Monday, September 30, 2013

China Glaze: Bat My Eyes

Welcome back! Still feeling a bit *meh*, but the show must go on. I did a mock review of this polish while applying to swatch for Polish Yer Hooves and I figure... why not. Already have the pictures. So here we have two coats of Bat My Eyes over two coats of Onyx Rush. I couldn't find it on their site, but describes it as "Dark green-black base polish with gold and copper glitter flakes". Which is fairly accurate.

The gold and copper "glitter flakes" are small, smaller and tiny hex/dot shaped glitters, plus a random smattering of small gold/copper bar glitters. The base... definitely dark green-black.

Can't quite say if the base is thick enough for full coverage (I already had the black on for something else I was doing), but the glitter may be with another coat or two.

I think it looks nice like this. No topcoat, super fast dry time, wasn't thick or clumpy and the glitters spread out evenly on their own. I didn't have any clean-up issues either.

Very autumnal/Halloweeny. After two coats there was a little bit of glitter sinking, so those of you who prefer a glass-smooth finish would probably want to add a layer of topcoat. Good new? You only need one!

Not that much difference, just a tad shinier. Or you could go the other way and add a layer of matte topcoat.

That's fun, too! I think it leans more "generally autumnal" when shiny and more "dark Halloweeny" when matte. What do you think? Overall I really like Bat My Eyes, the different shaped glitters add a bit of interest and it wasn't a pain to apply.

Yes! Tomorrow is finally October! My idea (yes, I'm wearing it already) isn't quite as disgusting as I was hoping, but with luck you'll see where I was trying to go with it. Aaron had an idea to make it better, but... I just don't have that color... >_> Yes. Come back tomorrow and see. lol Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, September 29, 2013

China Glaze Rewind

Hey, everybody! Doing well, I hope? ^_^ Yes, I still have some new polishes to go through, but I wanted to do something with at least a couple of the old ones. lol So I was scrolling down my collection page and remembered how insanely excited I was about Cha Cha Cha. In spite of my efforts to thwart this compulsion to pair green and purple (at least it wasn't green and pink again) I decided I wanted to pair Cha Cha Cha with Senorita Bonita since they're from the same collection. Still too simple so I broke down and did some stenciling.

The stencil design (which I'll get to momentarily) worked really well at first. At first...

But it's only really good for about two and a half nails...

Also, Cha Cha Cha is a lot more sheer than I remembered. That's three coats. *shrugs* The stencil! A couple of the 3-bottle Kiss nail art kits (like these come in) have little packets of sticker-backed stencils. Like this:

See the used up one in the top right corner? lol They do have that handy little tab, but the backs are really sticky. I had to de-stick it a little before starting. By the third nail it was barely sticking at all and by the fourth? Curled up, unsticky, polish in the holes... There are some cute designs, but... I don't see getting a full mani out of one stencil.

Since I've already got pictures of Bat My Eyes I'll go ahead and post that tomorrow. Then! OMG!! It will finally be October and I can do this super disturbing idea I've had raging in my head for months! Start things off with a bang. It'll be great! *fingers crossed* lol Hope everyone had a great weekend. (^_^)"/"

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just one of those days

....that a girl goes through... *singing wildly off-key*..... *dogs howl in the distance* hehehe

So I'm fighting with UPS to get some packages here. They keep putting "incorrect address" into their system, even though it's the same address it was 12 years ago when they could find us. So that sucks. I got my head2toebeauty order except that Bump In The Night was shattered beyond imagining. The box wasn't scuffed or dented or anything and that was the only bottle. Thankfully the fine folks at h2tb are going to send a replacement (hopefully via USPS like the original (and every other) order) so there's that to look forward to.

This has been, by far, the worst September ever. The ticket only being a part of it. Trying to pick a color for tomorrow that will cheer me up before we start getting into super awesome Halloween manis. Supposed to be overcast (we're getting rain! sorta...) so nothing too fancy. Hrm... may have an idea.

Since I've got absolutely nothing I'm going to share a super awesome mani that Norma was SO stoked about that she nearly gave me a heart-attack bounding into the cushion fort. First, here's what she had to say about this epicness:

"Sooo the main mani is fantasy fire (2 coats) over Orly Royal Navy (and under *that* I used Color Club cold metal 'cause I HATE how jellies are prone to tip wear. So it goes 1 coat cold metal. 1 coat Royal Navy 2 coats fantasy fire. ERMAGAWD it's beautiful! And it colour shifts too!!!!!!! The accent nail is 1 coat cold metal, over that one coat sinful colors blue by you and on top of that I put Nfu Oh 40. DUDE IRL it sparkles like a sapphire!"

O_o Dude! So freakin' pretty!! And thank you very much, Norma, for picking up my slack.

Now to try and do something wicked awesome with these two polishes here. Which two? Come back and find out! lol Hope everyone's having a great weekend. (^_^)"/"

Friday, September 27, 2013

BornPrettyStore Stamping Plate QA17

Hey everyone! First, apparently, there are two QA17 plates available on bornprettystore, the one I got has this cute little schoolgirl on it.

The other one has angry birds. lol

I started with a base of my last mani, Sci-Fly By and stamped with Camelot.

I had so much fun stamping with this plate. As I mentioned previously I had a little difficulty with the star design, but once I switched to Camelot and started swiping at an angle it worked a lot better. First, an overview.

The only design I didn't use was the (I assume?) Chinese lettering. I have no idea what it says and didn't want to put it on upside-down or something.

It's got two repeating full nail designs. Stars and what I assume is teddy bear heads? It looks like Mickey Mouse head to me, but it's probably a teddy bear.

The teddy bears actually came out better in the testing phase... the stars came out way better upon actual application. o_O

We've got the little girls head wearing a cute little hat.

The little girl (sans hat) with her arms in the air.

I'm a little disappointed in myself here. I tested this one three times because of the big empty space for her hair. It came out perfectly each time until I went to put it on my nail. >_<

This next one is actually two stamps put together. I assumed the blank oddly-shaped one was intended to give some color to the girls clothes, so that's what I did. (using Hot Like Lava) Even though I knew there was no way I was going to get it to line up perfectly.

And I didn't! lol I don't mind it being a little off-set, though, as it reminds me of those old cartoons where sometimes you can tell when the color cell and outline cell didn't quite line up properly before photographing. It did give her clothes some color and I like that.

Finally there is a massive image of the girls face wearing the hat which I used on my big toes.

So so cute and, like I said, so much fun. I can't wait to try out the cow and pig one. ^_^ If you're interested in getting this plate it's only 99cents at the moment and with free shipping. Just click here. lol You're welcome. ;)

Gearing up for something (hopefully) super cool and pretty special (to me, anyway) so come on back. (^_^)"/" Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Proc!aim Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Yeah, you saw that right. There's an exclamation point in the name on the bottle. Proc!aim Argan Oil Hair Treatment.

I picked up this little (15ml) bottle at Sally's Beauty Supply this past weekend. Started using it... Monday? Wow. To give you an idea of, perhaps, why I'm as impressed as I am, let's take a little trip back in time.

When I was young I always had long, curly hair. Not super tight curls, but definite distinct curls. A fact that my mother took great joy in.

When I was 13 or 14 I finally talked her into letting me cut and dye my hair. The biggest surprise? No more curls!

Over the past nearly twenty years I've continually dyed my hair and kept it at varying lengths. Above my shoulders it goes straight with just a bit of curl at the ends; below my shoulders it develops frizzy, unformed waves.

Then I started using this Argan Oil after my shower. I only need a little bit and use my fingers to comb it through my damp hair. I really like that it doesn't pick up the "semi-permanent" dye like some other products do, which turns my hands all kinds of interesting colors.

As a general rule I comb through my hair from time to time while it's drying to keep it from turning into a frizzy, curly, tangled up mess on my head. (one time I left the house with totally wet hair and came home looking like a deranged Shirley Temple) I did the same thing after using the oil and...

The curls are still there! They refused to be brushed out. What's more my hair is so shiny and nearly devoid of frizz! O_O

I am just blown away. I had read about Argan Oil on a few blogs but figured it would end up being like everything else that didn't work. My bangs are driving me nuts trying to curl off every-which-way, but overall I think I like what's going on with my hair. Looking at the picture I think, perhaps, I should concentrate more on the ends and not so much at the top. lol I'm definitely going to buy this stuff again. I don't know if Sally's would still have this particular kind (or how much a full bottle would be), but for the moment I'm enjoying the shine and definition.

Tomorrow I'm coming back with one of my bps stamping plates. I hope I can get the one design to work. I have such issues with sharp angles... intrigued? Good! lol Hope everyone's having an amazing week! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

China Glaze: Sci-Fly By

Hi, everybody! Looks like I have a couple of new followers! (^_^)"/" Come on in and make yourselves comfy. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Just a bit of a quick post today. I've got three coats of Sci-Fly By, another gorgeous subtle holo from China Glaze.

Sci-Fly By behaved a lot more like OMG A UFO. Dried while I was applying it so I ended up with three coats to make everything smooth. Two would have sufficed, I think, otherwise. The holo shimmer is more subtle than Galactic Gray, but still visibly there. Gorgeous pearl-blue (is that a thing?) color.

Subtle, but sexy and a lot of fun.

Welp, my "moment of weekness" cashout went through so I just placed my head2toebeauty order. Two ChG glitters, the black texture and the Color Club orange crackle. hehehehe Should get here in plenty of time for Halloween manis!! Which reminds me, I have some testing to do. ;)

Tomorrow I'm going to deviate a bit with another hair post. I started using that argan oil I picked up and... some very noteworthy things have happened. It'll be fun. Then it's back to nails on Friday with one of my bornprettystore stamping plates. Also! They're gearing up for the holiday season with some Halloween Special Offers! (affiliate link, c'mon, help an addict out!) Soon as I post up I'll be ordering some of those cute black cat decals. I know! I have problems. LOL Don't forget! Use my code so I can host another giveaway! Sharing is fun. :D

Work/school week is nearly over. Hope everyone is holding up well and getting plenty of sleep. It's starting to cool down here so I imagine some of you are breaking out the firewood and warm blankets. Stay warm, stay safe, and I'll see you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Finger Paints: Art of Theft +Silver Decals +BornPrettyStore Order

Hello, everybody!! :D Today we're starting off with two coats of Finger Paints' Art of Theft. A polish which has continually confounded me! When I bought it I thought it was purple. Looking at the bottle in my room it looks golden brown. On the nail? It's a deep deep blue with some purple/red shimmers.

And it really looks like a couple of fingers could have used a third coat, huh? It doesn't look like that in real life. :p The formula was really smooth and easy to work with and dried (matte-ish) fairly quickly. I added topcoat. Especially since I decided to try out my other Cala water decals (which will be in my upcoming giveaway) and those were definitely going to need topcoat. lol

Jasmine is some kind of master when it comes to matching up designs on her nails. I could still use a little work. Tried to pair up a butterfly and a rose and it looks a little cluttered.

These worked really well... without my spaziness getting in the way. Again I had issues with extra water mucking things up (hence the chips) so if anybody has any tips on how to dry them out that would be super. ^_^ And since Cristy wasn't feeling too hot about her polishing skills, I decided to share a super spaz moment I had yesterday while applying Art of Theft:

Yep, somehow I managed to lose all depth perception and started way early... on both of my thumbs! Thank goodness for cleanup... lol

I got my bornprettystore order! I fairly ransacked their 99cent sale and got:

Two sets of water decals (bear faces and cow prints) and a set of funny face/mustache stickers.

Three super cute stamping plates with animals and happy little schoolgirls. Plus a three-item random grab bag which included...

OMG!!! A massive roll of striping tape and Angry Birds and freakin' Hello Kitty stickers!! :D How did they know?! I don't really play Angry Birds, but they're still cute. Super jacked about the Hello Kitty stickers. All of that ended up being around $7. Not bad at all.

Now I'm all conflicted. I was going to wear Sci-Fly By tomorrow, but I don't want to cover it up with stickers... Hrm... May have an idea. hehehe Come on back and see if I can pull it off or if I super-spaz my stamping again. (^_^)"/" Hope everyone's having a terrific week!

Monday, September 23, 2013

China Glaze: Galactic Gray (+Toes)

Hiya everybody! So, I've got some good news and some bad news. I'll start with the bad news first and get it out of the way. You're going to think I'm a total space case, but I just had my eyes opened to an animal testing conflict that hadn't occurred to me. Pure Ice and Sinful Colors were both purchased by Revlon, and I didn't realize that Revlon still does animal testing. :( I guess I got sloppy about keeping up since so many of my favorite brands don't. I'm certainly not throwing out the ones I already own (especially since most were purchased/sent before the buy-out), but... I'm definitely going to be much more careful in the future.

*phew* Good news!! I was putzing around Polish-Aholics Anonymous (yes, again) and was approached by a chick "in EU" willing to run out for essence LEs to swap! :D *happy dance* So I ran out this morning and grabbed a few polishes from her wishlist and am waiting for a few things to pop up at Walgreens for her. I can't believe I finally have an inside track for USA-unavailable essences!!! And some of the stuff she wants is on clearance here so it works out great! She also offered to pick up some Catrices for me on the cheap, but I'd be happy with some plain old color & go polishes that we'll never get over here. hehehe

On to Galactic Gray! Can someone please remind me just exactly how these were supposed to be "disappointing" and "barely holo"?

Two coats, fast drying. No topcoat. The sun wasn't even all the way up yet. Took these about 10am.

It's so pretty I even got a video. Just to show you it's not some super special angle making the holo magically appear. ;)

Simply stunning.

I mentioned yesterday that I have some Butter London on my toes. Wanted to be fancy and decided that Wallis would be a perfect way to start the fall.

hehehe Tomorrow I'll have Art of Theft for you. Waiting oh-so-impatiently for Julep, Nail Art Society and bornprettystore packages to arrive. Still working hard towards the tablet. Fish are still thriving. lol One more week in September and then we can start getting in to Halloween! Hope everyone out there is doing great and that your weeks go smoothly! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another Stamping FAIL (lol)

Hey everybody!! \(^_^)/ First day of fall!! Thankfully it feels like it; absolutely gorgeous out! If you recall, Norma and I sort of made a pact that we were going to swatch Mutagen together. So this isn't exactly a swatchy post, but... I just couldn't sit here staring at such a lovely polish and not do something with it! Mutagen is supposed to be fully opaque in two coats, which I thought would be okay for stamping. Well.... you know what? I'm getting ahead of myself! First I have to say that I Love Nail Polish has some of the fastest shipping ever! I thought I'd be waiting until Friday! Here is the lovely box my pretty pretty precious shipped in:

All wrapped up in pretty pretty paper:

Wrapped in bubble wrap and this cute little box for extra protection:

So, how pretty is it? Oooooh... only about this pretty:

I especially appreciate the name-sticker on the bottom:

Now, back to the stamping. I used a wavy line design on Bundle Monster plate 205 (which I totally spaced and forgot to take outside with me) and... well... The obscenely subtle stamping monster struck again.

Can you see it? Maybe if I zoom in a bit.

Hrm... what if I add some matte topcoat?

Little better? Okay, you know what? *rolls up sleeves*

There! Haha!! Oh, yeah... I know you can't see any kind of color accuracy, but I did stamp! All ten fingers!! *falls over* And since I was being so free with my (kinda pricey, but totally worth it) new friend here, I thought I'd go ultra posh and use Butter London to paint my toes. Unfortunately I didn't realize how dirty my feet were by the time I got outside so... I'll be getting pics of that tomorrow. Nobody wants to see dirty feet all close up and macro. Well... maybe some people do... *ahem*

Super impressed with ILNP and their expeditiousness (how'd ya like that $5 word?) and how insanely easy it was to order and they use the good ol' USPS so I will, without a doubt, be ordering from them again.

In other news... I got myself all overly excited about the new China Glaze Halloween collection... reached the $25 paypal payout on Swagbucks (yep, referral link)... and went for it. Sort of. Still have to wait for it to process, but in the meantime I can look at what I will be ordering just as soon as it clears.

Not the whole collection, but the black texture (which looks like wet tar!), my two favorite glitters and that orange Color Club crackle because HELLO! I totally need that. It was either ChG glow-in-the-dark or awesome orange crackle and since I already have a few glow polishes... I went with the crackle. Or... will go with.

Hrm. I think I'm going to take some time today and try to clean up my blog a little, and start pulling things together for my giveaway. Don't forget, if ten people use my code for born pretty store (non-affiliate link) then they will sponsor a giveaway as well! Wouldn't that be exciting? lol Y'all take care and have a terrific rest of your weekend! (^_^)"/"