Saturday, November 30, 2013

Essence: Riot Grrr-een (+LA Colors: Ice Breaker & Black)

Yep, got a couple of pretty pretty preciouses to go through. ^_^ Partly because none of the close-ups I did for any of these really came out... First up! Two coats of Riot Grrr-een. Super smooth formula, dried quickly. You may (or may not) remember this one from my braid mani.

Love it. Another perfect essence.

Up next I have Ice Breaker. Took me forever to find the name for this one. Ice Breaker has one of those long, thin brushes. Mostly tiny square glitters with a bit of small hex glitter thrown in.

I'm sure there must be some practical use for glitter detail brushes like this, but it kinda messes with me that there's space between the glitters so you don't really get a straight line.

That is not a problem with Black. lol Straight cream black.

Shown there over white. Told you I'd get to it.

There ya go, nice easy post. Tomorrow I'll have another gorgeous matte velvet to share with you all. @_@ Possibly Posh; get it out of the way. lol Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!!! (^_^)"/"

Friday, November 29, 2013

China Glaze: Itty, Bitty & Gritty

Ooooof *falls on the floor* Hi, everybody! After nearly a week of sleeping roughly 2-4 hours a night I finally managed about eight! Three last night and then five today.... ooooops. Anyway, I've (more or less) stopped neurotically cashing out my Swagbucks (saving for a new desktop this time!) for amazon cards, but I've still managed a few here and there from other online earning. Which is awesome because it's helping me whittle down my amazon (polish) wishlist. Greatest achievement so far? Finishing off my collection of China Glaze Textures! I've had Snow One Like You waiting for "after Thanksgiving". I was going to wait until winter, but since I had to scrape the frost off of my windshield this morning I may swatch it earlier. Bump & Grind is on its way (as is Unpredictable!) and today I have Itty, Bitty & Gritty. Not the most traditional Thankgiving Day mani ever, but after seeing this on their facebook page:

I was going to be wearing China Glaze. LOL Itty, Bitty & Gritty was just sitting here begging and pleading to be worn and who am I to argue with polish?

Two coats, fast drying, gorgeous bright coral texture. Oh... small tip... While wearing textured polish it's not the best idea to go out of the house without cleaning up first. *looks away innocently* Normally it doesn't bother me having to run out with a little mess, but the texture makes it look like a train wreck.

Ignore my oddly colored finger. The sun was setting. :p The polish color is pretty spot on, though, and that's what matters. So excited to be nearly complete with these. I hope they put out one for Valentine's Day with little hearts. And a bright emerald green for St Paddy's Day. Keep it up China Glaze! Ignore the haters!!! hehehehe

Speaking of texture: Julep had their Black Friday sale. Lots of polish on sale that I couldn't fully explore because I neglected getting to the bank. >_< They did, however, have three or four $1 polishes and lo and behold! one of them was Kai. One of their sea salt texture polishes that I never got to try because, as far as I know, they never featured them in a maven box. Bad Julep! I may be wrong and just suppressing a bad memory of brokeness, but whatever. lol I'm finally getting one and that is cause for celebration! Norma also snagged Kai so you can look forward to another tag team post for it!

Nearly time to feed the kitties. As well as ourselves. lol Hope everyone has had a phenomenal week. Y'all stay safe and warm out there! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Essence: Glitter On Me

I'm here! I'm here I'm here I'm here.... *phew* I'm here. lol Super long day trying to reset my sleep schedule. Got a little tied up in Sims. So much so that I forgot to get pictures. Thankfully I got some of Glitter On Me back when I swatched Black Matte.

Glitter On Me is packed full of glitter. This is just one coat! We've got a ton of teensy silver glitters and a fair amount of iridescent bar glitters. I did have a bit of curling on some of the bar glitters so I would recommend a liberal layer of topcoat for this one to smooth everything out.

I think this one would be great for New Years. Kinda reminds me of fireworks. OH! Hrm... hehehe I wonder how many different color bar glitters I have. Shiny ones, I mean. I know at least two. LOL Something to research.

Tomorrow is Turkey Day here in the States. We're heading out to my in-laws' for feasting, but I should have time to post in the morning. If not then I'll see y'all on Friday! I certainly am not one of those crazy Black Friday shoppers, so I'll be here. lol Hope everyone is staying warm and having a terrific week! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Polish Yer Hooves: It's My Present!

Hello, everybody! Sorry I missed yesterday. It's a good thing I waited, though, because we finally had a break in the clouds! Just in time for me to photograph the lovely holo goodness that is It's My Present!.

Two coats, fast dry time, semi-matte finish. It's My Present! is a very wearable red leaning hot pink with a hint of holo shimmer. Just enough to be gorgeous sparkly without overpowering the color. Here's a shot indoors with the flash:

It's My Present! is one of many Christmas/winter themed polishes and you can find it here. Thanks to it's super cute name, It's My Present! would make the perfect cheeky stocking stuffer. Get it? It's funny!

Nothing funny about the color, though. Pure beauty. I don't often reach for reds, but I see myself getting a lot of use out of this one. Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Stay warm! (^_^)"/"

*Provided free for my birthday and honest blog review. Not otherwise compensated or dictated.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Zoya: Savita (Tipped) VS Pure Ice: Temptress

Hello darlings! Last night I was at a loss for which matte velvet to wear and Norma came to the rescue by suggesting Savita!

It's coming off a little too blue in that picture, but I have a better one. Promise! This is two coats, super fast dry time. Mostly. I did run into a problem on my right hand thinking it was dry and trying to dig into a package of batteries. >_> Surprisingly, for a matte, just a quick swipe of remover to even it out, one more coat and you can hardly tell anything happened. :)

Norma was also insistent that I do some funky french tips with Dovima.

(still not totally color accurate just yet) I was worried that not being able to use topcoat would make the tips ridgy and stand out, but was pleasantly surprised at how flat they dried.

That one is more color accurate. ;) Just imagine the most perfect royal purple and that is Savita. In low light it really does look velvety. Pure, simple, gorgeousness.

Anybody else remember the big mad dash when Pure Ice released their velour finish polishes? I didn't until I was looking for base colors for Zombie Cows Love Christmas Too!. I also forgot about disappointing their purple was until I clicked on my link for Temptress.

The following picture is horribly out of focus (it's still freezing cold and windy down here), but I'm sure you get the idea.

Yeah. No contest. Pure Ice really overdid it with the chunky gold shimmer.

Tomorrow I have another offering from Polish Yer Hooves. Hopefully I can stay warm enough to do it justice. Y'all take care out there, hope everyone had a terrific weekend! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Polish Yer Hooves: Zombie Cows Love Christmas Too!

Hello lovelies! Today it is my great honor to premier the most awesome Christmas polish ever created. Brought to you by the wonderfully creative Leigh Anne of Polish Yer Hooves. In what is probably the cutest hand-painted bottle ever. I present Zombie Cows Love Christmas Too!*!!

Moo! First, the bottle. This is what you get when you order a hand-painted polish bottle. It's a circle hand-painted with a unique design, topped with her signature cow-print cap. Not all of them will be zombie cows, they don't even have to be cows at all. Drop her a line and she'll work with you.

Second, the polish! Zombie Cows Love Christmas Too! is a Christmas twist on Attack Of The Zombie Cows. Same sheer black base, small red and silver glitter and large yellow-green hex glitters with some Christmas magic mixed in.

Little green glitters, some small-medium green and blue and gold in hex and square, got some red and gold circle shaped glitters (those are fun, like ornaments) and even some red hearts you'll see in a minute. For the love. :)

As per request (and also because it's logical) I swatched Zombie Cows Love Christmas Too! over a variety of festive Christmas colors. Two coats of ZCLCT for each. I did add a matte topcoat to cut down the overcast-glare and help my camera focus. Starting with your basic red and green.

This ended up being my favorite combination. The red and green are still visible, but not too bright or festive (it is a zombie polish, after all), and the colors compliment the glitters well.

Metallic silver adds a bit of depth, but doesn't really scream "Christmas".

Up next I decided on blue and gold. Blue's not traditionally Christmas, but it is a popular holiday color.

The blue doesn't look too bad, just not very Christmassy. The gold doesn't hold up near as well as the silver. Funny that's where the hearts ended up. I guess the polish knew those nails needed a little extra love.

Black isn't really a Christmas color either, but... it does give a solid dark background that makes the Christmas glitters pop.

Fabulous. Festive. Zombie Cow goodness. Smooth formula, super fast dry time, most epic Christmas polish ever. Which is the great thing about it. Zombie Cows Love Christmas Too! is a gorgeous Christmas glitter with a playful hint of the Zombie Cow. Leigh Anne has hinted that she may make the Zombie Cow a running holiday theme, and I say we support her in that endeavor! It obviously works and I, for one, would love to have a complete collection of Zombie Cow holiday polishes. Check out Polish Yer Hooves and show her some love!

*Discounted for honest blog reviewing purposes. Not otherwise compensated or dictated.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Essence: Iced Mint Frappe

Totally appropriately named polish for today! Since somewhere along the line Texas decided to freeze solid. *bbbrrrr* So glad I have a few swatches saved up because I'm not going outside any more than absolutely necessary.

Iced Mint Frappe is from the Show Your Feet collection. I actually have been wearing this on my toes for a couple of weeks. Just never got around to taking pictures.

Two coats, fast dry time. I love the color, though it was a little frustrating to try and capture. It's, obviously, this pastel greenish bluish... pastel. lol I couldn't tell if it was green-leaning-blue or blue-leaning-green. Let me know which one you see. ;)

And it's looking a little grey to me in that picture. Whatever color it wants to be, I like it. A very happy color.

Two things before I go shove my face in a fire. ;) I got my Matte Velvets today!!

The payment did go through so one less thing to worry about there. So happy to have these. Apparently there were two (Loredana and Harlow) that were not re-released but I'm very happy to have these. ^_^ Second:

Another ultra-chrome to be released. Not 100% sure if I'm going to get it (I'd really like to get the 2nd JulieG texture collection), but man it does look pretty...

I've got something very special for you guys tomorrow. I am seriously beside myself in anticipation and disbelief. Come on back! It's gonna be a hoot! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jessica: Black Matte VS Julep: Cleopatra

Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is staying warm. It's not that cold here in Texas (yet), but I've seen some people getting snow... *shudders* I forgot to mention last month when my Nail Art Society box came in. I think I did... anyway, it came with another Jessica polish and some gold sticker thingies. I think I was happier before the big "redesign" so it didn't exactly break my heart that my subscription has lapsed thanks to that little snafoo with my debit card. This gives me a chance to evaluate a few sets via facebook before re-committing myself. Will be easy enough to re-activate if it starts catching my attention again.

Until then I do have this lovely matte black polish aptly named Black Matte. Apparently I had a little incident with my index finger there that I don't recall....

I love having another bottle of matte black since the Julep bottles are fairly small. It's so sleek and sophisticated and powerful looking. This is two coats, super smooth formula, fast dry time.

Since I still had Cleopatra fairly handy it was easy enough to dig out for a comparison.

Formula-wise they applied the same. Two coats, comparable dry times.

I thought that perhaps Cleopatra was more black, but when I got out into the sun it appears that Black Matte is just more matte.

What do you think? Am I crazy? ....more than usual? lol

I really have no graceful way to wrap this up so... y'all take care! Wherever you are, be safe and happy polishing! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

LA Colors Neons!

I refrained from naming these in the title because... well... they're not labelled so I'm only about 95% sure that the names I'm calling them are their real names. I did do a fair bit of swatch-searching, but ya never know. lol These came in an awesome nail art kit that Melissa and Isis grabbed for me for my birthday. It also came with three Art Deco (their detail brush ones) bottles and some tip guides.

First I'm going to share what I believe to be LA Colors Mint.

Whatever the name is I don't have an LA Colors neon green so YAY! This is two coats over white. With a bit of Art Deco detailing I'll get into later. ;)

The neon payoff on this one was amazing. We headed out as the sun was going down and it was still bright as day on my nails!

The second one I have I believe is called Energy Charge. Two coats over white.

I do have Lightning which is similar, but Energy Charge is lighter than that. Almost like a neon pastel pink.

This one also got brighter as the sun was setting. ^_^

Love 'em! So bright and fun, very uplifting as the days turn dreary. Which they are going to... here, at least. We're looking at up to a week of rain so I'm trying to swatch like crazy while the sun is out. lol

Tomorrow will likely be a matte black comparison. Yeah, I was all jacked and now I have two. *teehee* I also have another swap in the works, but we've decided to wait until after the holiday postal rush before attempting it. My Zoya matte velvets are on their way and should be here around Saturday. I am a little concerned about that... The charge was pending on my account for nearly two weeks and then vanished as soon as I got the shipping notice. It's back up as pending now so hopefully it will go through... Free Zoyas would be great, but not at the risk of them getting pissed at me cuz they think I'm trying to jerk 'em around. I'm really not! I don't know why it disappeared. :( OMG!!! I nearly forgot!

Little heads up for all of ya, Polish Yer Hooves is going to have a limited edition black holo polish available for Black Friday! November 29-30 and December 1 only!

It's going to be called Black Angus and I'm going to be getting that one. With luck at the same time I'll also be able to snag one of these:

*squee* Those are available now, they're called Snowfall and you can choose if you want the blue base or the clearish base. I can hardly contain myself. ^_^ That right there is the total sum of my Black Friday shopping. lol Well, depending on how funds look I may also get some holiday (or ribbon) earrings for my mom.

Okay, I think that's it this time. Hope everyone's having a great week! (^_^)"/" Take care of yourselves and stay warm out there.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Julep: Casper VS China Glaze: Ghoulish Glow VS Essence: Fly Firefly Fly

*phew* Yep, all of that. I've got a lot to cover so I'll try not to talk too much. Ghoulish Glow and Fly Firefly Fly are pretty much the same; Julep added some shimmer to Casper that makes for a really pretty non-glow effect, but the glow does seem to suffer a bit for it.

I used three coats of each to try and maximize the glow effect. All three dried fairly quickly with no weird buckling or bubbles. Tested over neon green on my left hand and neon pink on my right (both painted over white, I'll go over those more tomorrow). Casper on my thumb, Ghoulish Glow on my index and middle fingers and Fly Firefly Fly on my ring and pinkie fingers. I did get a little fading of the original colors, but no wonky distortion. The shimmer in Casper is especially pretty over the pink.

I picked up a blacklight lightbulb over Halloween especially for swatching glow polishes. lol So this first video I'm holding each bottle up to the light for a few seconds so you can see how well the bottles glow.

Even in the bottles Casper is at a clear disadvantage glow-wise.

Starting with "over green" I've got a few pictures. First is directly under the blacklight bulb.

Removing my hand from the light and into the dark.

A video in case you wanted to see the transition from light to shadow.

And one more where I stuck my hand out the window to charge it with the sun.

And to the right hand! Directly under the blacklight bulb:

Then, something weird happened when I pulled my hand away and into the darkness.

Apparently green and pink make orange! I'm going to have to try this again with Ch Nail #12 because over the pink none of these colors held their charge as well as they did over the green.

And a final shot after sticking my hand out the window. Sun charge!

*falls over*

Final thoughts? Casper makes a great topper if you're wanting to wear glow polish without looking like you're wearing glow polish. Ghoulish Glow and Fly Firefly Fly are about the same, as I said before. China Glaze is generally easier to find (and has that cute little ghostie on the bottle!), but more expensive. Quick Tip: The lighter/brighter the base, the more glow effect you'll get. And apparently the color of the glow can change as well, so don't be surprised when I pop back up with one of these layered over a neon skittles mani. ;) Just to see what happens.

Time to go grab eats! Come on back tomorrow to get a better look at the neon bases. Hope everyone's week is going smoothly. (^_^)"/"