Friday, January 31, 2014

Sally Hansen: Electric Emerald

MAGNETIZE ME!! *BZAAAP* hehehehe I had a lot of fun playing with the magnets last night. I was wrong about the shortness aiding the magnet's pull. Finally I decided to dottify Electric Emerald with this bulls-eye magnet and expanding on the "double magnet" technique I tried last time.

Electric Emerald is a lovely green that magnetized really well. I didn't have to hold the magnet forever to be sure the design held, but I did have to move fairly quickly getting it where I wanted it. Had to repaint a few nails because they started drying while I was juggling everything. Overall I'm pretty happy with this and I like that you really can't tell where I painted chunks of nail at a time. It flows.

I wish magnetic polish had hung around just a little bit longer. I keep trying to find the 2nd China Glaze horseshoe magnet at Ulta with no luck. I think the potential for magnet designs was largely untapped. With luck it will come back around. Everything does, right?

Tomorrow *drumroll* I'm going for some yellow. Yep, I hate yellow polish, but Gin sent Happy from essence's Snow White collection and it looks like a pretty wearable yellow. Like Solar Power and Fortune Cookie. Plus, great base for Splat. Lining up my upcoming combos. lol Y'all take care and have a great weekend!! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Zoya: Carter (Tag Team With Norma!)

Welcome back! Norma and I have another tag-team pretty for you. Carter is a gorgeous, deep purple PixieDust. I picked it up on sale, Norma insisted I had to wear it, and she was right!

Here's what Norma had to say:

"My 2 cents about Zoya Carter -It applied like a dream and wears well like all the pixie dusts. I put on three coats, waiting 10 min between each coat but obviously less patient people could get this mani in less than 30 min 'cause the polish dries fairly fast

-I used an initial thin coat then two medium /thick coats. The first coat went on super sheer with it building nicely with the second coat. I'd say ppl could get away with 2 med coats. Or 3 thin coats. One thing about the coats, the second and third coat seemed to require more polish 'cause the polish that was already down kinda....sucked up? the new stuff. Or maybe it was all the crags and crannies and nooks that made it need more polish? *shrugs*

-Something weird did happen. I finished my mani then wound up washing the dishes like an hour to an hour and a half later. I wore rubber gloves. One nail got this...hole in the polish. When I rubbed my finger over the hole it felt sticky so I thought I had gotten something on the polish. I tried picking it off and then scrubbing it off with a nail scrubber but it didn't go anywhere...then it got bigger 0_o I realized I'd 'chipped'? Gotten a hole? in my polish by doing the dishes. Weird! That was the only nail that got f-ed up. And where the hole was the polish was sticky....or the hole was sticky...? Maybe that was an area that didn't dry properly cause there was a lump of polish?

Overall though it's the perfection we've come to expect from Zoya's pixie dusts :D

My experience was identical to hers, minus the polish hole. That's kind of odd. lol I did notice, though, that Carter seems... wetter? than the other PixieDusts. It lays a bit smoother and doesn't feel as dry-sandpapery to the touch.

Carter is, like, the perfect purple. Reminds me very much of a PixieDust version of Avalon. Just check out this sparkle!! *OMG turn down your speakers, it's really windy here. lol

Zoya needs to put out a green PixieDust just like this. Not pale, or dark-dusty, but beautiful bright sparkly greenness. lol

You probably noticed I chopped my claws down again. I'm going to use this as an opportunity to try out this other Sally Hansen magnetic. Less surface area might help the magnet reach further. Or, appear to. We'll see, right? Then I'm going to go on a glitter binge, doubling up with some of these creams I have sitting here and see if I can't put a bigger dent in this pile. lol Wish me luck! Take care and I'll see ya tomorrow. (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Born Pretty Store Halloween Water Decals Review

Hello, everyone! Are you ready for Halloween yet?! Well, I am. lol I missed these Halloween water decals last year, so I was very excited to see they were still available. The tiny portraits and paintings caught my eye immediately.

The only difficulty I experienced was figuring out which way was up on the smaller pieces and making sure I had everything facing the right way. I managed it, though, and they look even cooler than I expected!

So much detail!

Unbelievable. Next time I'm going to try to make my nails look like a wall.

How cool is that?

I didn't want to use up all of the little paintings in one go, so my right hand is themed with the more cutesy characters included on the sheet:

Such cute little monsters! Perfect if you're going to be around children. I wasn't sure what was on my ring finger, so I had to get a closeup on that:

One of those sassy witches with the cat-eye glasses. ^_^ On my thumb I have a skeleton who's super exciting to be carving a jack-o-lantern:

I love that I got a variety of spooky, creepy, silly and cute decals in this set. They also have carnival masks, cherubs and a nautical themed set. $3.99 for roughly 120 individual decals is not bad. Don't forget code BPS2014 for 15% off! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

L.A. Colors: Pop Artsy

Usually I try to avoid these double-ended polishes. You don't get much, they're a pain to store, and while it helps to pull them apart... that doesn't always work out cleanly. Even so, when I saw these FLASHPOP! polishes, the combination of neon and shredded glitter was irresistible. I'd probably do these together anyway (it is the logical thing to do, right?), but I'd like to note that the colors aren't named separately.

Pop Artsy starts with this neon fuchsia color. One of the first things I did when I brought these babies home was test for opacity.

Glad to finally be able to delete that off of my hard drive. lol You'll probably want undies for these. I went ahead and used one coat of Hope and am pleased to report that the matte finish hasn't interfered with the neon sticking or anything. No chipping, shrinking or other weirdness.

The glitter in Pop Artsy is a lot of fun. Tiny pink dots with blue bar, hex and shreds. Shreds. Awesome.

The base is thick enough to grab the glitter easily, but thin enough that it doesn't get gloopy. The glitter shreds (hehehe "shreds") poke up a little bit here and there, but nothing that's gotten snagged. I finished up with a coat of the Julep Freedom Polymer topcoat to minimize the few jagged edges that did poke up.

Do I feel bad that I could have saved myself some money by combining FuchsiaRama and Freak Out? Naw. lol Of course not.

I did grab a couple of short plants for the foreground, but as of last night here's the new tank setup:

It's funny watching the pleco suck on that skinny yellow one. Lights off!

Now if we ever decide to throw down $8 a fish on some of those GloFish, the tank is ready. lol

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe. Take care of yourselves. I'll be back tomorrow with some Halloween water decals! (^_^)"/"

Monday, January 27, 2014

China Glaze: Aluminate

*runs breathlessly into the room ~ slides across the floor ~ crashes into the couch fort* I'm okay! I'm here. *looks around* Been a busy week, but we're finally done painting the floor! No weird bubbling or cracking, furniture moved back in and they love it! That's a relief to have behind us, and hopefully I can get back to posting a little earlier in the day.

First things first, I tried out the new Wet n Wild basecoat and none of my polish randomly popped off! First test complete. It works well with chromes. ^_^ Even Crinkle Chromes like Aluminate!

The basic silver one that looks most like crunched up aluminum foil. Two coats, dried super fast, smooth application. I did have a couple of the bar glitters pop up on me, so, yeah, topcoat. lol Not a bad idea.

The one thing I kept forgetting to mention: removal. Most everyone who tries texture polish is surprised by how easy it is to remove, and the Crinkle Chromes are no different. In spite of the added bar glitters these polishes are far easier to remove than your average glitterbomb. No scraping or scrubbing trying to get the glitter/texture bits off.

We picked up some new plants and a "blacklight" (it's really blue) LED bubbler for the fishtank. Will probably get pictures of that if my camera (or phone) will cooperate with the lights off. Tomorrow I will be showing off one of the three double-ended LA Colors "Flashpop!" polishes I picked up while Norma was down. Pop Artsy, the purple one. lol I told Aaron to pick one to go with some of the Halloween water decals I want to wear Wednesday and that's the one he chose. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to get back to Emily's Honeymoon Cruise. After I rebuild the couch fort... Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! Take care! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Born Pretty Store Neon Swirl Water Decals

Hello, everybody! Looks like I have a couple of new followers! (^_^)"/" Hi! Hope you enjoy your time here.

The other day I tried out the fish version of these decals with minimal success. I promised I'd try again soon with the other set I purchased and here I am. This time things went much better.

This is Abstract Water Decal design #1569. I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it. It's like high-tech HD water marble.

I started with one coat of glossy white and before applying the decals I dunked my nails in a cup of water to make them even more slick; this helped greatly with being able to position the decals easily.

After the decals were fully dry I trimmed off the excess, applied topcoat, then finished with my normal clean-up. I did have a few "oopsies", but overall this method worked a lot better.

I'm not sure yet if I will get anymore because some of the decals (mostly the thumbs) aren't quite wide enough to cover my nails. If your nails are flatter or shorter (the more abstract designs could easily be turned sideways) then this shouldn't be an issue for you. Born Pretty Store is on vacation/holiday until February 5th, but they've left us with code BPS2014 for 15% of sitewide! I believe that means it will cover sale items (regular codes usually don't) so there's no better time to try something different!

I think tomorrow I'm going to knock out another one of the Crinkled Chromes. Only two left! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and c'mon back! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Love Nail Polish: My Private Rainbow (L)

Hello, lovelies! I'm glad we got some sun today because, to be honest, I'm tired of this gradient... lol I don't know if I finished on a high note exactly, but My Private Rainbow did deliver on it's promises.

My Private Rainbow is a holo topcoat in a clear base so you can use it over any color. The (L) is because I went for the linear holo version.

Absolutely gorgeous. Except the part where my coats were way too thick and the humidity from the snow gave me bubbles galore. This is two coats. I will be giving it another shot. I knew there was going to be some kind off problem when my quick dry topcoat took forever to dry as well...

I won't be adding thinner to this because it's not jam-packed with holo (like the Color Club Halo Hues), and I don't want to spread it out any more; but I will be way more careful with my application next time. Video!

Very pretty linear holo topcoat. Does this mean I won't be buying any more holo polishes? *looks around* Probably not. I am glad, though, that I can add holo to whatever I want, though. hehehe

Tomorrow I will be back with the second set of neon full nail decals. Going to use a glossy white for the base and topcoat before clean up so we will see if those two little tweaks make application any easier. C'mon back to find out! (^_^)"/"

Friday, January 24, 2014

Green Sponged Gradient +Ulta Mini-Haul

Hey everybody! Little late today, ended up busier than expected. Took a break from painting since we need warm and dry for the sealer and it has not been that these past two days.

If you recall I'll be swatching My Private Rainbow tomorrow. Rather than go overboard with a massive skittle mani, I decided a sponged gradient would give me (us) an idea of how the holo topcoat looks over a variety from light to dark.

Ta-da! Uhm, there's no holo on that yet. Just the gradient. Since I'm going to be putting holo on top of it, the hardest part was finding three green creams with no shimmer that made sense together. Not too light, not too dark, that sort of thing. After about an hour of searching, swatching and discarding I finally settled on:

Riot Grrr-een and Four Leaf Clover to go with Neely. This ended up requiring two layers of topcoat to finish perfectly smoothly, but it was so worth it.

I did cheat and holo-ed my pinkie last night and as long as the sun comes out (it's supposed to; we'll see!) then I will have something amazing for you to feast your eyes on tomorrow!

If you have an Ulta nearby I strongly suggest you go check it out. Mine has tons of OPI and China Glaze and Zoya (including PixieDusts) on clearance. The Laylas below have been on clearance for a while and Norma convinced me I should get some...

I got Sunshine ($4.99), Carter ($4.99), Ipanema Girl ($2.99) and Southern Lights ($2.99). I got Carter the other day and went back for the other three today with a 20% off coupon! I got another surprise at Walgreens. Something told me "check the polish" and once again my instincts served me well as the Wet n Wild display had some new additions!

"Protective" Basecoat (it is light blue, you just can't tell with the green blanket underneath lol) and Matte Topcoat! I'm really excited about the basecoat since Walmart quit selling (and Dollar Tree ran out of) my normal LA Colors basecoat. I refuse to spend more than $2 for something I'm going to fly through constantly and $1.09 for WnW basecoat sits just fine with me. I hope it works...

...and I hope you enjoyed my simple green cream gradient. Wish for sunny skies tomorrow so I can bring forth the holo-ey goodness!! hehehe Y'all take care and stay warm and have a great weekend!! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Zoya: Neely

Hello, everyone! Quick early post before my day turns hectic. Today I've got Zoya Neely which I picked up from the "Get three free" promo at the beginning of the year. One of their facebook alerts said "or try colors you otherwise wouldn't" and I kind of took that to heart. I picked colors I liked, but probably wouldn't have purchased for full price. Neely is green so I probably would have gotten her eventually...

Neely is a plain, pale (exceptionally pale) green cream. Nothing really wild or mind-blowing. The formula was really nice and smooth and she dried very quickly. I did topcoat because we've been working hard with the painting, but she really was this shiny before.

The color on that is kind of off... sorry.

I used Neely as the base for a green sponged gradient and I'll have that post tomorrow. I think I have to have some of the worst luck because I want to top it off with My Private Rainbow and we're supposed to be cloudy and rainy the next two days! GYAH! I'm still going to try. *fingers crossed*

Time to run my mom to Georgetown. Her leg is looking really good so maybe, just maybe, we're at the end of this thing. Which is a little sad, because I like her dermatologist, but I sure won't mind these early morning jaunts so far away. lol Another arctic front blasting through... y'all stay warm and safe out there!! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Born Pretty Store Neon Fish Water Decal Review

Hello everybody! Today I am reviewing the Neon Fish Water Decals from Born Pretty Store.

I chose these because I just love the bright colors and I had such a fun experience with the previous water decals. These, as you can see, are pre-sized to eliminate guess-work.

First tip: These decals are see-through. You're going to want a base color unless you have really nice nails and don't mind the colors not being as bright as they could be.

Second tip: I found these decals to be fairly fragile. If you need to move it around, especially if you need to move it up closer to your cuticle, slide it off towards the tip and re-place it. You can see on my pinkie where I damaged the decal trying to slide it around.

Third tip: Be sure the decals are completely dry and pressed firmly on to the nail before applying topcoat. You'll also want to trim down the free edge (I used acetone and my clean-up brush) because topcoat apparently can melt these decals if you don't use a light touch. You can see on my thumb where my topcoat brush pulled off a chunk of the decal.

Final tip: Either use extreme care or topcoat before cleaning up the edges. These were a little less forgiving as far as rogue acetone leaking onto them.

If you can keep those things in mind, I think you would have great success with these. As you can see in my final picture there, the images are very bright and detailed and the things I learned from my right hand made my left hand come out so much better. They are a little thin for my nails (which are wider than they appear because of the curve), but if you get the image centered they do have very good coverage. I encourage you to check out the customer image on the product page. There you can also see the twelve insane designs these come in. I just showed Aaron my messed up right hand and he couldn't see anything wrong with it. For only 99cents I'd say they're at least worth a try. Just keep my experiences in mind and you should do okay. I do have a different set of these I will be posting on Sunday to see if I can follow my own good advice. What do you think? Which design would you try?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Julep: Hope

Oh, gee... white matte... so much to share... LOL In all honesty, I had to have this one. It's a white matte. White. Matte. Not a lot to look at, but man oh man the implications!

Two coats... uhm... it mattified pretty quickly, but took a little longer to be actually dry so look out for that. Even so, it did dry quicker than my other whites and while there is a *touch* of VNL I'm sure it won't be noticeable under neons.... except maybe orange... orange is just like that for me.

Hope was so easy to work with I wish I had more than one bottle. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for it to go on sale.

I know I said I was going to swatch Neely, but I was chatting with Leigh Anne and she asked if I would try out some of the water decals I ordered to see if they were worth buying or not. Of course I can do that! I'll have the full review tomorrow. Spoiler Alert: These decals were unlike anything I have used so far. I'm going to go ahead and type it up now and schedule it for 10AM CST tomorrow so if you're curious... that's when it will be up. lol Hope everyone is doing well. Take care and be safe! (^_^)"/"

Monday, January 20, 2014

KleanColor: Metallic Yellow +Fire Water Marble

Hello, dolls. Going to try to be quick so I can wake Aaron up for painting. Almost didn't want to wake up myself... okay, I didn't want to at all, and I almost gave in. lol Anyway, yesterday I sported Metallic Yellow. I don't normally like yellow polish on myself, but this reminded me a lot of Holy Grail and I didn't mind it as much.

I think the metallic finish helped a lot. lol Two coats, dried pretty quickly. Of course it stank awfully, but we all know that by now, right?

While I was playing around with my polishes and seeing how they behaved (or didn't) in the water I decided I had to try a few of the metallics. They work... fairly well... I think I need to turn off the fan next time because last night they started drying a lot faster. Anyway, I ended up with a really cool fire design using:

Metallic Red, Metallic Mango and Metallic Yellow.

Overall I can't say it came out exactly the way I pictured in my head, but it's very close and still pretty cool.

The yellow spread far more than the red and 'mango' so most of my nails don't really look like "fire", but more like... "evidence of scorching" which is still kinda cool. Even so my favorite nails are my left index and middle fingers that do look more like stylized fire.

Yay! I feel redeemed. LOL Now it's time to wake up the hubs and get dressed. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! Depending on how this afternoon goes I may have a swatch of Neely for you tomorrow. Y'all take care and thanks for stopping by! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Essence: Junior Championship & Do The Rittberger +Water Marble Fail

Total mouthful. Hello, darlings. Sad to say this mani vexed me from the word "Go". Well, just after that since my basecoat didn't give me any grief. It all started when I was going through Colette's water marble playlist and came across this video of her using essence polishes in a water marble! I had never thought about using essence because they dry so quickly, but if she could do it then I could certainly give it a shot.

Started out with two coats of Junior Championship. I... assume this polish is meant for either french tips or maybe for layering? So sheer...

At least it dried really quickly and the shimmer is very pretty.

After my marbling disappointment I tried to cover it all up with Do The Rittberger, but... well...

Wow. I should have listened to gin shivers when she told me these were going to be disappointing.

On to my fail! I did use both Junior Championship and Do The Rittberger for this. I don't understand exactly what happened because my first test swirl turned out really really pretty!

That prettiness just did not want to translate onto my nails...

*ugh* I told Norma it looks like opal with swirls of calcium running through it. lol On my left hand I tried an accent nail marbled over black and... that might have worked if not for the bubbles!

*RAWR* Some nails did turn out kinda pretty, but the major problem was not really being able to see it...

Needless to say I've already taken this off and started on a fresh water marble for tomorrow; and these two polishes are now stuffed in the back of the drawer. That'll teach 'em. lol

Yes! New water marble tomorrow. Fire inspired. You're going to love it. I've also been experimenting with the possibility of texture water marble (inspired by Norma) but that is a concept nowhere near completion. Instead I think I'm going to work on another layering project. We're starting the painting job tomorrow (really can't put it off any longer) and that seems the most logical course of action. Unless I just keep the fire marble. lol We'll see! Hope everyone's having a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by! (^_^)"/"