Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sinful Colors: Laced Up +August NAS

Today's been a bit of a rough day. Not sure why, exactly. Went to bed on time and woke up tired. Took a nap earlier and I still feel like I could lay back down. :/ I think part of it is fishtank frustration. Water's been cloudy for over a week. Tried this water clarifier stuff, changed the filter, changed some of the water. Looking like I'm going to have to scoop out the fishies for an even bigger water change, rinse out the gravel and try again.... The pH is a little high, but nothing abnormal. Everything else is in normal ranges. I just don't get it. I've never had this problem before! So frustrating... among other things. Anyway, at least I have pretty pretty polish. ^_^

Two coats of Laced Up. Except for my middle finger. It dried matte fairly quickly (which was fun to watch it go from shiny to matte), but didn't fully dry as quickly and I got some dents. The third coat filled all that in, though.

Pretty polish makes everything better.

Got a rather nice (ish) surprise when Aaron grabbed the mail today. Guess that $5 that Nail Art Society is charging for shipping now wasn't for nothing! Got three of these new Orly Instant-Artist Water-based paint. Technically four, but the white had a blowout in our hot oven of a mailbox.

Jet Black, True Blue and Platinum. If you haven't seen these yet, they are waterbased, so they're more like the acrylic paint that people use for more blended-looking nail art. They have the long, thin detail brush. There was a pamphlet with the colors (which you can check out here if you like) and an idea sheet, but... they were covered in white paint. Aaron says I should bring it up and get a replacement, I'm thinking it's a lot of trouble for white paint. I also got some pretty water decals.

Silver ones and colored ones. Never heard of Cala before, says they're made in Korea. Let's see... I don't think they have a website, but they are on eBay and amazon (and some other e-shops) and OMG FROGS!!! Okay, okay, closing out amazon... before I do something I'll regret. ;)

Still planning on doing a full on water marble for tomorrow. *fingers crossed* Then... I dunno. Hope everyone's having a great weekend so far! (^_^)"/"

Friday, August 30, 2013

Wet n Wild: Beauty Is A Battlefield!

Hello lovelies. ^_^ I totally forgot how I was going to start this... LOL Spent three hours this morning just clicking and clicking and clicking all over Swagbucks. Smashed through the goal and kind of wall-eyed my brains a bit. So... polish!

Beauty Is A Battlefield! is a gorgeous royal purple shimmer with blue and pink shimmers. And... it's textured!

It dries a little more matte than I envisioned, but then... I had a hard time imagining shimmer and texture together anyway. It did take a tad longer to dry than I expected, but maybe 20 minutes or so and everything was ding-proof and good to go. Also, cleanup was pretty easy.

There are those shimmers. lol So pretty. I found a swatch online for ATTEN Hut! and that one is really gorgeous as well.

So, $4/10ml... for Wet n Wild? Still having a hard time wrapping my head around that one. Especially since their 'wild shine' line is $1/12.7ml. I got the two colors I was really interested in, so if I get any more then it will be if I catch them on sale.

I think tomorrow I'm going to swatch Laced Up, the red-coralish Sinful Colors matte. Same price as the other SCs. :p Then again, they're no strangers to matte finish. For Sunday/Monday I have an idea for some water marble with some added 3D art. If I can get the swirls to look the way I want them to. *fingers crossed* My August Nail Art Society packet finally shipped. According to the tracker it's supposed to be here tomorrow. I'm expecting Tuesday. Okay, time to get dressed and see about picking up a new tank filter. Hope everybody has a safe and fantastic weekend!! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Essence: Peaches +Water Marble

Hello you beautiful persons! How are we all feeling today? Good? Goooooooood. Would hate for Peaches to make a bad day worse. :p

Two coats, fast-ish dry time. Sheer, unflattering apricot color. Whipee! That suspicion is why I didn't pick this up full price during my massive essence trend edition haul(s). I knew from the bottle it would be up to no good. LOL

This particular color, if you couldn't tell from the bottle, was part of the Marble Mania trend edition. Which *a-HEM*:

trendy, twisted and totally hip: inspired by spectacular marble effects, essence presents the new trend edition “marble mania” in march and april 2012. lovers of marble coloring and extraordinary textures can look forward to multi-dimensional effects. mascara, eyeshadow or lipgloss – the marbling is sure to cause a stir! several colors merge into one for a unique swirly-marble look by essence – it’s spring-time!

Someone at essence hates the shift key. Anywho, I missed out on the red one, but I had to see if the three I did get would work for, ya know, water marble!

Silver Twister, Who Is Mr Brown and Peaches. My quick test last night showed promise:

Which surprised me, because water marble generally works better with slower drying polishes. I had to take my mom to Georgetown this morning so I wasn't really up to doing a full mani, but two fingers is enough to prove that, yes, these colors do work for water marble!

Even if it does remind me of one I already did. lol

All of this just made me want to do a water marble in colors I haven't used yet. :p Which... is another reason I really should go back one of these days and 'tag' my posts. It just seems so daunting. I'll come up with something. Unless y'all want to throw some ideas at me?

Guess I should get dressed. According to my mom it's a 4-day weekend (again) and a military payday weekend (again) so I think we're going to have to start trying to grab dinner early... *fingers crossed* Anybody else getting a 4-day weekend? Either way take care and be safe out there! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Orly: Halley's Comet vs Zoya: Charla

Ah, the gorgeous gorgeousness (which, surprisingly, isn't flagged as a typo) that is Orly Halley's Comet. Two coats.

I can't attest to dry time. I knew Charla is one of those slow-drying jellies so I just topcoated everything for consistency. Still, look how pretty!

Pretty. ^_^ lol

So Norma mentioned that word is Zoya Charla is supposed to be a dupe for Halley's Comet. Looking at the bottles they're obviously very close.

When I looked at them from the side, Charla (on the outside fingers) appeared slightly more green, but it didn't quite come out in the pictures.

The colors are very close. Very very close. I still want to say that Charla is just a teensy bit more green, but that could be because Charla is so much more sheer. Glad I did this over the french mani. If I were to pick sides I'd say color-wise, you probably don't need both. Unless you're a crazy person collector. ;) Formula-wise? Go for Halley's Comet. It is a tad sheer, but the shimmer disguises it better.

Egads... laptop is just cutting off left and right; took me three tries to get it turned on and working this morning. Frustrating, but as close as I am to the tablet I still feel like I'm so far away. I was talking to Dave last night and he made me promise not to spend my tablet money on anything else before he'd help me figure out if the new desktop pc I was looking at would be able to run Sims. lol So I did, and it should. I also told my mom (well ahead of time because I get my craziness from her) I'm looking for Walmart gift cards for my birthday and christmas. Things are going to come together. I think tomorrow I'm going to swatch Peach (with the water marble attempt I promised) and then Beauty Is A Battlefield! to see if this gorgeous satiny purple really is textured. So excited. Hope everyone is having a great week! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

French Mani w\ Essence: Cotton Candy & Natural White Tip Painter

Another mouthful. lol Let's start with two coats of Cotton Candy. Not as pink as I expected and the first coat was like nothing at all. I'm surprised it built up as well as it did for the second. Even if it does still look a bit streaky.

The tip painter was... okay. I love the color and it did kind of blend in like Le Blanc, but it didn't dry quickly. Which is kind of okay because that makes it easier to work with (I'll show you why in a sec), but I ended up having to topcoat after I got back inside.

The part that confused me was the brush...

Uhm... why did they opt for a striping brush? Go back and check out the perfect (in my opinion) french tipping brush Yves Rocher used. That's what I was expecting. I guess the striper would be okay if you had really short nails, but I had to do my bottom line and then fill in the whole rest of the tips with that skinny little thing. Minor complaint, I guess, considering the overall effect is really nice. My nails actually look somewhat normal. I'm going to have to pair this with Pink Glam. I actually wish I had something sheerish lined up to take advantage of this, but... I guess I'll use it as a base for the Halley's Comet v Charla comparison.

Oh, hey, so back when we were all discussing my dark, sunken under-eye area the question of hydration came up. I do drink water, but not the recommended 64oz/day so there was a bit of doubt in my own mind if I was properly hydrated. Well, the pressing question was answered today! HEB has a snazzy new health-monitor that measures all kinds of stuff. So I'm currently sitting at 174.6lbs. Not obscene, but not great. I know this. It hasn't gone up since my last weigh-in so I'm happy about that. However, my fat-to-lean ratio falls into the "at risk" range. ...okay, it's at the bottom of the "at risk" portion of the display. Working on that. My hydration on the other hand was +0.47 which was towards the top of the green "healthy" range! I don't know what +0.47 means exactly, but Aaron's was -1.03 and that was in the danger zone. He needs to drink more water.

Speaking of water, the fishies are doing fine. I think? They keep huddling up in the corner... The water is a little cloudy so we got some stuff to clear that up. Need to bring down the pH a little, too. :/ I think I'm going to have to delay morning feedings a bit. Catching them even 20 minutes after I turn the light on and they're still all sleepy acting and not eating all the food. Afternoons aren't a problem, but mornings? They wake up all slow just like I do. :p Once I get it sorted a little better I want to get an albino catfish to help clean up the leftover food bits at the bottom.

So... yeah. I think that's it. I'll be back tomorrow with Halley's Comet! Finally! :D Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! (^_^)"/"

Monday, August 26, 2013

Essence: Dive With Me To The Island & My Treasure Island

*runs sliding into the room* I'm here! I'm here. *pants* I'm here. lol I know it's late. 10:28pm CST as I'm starting. Going to try and be quick and not get distracted so I can post before midnight. Hopefully well before so I can start getting up earlier. AH! No rambling!

Yes, I'm a bad bad girl. Swatching polishes from hauls I haven't even posted yet. Sorry. lol The idea started when Norma sent me this link to an awesome neon gradient mani applied over white crackle! Hey! I have white crackle! :D I just did a neon gradient, though, so I tried to switch things up a bit. I started with one coat of China Glaze Elephant Walk, covered that over with Julep Hermoine and then two coats of each of the swatchy colors. With alternating accents to bring my two hands together. They were both a bit sheer, so wherever the color is lighter is the color it would be if I had just swatched normally over white like a normal person. :p

Ta-da! Yes, I got the three (available in the US, we missed out on #3 which was an orange) polishes from the Ticket To Paradise trend edition. Just in time, too, because HEB already dismantled the display and dropped the makeups in the random bowls they have around the Sun Kissed display. Weird!

Dive With Me To The Island is quite a mouthful, but also a very lovely turquoise-ish sky-ish blue. Two coats, perfect dry time in spite of the underlying layers.

I actually like how My Treasure Island looks over the crackle combo better. Because it's more sheer... which is probably the only time I'll say "I like it better because it's more sheer". :p Two coats, same amazing dry time.

I actually ended up with two hauls. The first I told you about but didn't have a picture yet.

Halley's Comet (YAY!), Dive With Me To The Ocean, Tropical Heat, and My Treasure Island. Obviously. lol The second one occurred today because I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to polish anymore.

Flirting Nails, Laced Up, Strapped, Leather Loose, ATTEN Hut! and Beauty Is A Battlefield!. I got the Sinful Colors because they're supposed to all be matte. Those are on sale 2/$3 so I may get the other two (or so?) that I didn't grab. The Wet n Wild are supposed to be textured. Those are $4/bottle, though, and I didn't find that out until I was in the car looking at my receipt so I will not be getting any more of those... Which is just as well. These were the best looking ones anyway. Now, Sinful Colors can be kind of wonky about matte and not-matte and re-bottling polishes and the store clerks can end up combining displays to save room, so I had to do a quick swatch to see if these were, in fact, matte before I go out getting any more.

Looks like all but Flirting Nails. I expected a matte sort of nude taupe kind of color? But it looks gold to me. The other three are a-okay so I'll likely get the rest. ;) I will also do some proper swatches of those for linking. Can't very well use that mess, eh? Tomorrow I'm going to swatch Cotton Candy (super sheer) and do a traditional french because... I picked up the Natural White french tipping polish from the essence display... I nearly got... what's it called? Flat White? But I figured I have regular white polish. I already know I don't like the brush as much as the Yves Rocher version, but you can hear all about that tomorrow. LOL

'Til then I hope everyone had a terrific weekend. You guys are the best!! I'll leave you with this picture of the (mostly) open road between Waxahachie and the I35 junction. The clouds were just too weird looking in real life, but I'm not sure it really translated. *shrugs* Have a great week! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Piggy Polish: Blue-Mmmm & Sally Hansen: Sage Smash

HULK SMASH! SMASH SMASH SMASH!!! o_O Sorry, stuck in my head. All of the fishes are doing great, getting along and still alive. Teensy bit surprised since I forgot to plug the heater back in last night. *whoops* So the tank got down to 74 by morning. Good thing I don't live someplace cold. Definitely going to invest in a better heater with a temperature control. Before winter...

I think I should tattoo on the back of my hand "Piggy Polish will be sheer and take forever to dry: are you sure you need this color?". :p

This is three (yes, three) coats of Blue-Mmmm over one coat of China Glaze Icicle. To combat the sheerness. I couldn't quite capture the purple sheen, though. It mostly made appearances indoors, in the dark. Stubborn sheen...

In spite of using some quick-dry drops and waiting hours before bed I still ended up with some sheet/hair marks. Topcoating over didn't help since you could still see it in the shimmer... crackle helps, though. Crackle always helps. Bring on one thickish coat of Sage Smash!

If you're thinking "This looks a lot like Jade-D... you're right. They are similar, but I'm going to have to compare them over black to see if they're actually the same color glitter or not.

Which I will. It's on my list. Directly under comparing Zoya Charla against Orly Halley's Comet! Which I picked up yesterday in the midst of my business. Hopefully it's more opaque than Charla. :/ I'll get a picture of the bottle tonight because I should be coming home with some essence. OMG We took his friend, Nathan, out to the PetSmart and PetCo in Temple (because any place is better than here and they did have some fish we hadn't seen before) and ended up going to the HEB in Belton. I guess the one thing Killeen does have going for it (here lately and for now, anyway) is stocking the essence trend edition displays. Going to be my first stop when we get there today...

Tomorrow I'm taking my dad back to Dallas. *sigh* Shortest. Week. Ever. Except for how busy it was. Longest shortest week ever. :p I do have something sort of ambitious in mind for tomorrow's mani (inspired by a link Norma sent to me) so I'm going to go ahead and get started on that now. On top of the moneymaking. Oy... Can't give up now. Hope everyone had a phenomenal weekend!! (^_^)"/"

Friday, August 23, 2013

Maybelline: Pretty In Polka +More Fishies

Today was definitely a busy day. Got up early and started getting ready (as opposed to sitting in bed playing video games until something happens lol), had to run out and grab stuff for the house and then we took my parents to the Asian Buffet for their anniversary. 36 years, if you can imagine. Good grief. I could not have put up with my mother for that long... :p

In the midst of my busy "let's get ready for today" morning I did have time to do my nails. I used one quick coat of Foil Me Once as an opaque base for Pretty In Polka. One coat, dried quick!

Since I was in such a hurry I tried to be as careful and meticulous as possible. This is exactly how everything looked after application. No clean-up. Not bad, eh? I mean... not perfect, but definitely wearable. lol

Absolutely loooooove black and white glitter! It makes my heart happy. ^_^

Got another email from Models Own. So soon? Yes, apparently. This time they're trying to kill us with glitter.

Glitter fireworks! Am I the only one who got instantly excited by the fireworks in the pictures? Stupid marketing schemes... :p

Had to run up to PetCo to get more algae wafers for his friend's pleco, while we were there we picked up some buddies for the neons to play with.

Black neons this time. I wanted the "glo-light" tetras (different from the blacklight responsive ones, glo-light look like regular neons except that their blue strip is bright orange), but they only had five of them and I would have wanted to get all five. These black ones are working out well, though.

They're going through phases of clumping with their own kind and mixing it up together. I'm having to keep an eye on the tank at the moment. It got up to 84 degrees so I unplugged the heater. Going to have to save up for one of those good ones with a temperature control dial on it.

Funny story. While we were at Asian Buffet I was, at first, a little agitated when they kept seating families (with little kids) right next to us. Ya know, because normally little kids make a lot of noise. Turns out today was different. All of the kids were really well behaved (I believe in giving credit when it's due), but the full-grown butthead behind us was another story. Talking loud enough to be heard from three tables away. About various real estate nonsense. Nonsense? Yeah, because even the people seated with him didn't care what he was talking about. I could hear them groan and give non-committal "uh-huh"s every so often. This guy... did not shut up the whole time. My parents knew I was agitated even before Aaron did. I kept staring at him (Aaron) trying to come up with a really good off-color joke I could tell at the same volume this guy was talking in to see if I could shut him up. Sadly my dad is a way better joke teller than I am and I just could not come up with one. So we just sat there, Aaron carrying on most of the conversation, me making faces at the guy (who was to my back) every now and then. All in all it was a fun time. Even the ride up was fun. My sister's been using my mom's van so we took my car. I let my dad drive so Aaron wouldn't be awkward in the back seat with him and I went on about how nice it was to be in the back seat being driven around and I should hire a chauffeur. :p As if I have that kind of money. lol

Doing a quick swatch-test. Tomorrow I'm going to pair Sage Smash with either Blue-Mmmm or Hello Summer!. Oh yeah, we didn't go to HEB today so I have to hope that the Ticket to Paradise polishes are still there tomorrow... *frets* For now I'm going to pop off Pretty In Polka and watch my new fishies for a bit. Gooz-frabba and all that. Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Essence: Miss Universe +Beaded Tips

Welp, just completed my first water change (1gallon out; 2gallons in to compensate for evaporation) in the new tank. *fingers crossed* that I didn't somehow manage to muck it all up. Moved the bubbling shipwreck to the back so it looks roomier. Assuming all remains well hopefully we'll get some new fishies tomorrow. Also, hopefully, I'll be able to pick up the polishes from essence's Ticket To Paradise collection! I wonder if HEB got a new cosmetics person because they've really been on the ball lately.

For today I have two coats of essence Miss Universe. Super quick dry time. It is still a teensy bit sheer, but the shimmer disguises that.

This is definitely more of an outdoor polish. Indoors (at least with my crummy lighting) it looks mostly black.

I did decide to go with just the tips for the caviar beads. It seemed easier and... well... it looks pretty darn cute.

I used my regular topcoat on my tips and just dunked my fingernails (one at a time) in the little tub. They seem to be sticking quite well. They went on a bit thick on my pinkie, but so did the topcoat. Made sure to only apply a thin coat after that one. ;)

I'm thinking Pretty In Polka for tomorrow. Zoe over at Writing Whimsy swatched it about a week ago so thankfully I know ahead of time that it is another sheer one. Will probably swatch it over white. With a glue base. ;) 'Til then I hope everyone is having a super awesome week! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fun Neon Sponging

So this didn't turn out exactly the way I imagined it. I wanted a circle rainbow going around each nail, but my triangle sponge didn't want to sponge a triangle... So I just did this:

Individual gradients working their way across my fingers. Sort of a wandering rainbow. I think my favorite combo is the blue and pink. Here are the colors I used:

LOL That looks like those basic prime color paints kids use in kindergarten. :p I've got Misa Pour Me Something Tall & Strong (the only one that needed two spongings), Misa Bikini With A Martini, and LA Colors Flicker. I was a bit saddened at first because my pre-cleanup mess was just depressing...

ACK! Cleanup and a topcoat really just brings it all together and makes everything super nice. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I did all this over a coat of white. :p

I do like it, even if it wasn't what I had in mind. Aaron said it looks like a bag of Skittles threw up on my fingers. lol

Tomorrow will be Miss Universe. I hope it's not quite as overcast as today because there are some pretty sparkles winking at me from this one. Plus whatever I end up deciding for the caviar beads. I'm thinking tips. Or... I don't know. lol It'll be a surprise. Or maybe not. I am crazy tired thanks to the soothing sounds of rain (coupled with the lower temperature and nice breeze) and my dad's home so I don't want to nap in the cat room (it's his smoking room when he's home and while he wouldn't mind if I took a nap in there... last time I tried I got sat on :p) so I'm trying to power through. As much as I wouldn't mind playing more Skyrim tonight (it's addictive) I think I'll turn in early. lol Hope everyone's having a great week so far. Almost at the end! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sally Hansen: Razzleberry

I am pleased to report that Razzleberry worked a lot better for me than Cherry Drop. lol No sheerness here!

Two coats, super quick dry time. Just what I was looking for. I really like this one. A lot brighter than I expected.


Now, a bit of sad news. :( We lost one of the tetras. He was a bit runty and not very strong to begin with, but it's still kind of sad. I don't know if he died during the night and got sucked into the filter, or if the suction was too strong and the filter killed him. According to my dad, though, back in the day he and my mom had a tank and they were constantly finding fish in the filter, so I don't feel as bad... The remaining four appear to be pretty strong and as long as things continue to go well then we'll likely pick up some more fishies on Friday. I was reading some forum online and you had all kinds of people saying "different kinds of tetras won't school together, they'll form separate schools", but that has never been my experience. *shrugs* Whatever. lol

I'm skipping the September Julep box. I was really excited about the oil facial cleanser, but... man... I'm not interested in the matte face primer (I just don't wear that much makeup!) and all of the color selections were 1-good 1-meh. Last October's crackle combo was freakin' awesome so hopefully they'll do something at least as good this year.

I have a fun, neon nail art idea I've been mulling over all summer and I want to do that tomorrow before summer gets away from me. :p Then Thursday I'm going to swatch Miss Universe and attempt something fun with the caviar beads. ^_^ Not sure if I'm going to go for an accent or attempt some caviar tips... we'll see. Could be both. o_O lol

Okay, going to get started since I know my white base is going to take longer than it should to dry. Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Take care and be safe out there. (^_^)"/"

Monday, August 19, 2013

Essence: Iced Strawberry Cream Vs. Sweet Or Nude?

Yep, this turned into another essence vs essence rumble. It didn't start out that way, but I got a little *ahem* distracted this morning and didn't paint my nails before we went out. Since I was just painting for pictures I figured why not get both hands involved. And then? Well, you'll see.

First up on Miss Lefty I have three (yes, three) coats of Iced Strawberry Cream.

Even with three coats, ISC dried really quickly. There's a bit of frostiness and a smattering of pink shimmer.

Secondly on Miss Righty I have three (again, three) coats of Sweet or Nude?.

Looking and behaving exactly like ISC. Wow...

I noticed the similarities in color as soon as I grabbed the bottles, so I had to swap a thumb and be sure.

:p Sweet or Nude? on my thumb there looks more opaque, but from the pictures above you can tell it's really not. Just my thumb ended up with a thicker coat. Coats. Three thicker coats. lol It's weird because at most angles in my room here they do look slightly different. Sweet or Nude? looks like it leans more tannish and Iced Strawberry Cream looks more pink-beige-ish... just not out in the sun, eh?

Speaking of essence, I got a nice little surprise at HEB. They updated their display. While most of the polishes are missing (possibly the old ones and they didn't restock) they do have the french tip bottles (I want to get one and test it against the Yves Rocher one I have.... holy crap, awful pics alert!) and quick dry drops, and also the multi-colored caviar beads that were sold out at Ulta!!

Yay!! I could have gotten the silver ones, but I have kinda greenish silvery ones from Nail Art Society I haven't used yet. :p I wanted the multi-color. They also have two pots of loose glitter. Black and... purple, I think. I have tons of loose glitter so I was happy to find these. So fun. I think tomorrow I'm going to give Razzleberry a whirl.

Hope everyone's having a great week so far! I'll see y'all tomorrow! (^_^)"/"