Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Polish Yer Hooves: Mad Cow Disease

Howdy howdy howdy! Hope everyone is having a fantastic day. If not, Mad Cow Disease* should brighten it up for you a bit. Especially if you love matte neon glitters!

This is two coats of Mad Cow Disease over one coat of Budding Romance over yesterday's silvers. Let me tell you, as soon as Leigh Anne posted Mad Cow Disease on facebook I knew I had to have it.

What we have is a clear base with teensy pink and blue glitter, small blue bar and square glitter, and small to big matte hex glitters in white, pink, yellow, green and blue. I think the bar glitters are an especially nice touch for a polish named after an abnormal protein**.

Mad Cow Disease (the polish) seemed a little on the thin side, but I had no problems grabbing or distributing the glitters. Since this is my birthday mani I did make sure to get a fairly even spread on the first coat (easy enough getting the larger glitters to slide around just using the brush), but the second coat was just dip and swipe. I love how each nail turns out completely different! Dry time was really good, too, especially considering this is five coats all together.

The most difficult part was deciding what to use as a base color! I mentioned before that I was playing around with this one, and I was! I don't remember all of the specific polishes I used, but I made sure to get a picture so you can get an idea of how awesome Mad Cow Disease looks over a variety of base colors:

*phew* GORGEOUS! I love the depth that the metallic silver adds; I also love how you could practically make some glitters almost disappear by layering over neon polishes. If you were to wear this over a neon skittle mani the effect would be mind-blowing. I know I missed a lot of possible combinations, so if there are any you would like to see just let me know!

I ordered Mad Cow Disease scented with strawberry cheesecake which has a light strawberries and cream aroma. After at least three days (at most five for the oldest swatch) I can still faintly smell it on my palette. The strawberry cheesecake scent reminds me of those old Strawberry Shortcake dolls and that definitely makes me a happy Lizzy. ^_^

If you'd like to nab your own bottle of Mad Cow Disease it can be found in the Polish Yer Hooves etsy shop for $9 +shipping. She also has nine cow Christmas themed polishes (and a few Christmas themed scents) available for the holidays!

That's all for now. No idea what tomorrow will hold so take care of yourselves out there so you can come back and find out. lol (^_^)"/"

*Discounted for honest blog reviewing purposes. Not otherwise compensated or dictated.
**Neither Leigh Anne nor myself would ever make light of bovine spongiform encephalopathy. We love cows.


  1. <3 <3 <3 Love the little note at the bottom.

    1. I'm glad. ^_^ Some things shouldn't have to be said, but you never know what people are going to think on the internet. >_>

  2. LOL your little note at the bottom is funny! I love it over the silver, gray and black, Gorgeous!!

  3. This reminds me of that I've got a goodie bag polish from glitter bunny.
    It's such a fun party shade!

    1. It kinda does! :D Definitely like a party. ^_^

  4. Happy happy happy belated birthday!!! I am sorry I miss the real day! I would have eaten a piece of cake in your honor...oh wait, I did and just didn't know it. Love that color. I like it over the purple (surprise surprise)


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