Friday, January 3, 2014

China Glaze: Wrinkling The Sheets

Wow... totally late today. We had a problem with our water heater this morning so I spent all day cleaning the laundry room, finally got to the unit and it looks like rats have been using it for a bathroom. GROSS!!! I got the top cleaned off and am letting it dry out so hopefully that will fix the problem. Yuck. The good news is that even after all that heavy lifting and handywomaning Wrinkling The Sheets is still chip-free!

That is two coats. Very light metallic sagey green. Regular quick-dry topcoat on my middle and pinkie fingers. Same deal as before: little smoother, little shinier, but still retains it's textured appearance; and none of the polish chipped or popped off. lol I did make sure while I was applying Wrinkling The Sheets to tap back the hanging bar glitters so I didn't have to file them down. That may have helped as well with the no chipping.

As promised, here is a picture with just one coat:

I hope you can see that. It's kind of cool, I guess, but the texture doesn't really develop until the second coat.

As I was going through these (picking out the best of the 30 I took, lol) Aaron says "That looks like aluminum foil!" ^_^ It's supposed to. That's what makes it cool.

With the stress of the water heater still weighing on my mind (among other things) I'm looking for something easy to photograph for tomorrow... Let's see... Ah ha... Tomorrow I'll have Sephora It's Totally Karma. I've been a good girl, so hopefully it will bring me some luck. Hope everybody's year is off to a great start! Enjoy your weekend! Be safe and I'll see you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"


  1. Aww I love this so much! I am on a no buy though, I already have too much stuff :S

    1. Oh noes! I'm sure it will still be around later. Maybe even on sale! ^_^

  2. When I first saw it, I though you put foil on your nails as well. It's a really cool effect.


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