Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Essence: Blood Orange Smoothie & Julep: Beatrix (with Norma!)

Hey everybody. Miss me? Notice I was even gone? *bats eyes* Had a bit of a glitch in the matrix yesterday that left us without internet (and, for some reason, cell reception) for a few hours yesterday. By the time it came back on I was elbow deep in the future and, well, my Sim needed me. lol

I was going to do green, but I decided that since I was going to do the plumbob that I would use a contrasting color for the base. Hence Blood Orange Smoothie.

Three coats to eradicate the phantom dirt line. Super fast drying. Absolutely love the color! Such a bright, fun orange. :D I think these foot ones are scented... They have a slight mintiness to them.

I freehanded the plumbob using Mystic Grass for the background and Green Grass for the outline.

Ta-da! All caught up on stuff and expansion packs, just missing a few of the neighborhoods (and a crapton of stuff from the e-store). And a fresh gaming computer to play it the way I really want to..

On to Beatrix. Norma wore it first and warned me that Beatrix is super gloopy. For real, like rubber cement. So I added some thinner and realized the one problem with these tall, skinny bottles. They're really hard to shake!

There's Norma's mani without thinner. You can see the hard time she had spreading the glitters around. :(

That is after a few squirts of polish thinner and actually using the wand to stir it in there. :p Much much nicer and the thinner base didn't hinder the glitter pick-up.

Yeah, I probably could have used a different base color, but I didn't think about it. lol

Tomorrow I'm dressing up as Dr. Quinzell for the Arkham Origins release party. So I'm probably going to have a soft pink or dark red polish... something mildly professional looking. No worries, I have plenty of new glitters to spice it up with for you guys. ;) I'll get plenty of pictures of our costumes so you guys can see. Time to go grab some stuff to print out since I fixed the printer. Need an ID tag and paperworks to look official. (^_^)"/" Take care, y'all!!


  1. urgh Beatrix was near impossible to use without thinner! I'll def. add thinner next time.

    1. Definitely do. It made ALL the difference! ^_^

  2. I am super happy that you are getting into nail art more and more :DDD

  3. The orange with the glitters are perfect :)

  4. Love the sims diamond. My daughter would flip. We are waiting to get her Future until Christmas. The wait is going to kill her...

    1. Oh my goodness she is going to LOVE it! Then be sad because it's the last one before they put out Sims 4. :( Which I'm waiting to get until they start bundling it and putting stuff on sale. I still have plenty to experiment with on 3. lol


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