Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Julep: Ciara (by Norma & Lizzy)

Hey, everybody! Today we're doing something just a little different. Norma and I have Julep Ciara (from the October Maven box) to share with you. We were talking about it last night and as I was sitting here I decided I wanted to see it matte. Like "right now matte!". So Norma is covering the shiny version and I'll have the matte version. First up: Norma's review!


AAH Julep Ciara - so beautiful in the bottle! It's pretty on the nails but I felt like it looked better in the bottle to be honest because in indoor light it's so dark it almost looks black. The teal micro shimmer is beautiful though and highly visible.

Along with the teal microshimmer if you look really close in the light there are also some wine? Reddish pink? Micro shimmers which really add depth to the polish.

The highs - Ciara dries fast! Very rare for a jelly in my experience. Mind you my habit is to wait 5-10 minutes between coats. By the end of my last coat I could make an impression with my thumb but only when I pressed fairly hard. Not bad!

The lows - I found Ciara hard to work with. The jelly made it very gloopy but worse was the Julep brush >_< Often after scraping excess polish off the brush it still had a habit of rolling down the looong wand and glooping on my nail grrr. Also, while I only used two coats, I found it a little patchy. Two coats were fine but I would've did a third if I weren't worried it'd gloop up on me.

In the end I used one coat Essie first base, two medium coats of Julep Ciara and one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward. A real plus? NO SHRINKAGE after I put the quick dry top coat on! My accent nail is one coat Essie first base, two medium coats Sally Hansen Graphite Gravity (which was a DREAM to work with) and one coat of NYC extra shiny top coat (it Graphite Gravity dried very quickly and didn't need a quick dry top coat).

And it's finally happened to happens in every polish fanatic's life at some point - I found an unintentional dupe! Well close enough by my standards anyway. Julep Ciara is Suuuuper close to Orly Galaxy Girl. Like...crazy close. If you could pick one or the other I'd recommend Orly. The formula is easier to work with, you get more product, and it is cheaper than Ciara. I got Ciara as an add on so it was only about $5 but even still at 7 ml it's more expensive than my Orly which I paid about $10 for but I got 18 mls.

Still, Ciara is a cute fall mani and I'm excited to see how it looks in the daylight :)


Update: She did get some shrinkage by the next day.

My experience was very similar to hers. It was kinda thick and goopy, but it did dry fairly quickly. Which didn't help much as thick as it was since it wasn't leveling itself out. A quick layer of topcoat (which didn't cause any shrinkage for me) did smooth things out a bit. I also went for two coats, the second far thicker than the first to even out the patchiness, quick dry topcoat (since the 2nd layer was so thick) and essence Soft Touch matte topcoat in the morning.

I am loving the teal shimmer against the dark plummy background, and yes there is some fuchsia-ish shimmer in there as well, though it's more evident in low light.

Gorgeous vampy color, formula could use some work. Here's a pic in the shade:

I've got a funny Halloween idea for tomorrow featuring Kendra. Come on back to see what it is! Hope everyone's having a great week so far! (^_^)"/"

P.S~ I fixed the missing picture on the Sponged Cinnamon Kiss post. ;) Thanks to Sandy for pointing it out!


  1. Gah! My poor cuticles still suck after that stupid spa 'professional' hacked at them :( I love this matte! I'm going to mattify it tonight :D

    1. Yay! :D You're going to love it. Sorry about your poor cuticles. *snuggles* Stupid spa lady.

    2. Slather on that cuticle oil Norma!

  2. I think I like it in the matte better, but I loved Norma's accent nail.

    1. Me too! She keeps making me want to pull out some magnetics. lol


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