Saturday, November 23, 2013

Polish Yer Hooves: Zombie Cows Love Christmas Too!

Hello lovelies! Today it is my great honor to premier the most awesome Christmas polish ever created. Brought to you by the wonderfully creative Leigh Anne of Polish Yer Hooves. In what is probably the cutest hand-painted bottle ever. I present Zombie Cows Love Christmas Too!*!!

Moo! First, the bottle. This is what you get when you order a hand-painted polish bottle. It's a circle hand-painted with a unique design, topped with her signature cow-print cap. Not all of them will be zombie cows, they don't even have to be cows at all. Drop her a line and she'll work with you.

Second, the polish! Zombie Cows Love Christmas Too! is a Christmas twist on Attack Of The Zombie Cows. Same sheer black base, small red and silver glitter and large yellow-green hex glitters with some Christmas magic mixed in.

Little green glitters, some small-medium green and blue and gold in hex and square, got some red and gold circle shaped glitters (those are fun, like ornaments) and even some red hearts you'll see in a minute. For the love. :)

As per request (and also because it's logical) I swatched Zombie Cows Love Christmas Too! over a variety of festive Christmas colors. Two coats of ZCLCT for each. I did add a matte topcoat to cut down the overcast-glare and help my camera focus. Starting with your basic red and green.

This ended up being my favorite combination. The red and green are still visible, but not too bright or festive (it is a zombie polish, after all), and the colors compliment the glitters well.

Metallic silver adds a bit of depth, but doesn't really scream "Christmas".

Up next I decided on blue and gold. Blue's not traditionally Christmas, but it is a popular holiday color.

The blue doesn't look too bad, just not very Christmassy. The gold doesn't hold up near as well as the silver. Funny that's where the hearts ended up. I guess the polish knew those nails needed a little extra love.

Black isn't really a Christmas color either, but... it does give a solid dark background that makes the Christmas glitters pop.

Fabulous. Festive. Zombie Cow goodness. Smooth formula, super fast dry time, most epic Christmas polish ever. Which is the great thing about it. Zombie Cows Love Christmas Too! is a gorgeous Christmas glitter with a playful hint of the Zombie Cow. Leigh Anne has hinted that she may make the Zombie Cow a running holiday theme, and I say we support her in that endeavor! It obviously works and I, for one, would love to have a complete collection of Zombie Cow holiday polishes. Check out Polish Yer Hooves and show her some love!

*Discounted for honest blog reviewing purposes. Not otherwise compensated or dictated.


  1. You're biased when it comes to the Zombie polish!! LOL!!

    1. Who me?! *bats eyes* Naw. They really are the coolest ever! In my totally unbiased opinion. ;)

  2. Love the polish but gotta say, the cow freaks me out!!

  3. That's so pretty and the bottle is a must :)

  4. Oooh, I think I like the red with maybe the accent nail in black! I love it over black best, silver second.


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