Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Polish Yer Hooves Prototype Preview!

*secretively ushers everyone in close* Come in closer, and don't forget to close the door behind you. *looks around* Today I have a very special treat. A polish in progress! And not just any polish, a Zombie Cows polish in progress. I feel like I've dreamed of this moment. hehehe First let's take a look back at what we've come to expect from our Zombie Cow polishes, shall we?

Attack Of The Zombie Cows


Zombie Cows Love Christmas Too!

All caught up? Good. Then let's take a look at Zombie Cows In Love*. Keep in mind this is just the prototype.

I spy a few Zombie Cow staples. The yellow-green glitters, black base, red and black glitters. As well as some love themed hearts in pink, red and purple. Also included in this one are some silver shards which I think makes perfect sense. Zombie love wouldn't be gentle... bovine or otherwise... lol Here are the colors I layered this over:

Pardon my mess. lol I went with the standard Valentine's Day colors; purple, red and pink. As well as the standard zombie cow bases of black and silver.

It was pretty gloomy and overcast. I had a hard time seeing the base colors in real life (except the silver), but you can kind of see them in the pictures.

I noticed a lot more of the tiny black glitters in this one, so the base colors didn't stand out nearly as much. I did use two coats, so maybe that had something to do with it? Close up time!

Zombie Cows In Love over purple and red. I'm loving it over the red. Adds a bit of gore to the zombie love.

Hrm. That's supposed to be pink and silver. Looks like Zombie Cows In Love tinted the pink to make it look purple. I don't think I like it as much over the silver for this one.

Okay, first impressions: First off I'm ecstatic over a new Zombie Cow polish and will be buying a full bottle of the finished product. I love the silver shards and the tri-color hearts. Definitely Valentine's Day appropriate. If I were going to change anything I would lighten up on the black glitters a bit so it's more sheer like the other two and add just a touch more of the yellow-green glitters. That's it. I had no problems grabbing a variety of glitters and shards, everything spread evenly and it absolutely has a Zombie Cows meets Valentine's Day vibe to it for me.

So *leans in conspiratorially* what are your first impressions of Zombie Cows In Love? Do keep in mind: prototype. We're here to help!

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm. Take care of yourselves! (^_^)"/"

*Sample prototype sent for honest testing and review; not otherwise compensated or dictated


  1. Can't say I am a fan of this, the glitters are too messy for my OCD tendencies lol

    1. lol I like the randomness. I think with less of the little black ones it would look a bit neater.

  2. I'm kinda on the fence about it. Wondering what it would like by it's self.

  3. I love that you have standard zombie cow base colors. :) If I were tweaking this prototype, I'd pump up the red glitters to make it more Valentine-y (and yeah, probably reduce the black glitters, too, like you said).

    1. LOL That is kinda cool, huh? Thanks for the feedback!

  4. I like it with purple, but I love it with the hot pink. It makes it look purple.


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