Thursday, October 10, 2013

Julep: Kendra +Zombie Barnyard

Hey guys! "\"(^_^)"/" So super excited for today's mani. As soon as I applied Kendra I had this idea and (almost) everything went so smoothly putting it together. Yay!! Starting with two coats of Kendra.

When I first pulled it out of the box I thought Kendra was black with silver shimmer (told ya the lighting in here SUCKS), but she's really more of a deep mossy green. Yes, similar to Cast A Spell and Edyta... >_>

So it's not super special or unique. It... uh... gives me an excuse to start working on my list of comparisons? Hrm. The formula was great, though. Not too thick or thin, self-leveled and dried fairly quickly.

My idea! hehehe So the moss color made me think of grass and animals... cows and pigs in particular since I did order this super cute stamping plate...

BornPrettyStore plate QA33. But how to make super cute cows and pigs Halloween themed? DUH! Zombie cows and pigs, of course!

ROFLMAO!!! Pure Ice Wild Thing worked perfectly for a sickly, contrasting green. I used essence Divalicious Red (which I got as part of a swap that I will post as soon as the other half gets here) and my teeniest dotting tool for the red eyes.

Yeah, there's the one little hiccup. Got a little spazzy dragging my fingers through the wet polish while scraping the plate. :p The plate itself worked very well, though. I often have difficulty stamping (which is why I don't do it often... even though I keep buying plates...), but I only had to re-scrape twice. FYI: it was because of the straightish line on top of the pigs head. Make sure you scrape perpendicular to that, not straight along with it.

Since I was outside I couldn't stop myself from getting a polish-in-action picture...

hehehehe Too funny. ^_^

Kind of odd. October doesn't feel as... negatively charged as September seemed to be, in spite of the sheer mass of expenses that are quickly accumulating. New air conditioner, tire, oil change, xbox gold account, Aaron's ID is expiring this month... No idea how we're going to pull all of this together, but trying to stay positive. Hope everyone's having a great week!! (^_^)"/"


  1. Oh my gosh! I love your little zombie cows and pigs, they are super cute!

  2. So cute, omg lolol only you can be so creative with those designs

  3. I love the zombie animals!!! too cute!


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