Saturday, December 21, 2013

China Glaze: There's Snow One Like You

OMG! First off a very Happy Birthday to my dad who turns 60 today. Love you, daddy! A very Happy Solstice/Merry Yule to those who celebrate. It's been raining all day so it doesn't quite feel like the first day of winter, but that's okay! Because it snowed on my nails. ;)

I had read that There's Snow One Like You on it's own is pretty sheer and can take up to four coats for opacity. So I layered this over one thin coat of French White Creme. The first coat of TSOLY over the regular white was opaque enough, but I added a second coat for a little more texture. Which, to me, looks just like that fake snow you spray out of a can? Only better because it's got these small, white hex glitters that glint like real snow.

Even though it looks a lot more textured, the texture feel on this is just a smidge rougher than regular cream-based texture polishes, but I slept just fine with it on and it doesn't tangle in my hair or anything. I can look a bit messier than regular texture polishes, but this is minimized with careful application of thin coats. That way you can make sure the bigger glitter pieces are laying flat. Clean up was super easy. Oh! It did take a bit longer to dry than normal textures, but that could have been due in part to the white base underneath. I tend to have problems with that on it's own.

Since TSOLY doesn't have a problem texturizing when layered, I decided to turn my accent nail into a little winter scene. I pulled this little snowman image off of Cheeky plate CH6, stamped with the French White Creme.

For Audrey for the background and a little There's Snow One Like You snowbank on the tip.

Ta-da! Cute. lol See? It's versatile. I've heard it can be more difficult to remove because of the white glitters. I'll update on that tomorrow when I post up Deviantly Daring! Another lovely Christmas prezzie and supposedly one of the "most disappointing" of the Bohemian Luster Chrome collection. I'm doubtful. In the bottle I see green, blue and purple. Very mermaid-like. Hope everyone is enjoying this one final weekend before Christmas! Insanity is upon us. Protect yourselves. (^_^)"/"


  1. Very wintery! If i use a polish with heavy glitter instead of base coat i use a topcoat like Seche Vite as it makes it easier to remove. Most times y0ou can just pick it off :P
    Great mani very festive

    1. huh I didn't know it did that. That's kinda cool. ^_^

  2. That is wayy too cool!!! I love it. And I was proud of myself for painting my daughter's nails with glitter. haha.

    1. Hey, glitter's cool, too. It's like a gateway polish. hehehehe


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