Monday, February 10, 2014

KleanColor: Metallic White & Liebster Award!

Oh hi! *stretches* I have to admit, it's been kind of nice taking a break from this craziness. I do have a few pics taken from this past week so if I fall behind painting my nails: that's okay! lol I mean, I know it's okay anyway, but I don't want to fall out of habit here. I like it here. Much nicer here than under the house. Had a pipe freeze and burst that I had to fix. With my dad's help (he was my assistant lol) we got it all squared away. What was I talking about? Oh yeah...

Metallic White. I first saw this polish way back in September of 2012 when The Nail Buff swatched it. Now I have a bottle of my very own.

Three coats, applied a bit thick for me, but then it has been cold. I did want to do three coats because for a metallic, this is the sheerest of the set. I'm sitting here looking at it and I'm having a really hard time deciding if I like it as much in person or not...

*shrugs* Would make a great background for some winter-themed nail art.

Maybe I'm just bummed from having to put off my bps review until the foil glue gets here...

No time to dwell on that, though. I haz an award! Yep, the lovely Liebster.

Coming this time from Jenna of Polish Asphyxiation. Go on and show her some love. ^_^

*ahem* Official Stuffs: "The rules are, you must nominate another 11 blogs who have less than 200 followers, and let them know you've nominated them. You are given 11 questions by the blogger who nominated you, which you must answer. You must give the blogs you nominate 11 question for them to answer. Finally you must link back to the person who nominated you." Was it 11 last time? *shrugs* On to the questions!

1. What is your favorite nail art technique?
~~~~~Water marble! So pretty. ^_^

2. What is your current nail polish inventory?
~~~~~*opens up spreadsheet* 928 currently in my possession. Peep 'em here if you don't believe me. lol

3. What prompted you to start blogging?
~~~~~MySpace had one built in so I figured I'd ramble there...

4. How many pets do you have ?
~~~~~1 dog, 4 cats (plus a stray we feed) and 10ish fish (they won't stay still to count)

5. What is the scenery around your blogging station?
~~~~~*pffft* right-to-left: laptop, polish, tablet, polish, desktop, nail art supplies, polish, bucket with other nail stuff, more polish, trash bag. LOL

6. What are your favorite Indie brand polishes & why?
~~~~~ILNP for their amazing ultra chromes and Polish Yer Hooves because OMG ZOMBIE COWS!!! ^_^

7. What TV shows are you currently in to?
~~~~~Dexter (almost finished) and Walking Dead (all caught up)

8. What is your normal day to day, pay the bills job?
~~~~~No job. Just Swagbucks to support my habit. No one should have to pay for it but me.

9. How long have you been blogging & doing nail arts, etc?
~~~~~Blogging: 8 years Nails: 18 years Blogging my nails: almost 2 years.... (holy shit are you kidding me?! *dies*)

10. What is the weather where you are today & what is your favorite season?
~~~~~Favorite season is fall (HALLOWEEN!!!); weather currently is cold... and windy.... :(

11. If you could donate to any charity, what would it be and why?
~~~~~I regularly donate to any animal charity I come across in my day to day (because it's the fault of people that animals are in distress), this charity that Spirit Store has to bring Halloween to terminally ill children (because, duh, everyone should enjoy Halloween) and Planned Parenthood (because so many reasons)

*reels* Okay, 11 more nominees! In no particular order:

Lipstick and Ponytails
Moonchild Beauty News
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Polished Into A Corner
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The Sequined Nail
The Texas Domestic Goddess
.....omg I only follow 10 blogs with under 200 readers and Abbie barely squeaked in there. Get on it guys!!

Okay, 11 questions:

1. Where would you like to go on vacation?
2. What is your favorite winter Olympic sport?
3. Do you watch cartoons?
4. What would your zombie apocalypse survival skill be?
5. With no restrictions (ie: job) what color would you dye your hair?
6. If safety weren't an issue would you still prefer shoes or go barefoot?
7. Ever hugged a tree?
8. For how much money would you shave your head?
9. Could you sew an outfit for yourself if you had/wanted to?
10. Do you get seasick or motion sickness?
11. Do you take naps if you have time or find something to do?

That was tough. lol I need to get this posted. OMG Long day. Y'all take care and I'll see you tomorrow with... something. It'll be a surprise for me, too. (^_^)"/"


  1. Whhaaa, lol we both swatched such similar polishes today, and we both needed three coats because they were too sheer. Strange... o_o

    1. Great minds! ^_^ I wonder if three coats would help Morgan Le Fay.... >_>

  2. What a great Polish.. I'm a sucker for whites.. idk why. I guess the crispness of it.. I now need this Lol..
    Great questions and answers too. :)

    1. Good luck finding it! I ordered the set of 12 metallic KleanColors off of amazon and it came with those. :)

  3. Pretty color. Would be even better if only needed 2 coats :)

    1. LOL Yeah, that would be nice. At least it did build up and wasn't perpetually sheer. >_>

  4. Very pretty polish, I agree would be a great backdrop for winter nail art! Thank you so much for nominating me :) Will get the questions answered ASAP.

    1. You're very welcome! ^_^ Can't wait to see what your answers are. ;)

  5. I am loving the look of this polish--so shiny and blingy but elegant, too.

    1. Definitely a sort of soft bling. lol Just wish it was a little easier to remove.

  6. Yay, thanks for nominating me. I will get right on this. I am not much into white polishes, but this one is gorgeous!!!! o_O 928 polishes??? Wow!! I am so anxious to try water marble, do you have a polish brand/color palate that would be good to start with?

    1. You're very welcome. Yes, actually. lol My two favorite brands to water marble with are Sinful Colors ($2) and China Glaze ($7). They both have a lot of colors that work well in the water. I rarely encounter frustrations with spreading or swirling with those two. Good luck! You know you're going to have to post a picture, right? ^_^

    2. Of course, I will...unless it looks like garbage...haha. I wonder if I can talk my daughter into letting me experiment on her first...hmm.

    3. Tell her she has to. You made her and she owes you. LOL!!!


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