where the holo sparkles are.

Cleanup was as you'd expect with sparkles and silver bits everywhere, but after a shower and sleep they were all gone. lol This polish is so unique and such a joy I kinda feel like a superhero wearing it.

I was going to just layer over this (since the thermal one is sheerish) but the texture wasn't smoothed over so I'll just use a regular flat silver for that. I'm sure topcoat would smooth it easily, but I don't want to try and remove a bazillion layers of polish. lol

Tomorrow I'm going to have the "thermal" and the "galaxy flakes". They're both on the sheer side and the colors compliment each other. Also, little teaser, Norma and I have been throwing ideas around and if I can figure out what I did with the rest of my thermal color-change polishes I want to try and do a water marble with them. *fingers crossed* I'm a bit ashamed to admit that my drawers are an absolute mess by this point. I will try to dig them out, though, and get to that at the end of essence week. They've got to be here somewhere.... Anyway, yes, double-header tomorrow! C'mon back and check 'em out. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start. Take care! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Essence: Power Girl

Hey, everybody!! Y'all having a good weekend? I sure hope so. If not, perhaps this will help perk you up! Kicking off essence week with the gorgeous duochrome awesomeness that is Power Girl.

The formula on this was a little thick, but not difficult to apply. Since it was on the thick side I did wake up with some damage, but I was going to topcoat anyway because it dried kind of matte and for an "oil slick" I definitely had a shinier image in my head.

Power Girl is predominantly blue and purple, though I did catch a flash of almost pink as I was driving. There is a bit of gold in the bottle, but I didn't see it at all on my nails.

I think if this was used in a striped or splotchy stamping, or a random swirly water marble it could definitely create an oil slick effect. On it's own... I'm not sure? I can't remember the last time I saw a puddle of oil anywhere. lol

If you like duochromes (Norma lol) and end up running across Power Girl definitely pick her up!

You will be seeing Power Girl again next week. I layered over her. With what? You'll have to keep coming back to find out! hehehe

Tomorrow we're trucking right along with Super, Man!, the silver with holo glitter. Man, I hope we get some sun! Sun would be nice. lol Y'all take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend. If you don't mind I think I'll go take a nap. Woke up too early... again... (^_^)"/"

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Milani: Totally 80's

Holy chartreuse gods of pretty pretty polish! Y'all know by now how much I just love this hideous yellow green, and Totally 80's is definitely doing it for me.

Totally 80's is a little sheer so this is two coats over white. Dry time was so-so. Not bad, but I did get a little sleep damage. I kind of expected it to be matte, but it's not. Maybe semi-matte.

LOL Totally 80's reminds me a lot of Radium and apparently it was cloudy that day, too. This time I wasn't going to let the shimmer get away, so here's a pic right next to a lightbulb:

See the shimmer? ^_^ Wanna see the lightbulb I used? No?! Too bad!

Don't look directly into it. :p

I do believe that's all for me. Woke up an hour early and I'm already so tired my eyes are burning... Don't give me that look! They were burning before I got all up close and personal with the lightbulb. lol Don't forget tomorrow we're kicking off a week's worth of essence! Starting with the most requested Power Girl! I already did an opacity test and Power Girl is fully opaque in two coats! No undies required. In fact, there was no difference when applied over white, green or black so adding undies would be an unnecessary step. Huzzah! Keep your fingers crossed for lots of sunshine! Hope everyone's weekend is off to a phenomenal start. Take care, enjoy and be safe! (^_^)"/"

Friday, March 21, 2014

KleanColor: Metallic Red +Nail Mail Again!

Hey, everybody! This is going to be kind of quick. I'm exhausted and my head hurts. Unfortunately, like the song says, "Ain't no rest for the wicked".

I only ended up with one picture of Metallic Red since all of my close-ups came out fuzzy. I did have a few problems, but I expected them so I wasn't surprised. Cleanup was a pain in the butt because it's so heavily pigmented, and the formula was so thick that I got some bubbles. Even though it did dry fairly quickly. Also, Norma says this one stains, so I have that to look forward to this afternoon. ^_^

Ta-da! Metallic Red, just like the name says.

Now for quite possibly the most epic nail mail ever! Once again from the amazing gin shivers (check out her post today, she stamped over ChG's snow texture!) I present the to-die-for essence Superheroes collection!!

Normally I try to do these in the number order on the bottles, but I was too excited. lol Left to right: Wonder Wow! Man! "like liquid gold", Fantastic Girl pink to purple "thermal", The Awesome "galaxy flakes", Super, Man! awesome silver with holo sparkle, Power Girl "oil slick effect" (so excited for this one) and The Incredible "sand effect". It's like the Justice League of polishes! Or Avengers.... or whichever comic book universe you prefer.

But wait, there's more!

Inkheart for stamping, Catrice Plum Me Up Scotty holo!, Yes Love Grey speckle and this green that I think is another Catrice (the label is in Slovenian), but I have to ask her.

As if polish wasn't awesome enough, there's Hello Kitty!

Marshmallow suckers, some tissue packs (I put on in my purse hehehe), the Love Letters booklet and some fimo slices! A few Hello Kitty fimos are in there. I knew I was forgetting something and I was. She also sent the essence nail art tattoo pen; and some samples!

OMG I love samples. ^_^ Expect to see a couple of these in my decluttering post at the end of the month.

So much awesomeness I'm running out of places to put it all. lol Ended up shoving (gently) a ton of polishes into a little box so I'd have room to document the new ones. lol *phew* Tomorrow is Saturday so I'm going to swatch Milani Totally 80's (another one I picked up with Norma) and then I think I'm going to dedicate next week to the Superheroes! Also because I'm 90% sure these haven't been released in the States yet (or maybe it has, the site says March, but we get these things way after the site says we should have had them here) and I'm just too excited to wait any longer. I'll just do them in bottle number order unless someone has a special request. Y'all take care and hope everyone has an amazing weekend! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Illamasqua: Seance +Ulta Haul +Nail Mail

I really need to start typing or this will never get posted. lol As you can probably tell from the title, today's shopping trip was a success! What you probably can't tell (unless you know me on facebook) is that it was a huge success! What you also probably can't tell, but that I need to get to first is how much I love Seance!

I didn't end up doing my nails until right before I left this morning. This is one coat and it dried so fast I was able to rummage for my keys after 10 minutes. Yes! Seriously! Kind of reminds me of Flying Dragon except... a little nicer. lol Definitely smoother, little brighter, same basic color.

Of course I had to take this into the bathroom with my blacklight bulb, and that's where things went... awry...

Aside from the now glaring evidence of my hasty clean-up; in the picture it looks just like Ouija, but in real life it was glowing orange! o_O No idea why my camera didn't want to pick it up, but I assure you I'm working on a way to get a new one post haste.

Butter London time!!

I went to the Ulta in Heights first where I grabbed Silly Billy and Jaded Jack. I debated the whole time whether I should drive out to Temple or not, but I'm glad I did. The layout there is so different, and I don't think they get as much business because with Cake-Hole and The Full Monty (nearly got Jaffa, a neon coral, but I've wanted TFM forevers) I got a free makeup bag! Pretty sure you're supposed to spend $25 on Butter London to get those... at least on the site it's $25. Or maybe it's $25 total with the BL because I also grabbed:

Peaceful Opposition and this pro white gloss that I really have no idea if it's what I thought it was or if it's something else... On the back it says, "Nail whitener to optically brighten nails. Naturally white nails with ultra glossy shine and long lasting gelly finish. Fast drying." So... is it a whitener, a polish, or a french tipper? Or all three? I don't know, but I'm excited to find out.

When I got home I had a box waiting for me! Which was a lot surprising (since I ordered on Sunday) and a little disappointing. I had gotten used to Zoya's more economical and eco-friendly envelope deliveries and it was a pretty big box (could probably fit two kid's sized shoe boxes in it) full of styrofoam for three polishes...

Katy, Josie (the free green!) and Farrah. Yeah, went a little outside my norm for the "purchase two". I almost never buy nudes, so of course I can never find one in my stash when I need one, and Katy... I don't even know. lol It was on my wishlist (which I need to update) so I just threw that in there was well. Who needs to make decisions when you have a wishlist? lol

So... I have a few more polishes to go through now... *looks innocent* I have no idea how this keeps happening. Also, I have no idea what to wear tomorrow. LOL Yes I do. I'm going to get the KleanColor Metallic Red done and out of the way. It's sitting here staring at me... trying to make me uncomfortable... well, I'll have the last laugh you red polish you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *ahem* Happy first day of spring!! Hope you're starting to feel it! Take care and I'll see ya tomorrow! (^_^)"/"