Sunday, November 24, 2013

Zoya: Savita (Tipped) VS Pure Ice: Temptress

Hello darlings! Last night I was at a loss for which matte velvet to wear and Norma came to the rescue by suggesting Savita!

It's coming off a little too blue in that picture, but I have a better one. Promise! This is two coats, super fast dry time. Mostly. I did run into a problem on my right hand thinking it was dry and trying to dig into a package of batteries. >_> Surprisingly, for a matte, just a quick swipe of remover to even it out, one more coat and you can hardly tell anything happened. :)

Norma was also insistent that I do some funky french tips with Dovima.

(still not totally color accurate just yet) I was worried that not being able to use topcoat would make the tips ridgy and stand out, but was pleasantly surprised at how flat they dried.

That one is more color accurate. ;) Just imagine the most perfect royal purple and that is Savita. In low light it really does look velvety. Pure, simple, gorgeousness.

Anybody else remember the big mad dash when Pure Ice released their velour finish polishes? I didn't until I was looking for base colors for Zombie Cows Love Christmas Too!. I also forgot about disappointing their purple was until I clicked on my link for Temptress.

The following picture is horribly out of focus (it's still freezing cold and windy down here), but I'm sure you get the idea.

Yeah. No contest. Pure Ice really overdid it with the chunky gold shimmer.

Tomorrow I have another offering from Polish Yer Hooves. Hopefully I can stay warm enough to do it justice. Y'all take care out there, hope everyone had a terrific weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. Looks cool, has a very "royal" feel :)

    1. Yes it does! ^_^ I love it! One of those polishes that makes you feel special just applying it.

  2. Usually I don't like matte nails but this color looks very nice on the nails :)

    1. It's all about finding the right colors. ^_~

  3. I love love love the color combo!! What a beautiful combination!

  4. These colours look so nice together! I love the french tips! :)


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