Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Essence: Black To The Roots

Hey y'all. Just a quick post today. It's... been a long day and I need a shower. So last night I showed my nails a little TLC so they're a bit shorter, but in my opinion that works better for the black anyway. Here's two coats of Black To The Roots. "The Rough"

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this one. It's not really "rough", not in the way that we know it could be, but I don't hold that against it. I like that it's matte, but the silver glitters seem like an afterthought?

I thought I'd like it more with shiny topcoat, but it just made the black look... milky? Like a murky dark grey.

*shrugs* I have to take my mom to Georgetown bright and early tomorrow so I'm going to use this as a base layer for something. "For what?" It's a surprise. :p It'll be purple. I hope it looks good. Then Friday I'll swatch Lily Bloom.

Okay, time to power down and take that shower. Hope everyone's having a great week! *HUGS*

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

3D Glue Mani Fail

I had this idea in my head. It was a grand idea which, looking back, should have been my first clue that I was way off base. lol My idea, so you know, was to have a forest glen with a river accent nail. Not just any river. I was going to use the glue to build 3D banks for the river, making the actual water look recessed. Would have been cool, right? Well....

..... -_- Let's ignore my godawful trees for a second. (Interesting note: chrome didn't flag "godawful" as a typo) Let's take a look at my sad riverbanks.

So... I think glue has changed since I was a kid. lol I distinctly remember making glue dots and having them dry into little glue bumps. This stuff just flattened itself right out. Which, yeah, in theory is good. If you're using it for its intended purpose. However, for my purpose I've got four super thick layers of glue around my river and you can't even tell I did anything! Verdict? Fail. It does give me hope as far as using it for a basecoat for glitter, though. I was worried it would look lumpy and like I had glue on my nails, but apparently that's not a concern with the new fangled glue kids are using these days. How are they supposed to learn creative problem solving if they're not fighting with something as simple as glue?! ;) I did manage to pick up that bronze, though!

Pretty. :) No face yet. I woke up at 3am so I'm sleepy already. I fall asleep with makeup on enough without doing it on purpose. lol Also... I had to make a difficult decision this morning. *sigh* I've been trying for years to get Aaron to do Rocky Horror with me for Halloween and he's finally wanting to do it. His biggest gripe has always been Frank's shoes. Frank's shoes, Frank's shoes, Frank's shoes. So when he took it upon himself to find a men's to women's shoe size converter and actually track down the shoes he needs in his size on amazon and they only had three pairs left... I told him to get them. I've waited too long to let something as stupid as a $40 pair of shoes get in my way. So I've been taken back from my goal a bit, but it should be easy enough to make up with real life money. That's my new plan. Brak's heading back to California soon so I shouldn't be randomly clothes shopping again (I'm so weak lol) so everything extra is going to the tablet.

So, let's see, I think tomorrow I'm going to get Black To The Roots out of the way. In the meantime I guess it's back to Swagbucks. Got some spending to make up for. :/ Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Essence: Grunge Me Tender +Old School

Hey look! Back up to 56! (^_^)"/" lol I really outta take some time and update my Tumblr. Anyway, today I have three coats of an absolutely gorgeous, bright pastel, matte, ever so smoothly textured bit of green goodness. Grunge Me Tender. Oh yes, please do.

Oh! *swoons* This is three coats. It wasn't really streaky, just that I had some bad ridges after two. Dry time was great, though, as you would (should?) expect from a matte. Easy enough to get thinner coats as well. :)

Even though my camera decided to smoke some crack and my fingers look all red, this one showed off the slight shimmer and sort-of texture the best. Like I said before, it's barely there. Like really old leather. Tomorrow I'll be back with (hopefully) some of the most unusual nail art ever. *fingers crossed* Never tried anything like it so we'll see if I can pull it off. ;)

Now! I was invited by the wonderful Cristy S to do this tag thing, so I figured why not? ^_^

Five Things I Have A Passion For:

Animals, nail polish, math, nature & video games

Five Things I'd Like To Learn Before I Die:

How to speak German (I know some, aber nie genug), how to set personal boundaries, why people are obsessed with train-wreck-reality-tv, how to do my hair so it looks good ALL the time, and how to get people to keep their promises

Five Things I Say A Lot:

"Dang", "It's not rocket surgery", "What", "I Wish", "Miss you"

Five Books/Magazines I Have Read Recently:

Joyland, Far Dark Fields, The Widow, A Few Corrections, Miss Peregrine's Home For Unusual Children

Five Favorite Movies:

Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jesus Christ Superstar, Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, Zombieland, Murder By Death

Five Places I Would Like To Travel:

Germany, Japan, Canada, England, Egypt

Five People I Invite:

Uhm... I dunno if anybody would, so if you want to go ahead! It's fun sharing and getting to know things about e-friends. ^_^

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Essence: Be Flowerful +Dots

Guess what we got today? Clouds! And.... mosquitoes.... The clouds were nice, even if they did make picture taking a tad more difficult. If you're looking for color accuracy, all I can say is that it's not pink and not orange. The color you see that's neither pink nor orange; that's the one. Be Flowerful is kind of a peachy coral. This is two coats, no topcoat.

The formula was really nice and smooth, but the brush seemed a little stiff. Also I have a slight bit of VNL. I did kind of fall in love with this color. Nice and simple after last week's craziness.

Not too bad considering I laid down (lay down? lied down? whatever) the first time a mere hour after painting. Then... I decided it was perhaps a little too simple and added some simple dots with Lily Bloom. Since it was handy.

I'm a little proud of myself. They may not be 100% symmetrical, but closer than I've gotten. Also, I didn't let my dipping-glob dry so I didn't end up with stringies hanging all over the place! ^_^

Since Jasmine put it in my head that I should have used some 3D charms as my last layer, I had to reach into my tray of bows...

The bow is more orange than peach, but that's the closest I have. Also, I forgot that when I used the black ones I knocked them off my laptop before getting them back in the tray... :( Hopefully I'll find them eventually. Such a spazz...

I did remember to pick up a concealer brush (and a brow-brush with eyelash comb) while at HEB today. I also tried to pick up a gorgeous shimmery bronze eyeshadow since HEB has them on clearance for 99cents, but... the cashier didn't put it in the bag! Or ring it up so at least I didn't pay for something I didn't get, but I really really wanted it! Shimmery bronze looks good on everybody, especially in the summer. I miss it and I'm going to have to try again tomorrow. Hopefully there is one more that someone didn't stick their fingers in, but if not I'll just have to grab that one and wipe it off. :p

I'm going to skip the full swatch of Lily Bloom for the moment and move on to 03 Grunge Me Tender. Norma helped me come up with an interesting 3D art idea I want to see if I can pull off and I think Grunge Me Tender would make a great base for it. *teehee* So tomorrow Grunge Me Tender, Tuesday is arts. Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend! I'll leave you with a pic of my phone and the super cute My Little Pony widget my friend Holly pointed me to. ;)

Kawaii! ^_^ See y'all tomorrow!

Recurring "Temple" Dream

I know I've dreamed this before (the big parts, anyway), though I can't say how often. Four or five times? Spread out over several years. Since I just woke up thanks to my throbbing chest and dry mouth after three hours, why don't I go ahead and share?

I don't know where I am, just that I am near a huge, ancient, unearthed temple in the middle of some desert. Trouble brews, but I don't feel it yet. I'm nobody special. I'm just a girl. A tourist or student. A small group of us is scattered within a football field sized building of some sort. It's monstrous from our perspective, but there are only four pillars (one at each corner) holding up the massive (rectangle-dome shaped) roof. There are stairs fully down each side leading towards something in the center. The actual temple is to my right (a building bigger than anything I had seen, towering at least 30-stories, the base a square of about four football fields), so this smaller building looks tiny compared to everything around it. It feels like an entrance to the larger temple; it isn't. Where we stand (at the top of the stairs) there are stone tables at each corner. Each one is different, but they are not important yet.

Suddenly a panicky undercurrent blows through the structure. Something is about to happen. Stone walls raise around us leaving only openings at the corners. There is a low hum/buzz outside and I think I hear screams. My heart beats faster. Through the openings I can see the sand being whipped into a frenzy all around us. A group of people, of survivors, rush into the opening closest to us. It's the bottom right from my perspective. We try to gather them in close as another group rushes in from the opening to my left, than another group from the one next to that. We wait for the final group to rush in through the last opening, but there is a problem. The sand rages so fiercely that you know it could easily rip the skin and muscle clean off your bones. There's something else. The structure is packed full (rather, the top ledge and first few rows of stairs, no one dares venture lower because the smaller structure at the bottom has started moving and changing), but I can easily see through the opening directly across from me. There are dark shapes of survivors trying to push their way through the sand, but there is something else. A larger, far darker figure floating menacingly above them. It's arms raised, a staff of some kind in it's left hand. Suddenly the people around me all but disappear into each other and I know there are other (similar yet wildly different) figures floating at the other entrances as well. I hold my breath and watch as more people finally manage to make their way in.

Then it gets really intense. There are four of us working purposefully through the crowd. Even though the place is packed full we are easily able to run to our respective stations. There is an instinct. I don't know if someone instructs us, it feels like they do. Only where to go, though, not what to do. The structure in the center has fully opened and it is now obviously some sort of contraption. Or signal. The stone tables are puzzles to close the contraption and end whatever is happening. We, the four of us, need to solve the puzzles; but we don't know how! Except that we do. I don't know what the other puzzles are, I have only ever really seen mine. The one at the bottom-right corner.... Actually, to say I've seen it isn't entirely accurate. My table has a cylinder about the size of a coffee can with a hole in the bottom, the actual puzzle hidden within. I can sort of see it in my mind, but it's mostly touch. Without thinking I reach my hand in and before I realize that much my puzzle is solved. So is the one to my left, and very nearly the one next to him. He (the one to my left) rushes to the girl next to him and I look ahead and see the guy struggle. Not as much with the puzzle, but with the sandstorm. I run over and help tether him to the table so he can complete his puzzle.

All at once the storm stops, the figures disappear and the inner contraption is closing back up. Quickly and smoothly. There is much relief, but no one pays us any heed (nor even says "thank you") as they search for their loved ones and head back to wherever they came from. I feel like days pass without incident until I am approached by a guy. The first one to acknowledge me since the incident. He wants to have dinner and I get a little happy thinking it's a date. It is not. The other three are there as well and he begins walking towards the structure. We follow. Then, inexplicably, he breaks into a run. Though we were all "star-athletes" before, we struggle to keep up. This time when we reach the structure there are small banquet tables lining the 'top' ledge. This mystery guy is sitting at one of the tables and... I see nothing in his face to indicate what is about to happen, even the fact that he kind of knew.

I think he has something to do with the feeling that someone is telling us where to go. As soon as the four of us are back under the dome-roof the sand starts to stir and the contraption begins rumbling. This time the stone walls don't raise to protect us. This time I clearly remember him pulling out a bag with our pieces of the puzzles. There is no immediate danger... except that there is. Not because the outside situation is dire, but because this time we can't fix it. We recognize this almost instantly. My attention is immediately drawn to the other girl. There's something wrong with her. Her missing piece is some kind of gem. I hear/see a word ring in my head: "Steel Diamond". What she is holding looks like nothing more than plastic and she has an emptiness looking at it. Our pieces have a barely perceptible glow, hers does not. Even though we can all feel that this isn't going to work now, we have to try. The situation outside is escalating and we want to deal with it before it gets worse. The walls still have not risen so the structure would offer no protection if survivors come. We jog to our corners, knowing the whole way the effort is wasted. Because something happened to that other girl, something I don't know, and something important is now missing from the bigger puzzle. When I reach my table, my puzzle immediately feels wrong. Fake. Like that girls Steel Diamond turned plastic. Still the storm begins raging so I reach my hand in and my heart sinks. The puzzle is not the puzzle. It's different and... wrong. Fake. I look up and the other corners, the guys, have run into the same problem. The girl is just staring at her puzzle with the gem shaped plastic hunk in her hand crying. I look down and notice the contraption is nearly fully opened. I look up to embrace whatever is going to demolish us with as much dignity as I can muster (though my heart is very heavy, sad) and

I wake up. I don't think I always wake up at this point. I don't know that I always go back to the structure. Sometimes I know some of the people who seek shelter, sometimes I interact with strangers and help to organize the mob. The temple, structure, storm, floating figures and puzzles are always the same. I have no idea if the corners are globally directionally appropriate, or just appropriate in relation to me. The other three people are always the same (or very very similar) and we always go to the same puzzle. The puzzle itself is the same. The puzzles, all four of them, are the same. And I always wake up with my heart trying to massively thud it's way out of my chest, feeling dehydrated and on the verge that something really bad is happening, or going to happen. It's easy enough to lay there, calm down and shake it off; I've worked hard for that. The images and familiarity linger a bit longer. Now I'm going to try to lay back down and sleep another few hours. Just felt the need to share.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

7-Layer Polish: Day 7

Ah, we're finally here. I can't say I'm looking forward to taking all of this off, but I am ready to start on the Floral Grunge polishes! I know Jasmine was hoping for something to shock the socks off of everybody, but... I'm afraid this final layer will come as a shock to nobody. My final offering in this week's polish insanity? China Glaze Glam-More.

I very nearly reached for the white crackle so I could layer another neon over that. I also very nearly went for a subdued cream crackle. No... no... I've been jonesing for some glitter crackle and with a paltry handful to choose from, Glam-More it had to be. I chose the absolute most crisp close-up and if you look very closely you can still see the glitters from Whirled Away and Glitz 'N Pieces peaking through the cracks.

All in all it's been a lot of fun, and kind of a relief to not have to remove my polish every night. (I know I don't have to, but you know how that is) It's weird seeing a bit of nail growth there. lol It wasn't until yesterday that I started having any kind of issues, but here's what happened to my thumb yesterday evening shortly after applying Glam-More:

Also, apparently, I broke it at some point. o_O? I assume. The most interesting thing is that seven layers of polish (plus a combined four layers of base/topcoat) don't really look or feel that thick on my nails. I've had other polishes feel thicker after three. Isn't that bizarre? I want to try and do a crackle layer, if I can manage to get a thin enough coat on the first crackle to get the spider-cracks. That seems like it would look really cool. ....before I start thinking about that I should probably go ahead and do a little round-up of this one, huh? lol

Essence Silver Twister, CHI Lust In The Dusk, China Glaze Whirled Away, China Glaze Glitz 'N Pieces, Misa Pour Me Something Tall & Strong, China Glaze Paper Chasing and China Glaze Glam-More. Ta-da! Yep, over 50% China Glaze. Unintentional. I did put together this (hopefully) fun little slideshow to commemorate this momentous occasion. :)

Ah... fun. I think tomorrow I'm going to start with #01 Be Flowerful. "The Shine". lol Oooh! I wonder if it will make me psychic! Or, more psychic. ;) I do have my moments. Can't say I "shine", though. Anyway, time to grab dinner. Hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend! :D

Friday, July 26, 2013

7-Layer Polish: Day 6

Nearing the end! I could have added an extra day, but somehow I don't think this is the last time I'll be doing something like this. I do feel a little bad because I was hoping to retain the premise that each look is dependent on the previous layers. This one... feels like I could have skipped #5 and gotten the same look. :( For that reason I very nearly used Flicker (yes, I know, still no pics; Flicker is a neon yellow), but... the shimmer in Paper Chasing (hey, that one has pics! lol) won me over.

Told ya this one was super sheer, didn't I? LOL

The shimmer, though, adds another layer of depth. And I guess the one coat is streaky enough that some of the blue does peek through.

I'm glad I'm nearing the end, though. All of these layers are making the polish look a bit janky. Especially my right thumb. You'll get to see how bad that is tomorrow. lol

So, yes, I had more pictures, but none of them were really good. Stupid sun was too bright and my indoor pics didn't have enough light. Hopefully this one I have will suffice for now. I used the Cover Girl + Olay Eye Rehab 2-in-1 on just my right eye (the left one in the picture) and you can see it actually did make a pretty significant difference. Without being too bright in that obvious "you're covering something up there, ain't ya?" look.

Totally forgot to pick up a fresh concealer brush (I use one for polish cleanup and the other for eyeliner lol), so this is with just my fingers. Like I said yesterday, a little goes a long way! I haven't fully depressed it so I don't know what fraction of a full pump I used, but I get a dollop about the size of a baby pea. Or, half the size of a normal pea. It doesn't feel sticky or oily, just nice and creamy. I'm going to try to remember to use it every day to see if the Olay addition has any appreciable benefits. I used to use the Cover Girl pressed powder with Noxema in it and that, I'm convinced, did help me not break out as a teen. Also, I liked the smell. Now I'm all old and I've upgraded to Olay for wrinkles and dark spots... *sigh* lol

Don't miss the last layer tomorrow! If you've been following along you can probably guess what it's going to be, but the color will be a surprise! ^_^ I think I'm going to take a nap... Y'all have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

7-Layer Polish: Day 5

*pant~gasp~dies*.... You know that part of summer where every day is triple-digit heat and even at night it doesn't cool off? No? Well, it sucks. lol I couldn't sleep at all last night and got about four hours when I got back from dropping my mom off this morning. So, yeah, I'm tired and I didn't get the pic of my dress, but I do finally have some color in this crazy layering experiment! Layer #5: Misa's Pour Me Something Tall & Strong.... which you won't be able to see on it's own for another three days or so... Ah, but the blog will be here in the future and in the future: there will be robots images.

Now things are getting interesting! LOL I think this would probably look tons better with topcoat, but as it is I'm going to have a crapton of polish to remove when this is over. ;) I love how it looks like there is so much depth. Like... did you ever make something with resin? My mom made a teapot plate with seashells suspended in clear-blue resin and this reminds me of that. Even the part where some of the less even glitters/seashells poke out through the blue just a bit. Interesting note: Some of the bar glitters are either peeling up, or causing the polish over them to peel up. I keep having stringy little tendrils I have to pick off. Don't recall that happening before....

Hehehe Fun. ^_^ I'm doing a little last-minute experimentation because I kind of changed my mind about the next two layers. Trust me, it will be much better than what I was going to do.

So I just tried (yes, just now when I went to the bathroom) the Cover Girl + Olay concealer and so far I like it. The 'negative' review was right about one thing: a little bit goes a long way. lol That's good, though, considering how freakin' expensive it is. I've never used a liquid concealer before, though, so it's all a learning experience. I like how it feels. On way or another I'm going to wake up early tomorrow so I can get pics and do a more in-depth review. Perhaps I'll do another face (y'all are gonna get so sick of seeing me lol) where I'm not so tired looking.

OH! OH!! I nearly forgot!! *slaps self* Check this out! Very top row. o_O Did I totally miss the press release on China Glaze putting out 'feather' polishes?! I admit, I was already thinking, "Perhaps it wouldn't be the worst thing if I put off the tablet just a bit longer...." I'm so bad. lol $27 +shipping isn't that much, right? That would be... $37.55. *sigh* I'll see how next week goes. If I can manage to not spend my weekly $40 I'll put it in my checking account and transfer to paypal so I don't touch my internet monies. If I can't do that... then I'll just have to wait longer. As it is I'm hoping like mad I can make enough for at least a $50 Sephora haul for my birthday.

And I just found out about a new Stuff Pack and a new Expansion Pack coming out for Sims. All of this on top of impending Halloween... I'm gonna have to start whorin' myself out soon.... :p Kidding, of course. Mostly... lol ;) Hope everyone's week is going well. Weekend is almost here! :D

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7-Layer Polish: Day 4

ACK! I hit my bandwidth limit on my main account! o_O I'm so popular. LOL So, sadly, most archives will be picture-borked until the 28th. I think I'm going to have to dig out the piece of paper with my 3rd photobucket account information (don't judge me.... hehehe) and alternate every 10 days. Ah, what a super sweet problem to have. Hopefully 30GB combined per month will be enough to foster all the love!

So. Layer #4. This is turning into serious business. Today's layer isn't far removed from yesterday, but at least it's bling-tastic!

China Glaze Glitz N Pieces. I know, I know, not terribly different but I assure you it will start coming together. lol

Tomorrow I'm adding color! YAY!! hehehe

Okay, so Brak and I went to Ross this morning. I picked up a dress for my Magenta costume (we're doing RHPS this year!) and I did put on makeups. I didn't sweat like I thought I would, but OMG how tired do I look?!

I didn't even wear my contacts my eyes were so sleepy. I did something a little different today. Instead of the tinted moisturizer and matte powder I just used... *digs through box* Wet n Wild "COVERALL" pressed powder. It's more full-coverage, but I noticed a ton of dry patches. So I think the moisturizer was a good idea. I used the lavender lip gloss, which worked out better than the green. Same Be Flowerful blush which may have been a bit much with my tired-face. Same 'All Eyes On Me' mascara. For my eyeshadow...

I used the darker 'Eye Like Grunge' quatro. I used the olive green/gold on my lids, the off-white under my brow and the charcoal grey as liner. I did have the purple as under-eyeliner, but... that looked really bad. lol Like I had been crying.

Mini-story! Before heading to Ross I went by Walgreens. Norma recommended the Cover Girl + Olay Eye Rehab 2-in-1 and I wanted to check it out. It was $12. Is $12. lol I had some redeemable points on my card and this week they have a "buy $10 of Cover Girl and get 3000points" so technically I only paid $4. Which is much much better.

Yay! The review she linked to me said it absorbs super quick and doesn't leave much pigment after, which is okay. Just means I can use it daily whether I wear other makeup or not without looking busted. ^_^

Okay, I think that's it for today. Going to keep the Julep blotters in my purse so I'll have them handy when the opportunity arises. Will try to get a picture of the dress I chose as the base for Magenta. It's not quite as good as the dress I used to have, but in some ways it's almost better. ;) You'll see. Hope everyone is having a terrific week!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7-Layer Polish: Day 3 +Grungeface

Hello everybody! (wish you could hear the way I said that in my head, think Robin Williams' "good morning, Vietnam") So... I feel a little bad because today's layer closely emulates a combo I've already done in the past. Please please please keep in mind this is a week long venture and it will get better! Layer #3 is China Glaze Whirled Away.

Using Whirled Away today was actually an executive decision on my part. I have another glitter slated for tomorrow and this one is a base for that one. Give it a little something extra before adding the color wash over the whole shebang. Not to... ya know... give too much away at once... :p

Okay, so it turns out I suck even more at makeups pictures than I do at putting it on. :p So my pics aren't that great, but I can tell you what I did. ^_^ lol

I used an old (so old the brand rubbed off) concealer for under my eyes and an e.l.f. tinted moisturizer before doing my eyes in Eye Like Flowers. Used the green on my lids, coral in the crease and white under my brows. Since grunge was all about the black eyeliner pencil I turned to Models Own for that (no smudging, you want a solid line lol) and added a touch of the green shadow underneath. Uhm, essence mascara (All Eyes On Me), the Be Flowerful blush (can you tell? I can't), essence matte finishing powder (because as any grunge teen knows: shiny = oily = GROSS) and the greenish lip gloss.

*ugh* Need to get my tweezers outside while the sun is still up, apparently. Also... I noticed two things with the lipgloss. 1- The formula was okay, but my lips are fairly dark so it washed out a lot of the green making it look almost white and 2- I am in serious need of some lip exfoliation. That's why I didn't do a close-up on that. Seriously, for real, gross. I don't think I ended up sharing the shirt I got from Old Navy so I got a pic of that while I was lookin' all pretty.

I hate my camera because it totally color-fucked (sorry, screwed?) what would have been the best pic out of the 30 or so I took.

And it's really hard to get closed-eye pics, especially now that I'm all old and wrinkly.

So, dearest friends and readers, my question is this: Does anybody have a suggestion for dealing with my... *ahem* seriously dark, sunken in under eye area? I should probably get a concealer brush to deal with the darkness better, but the whole area looks like I just got over two black eyes. It's not baggy or puffy, just wrinkly and... sunken looking. o_O It makes my cheeks look fat. :p

Tomorrow Brak and I are headed to Ross so what I'm going to try to do is get another face with the other colors; I've got the Julep blotting papers in my purse and I'm going to tryyyyy to remember before and after pics. Oh crap, I need to remember to spray out her cat carriers after I post this up. I'm awful. lol Hope everyone's having a terrific week so far!! (^_^)"/"

(p.s. I thought I had blocked all the stupidity and annoying baby shit from my facebook feed and get slammed in the face with how dilated my cousin's cervix is. On what planet is that appropriate for public announcement? They're called "private" parts for a reason! A person trying to force it's way out is no excuse for it to be otherwise. *ugh*)

Monday, July 22, 2013

7-Layer Polish: Day 2 +Essence Haul Pt 2

Yep, you read that right. ;) Starting with Layer #2. I thought for sure I was going to go green here, but I did some playing around and testing and that will come later. Instead I added a single coat of CHI Lust In The Dusk. A sheerish polish that has a streakiness that works for once.

It's a bit harder to see than I had hoped, but in the close-up you can kinda tell. The streakiness (more than the sheerness) allowed some of the silver shimmer to shine through in... streaks.... :p

I know it's not terribly exciting just yet. Stick with me! Tomorrow I'm starting with some glitters and then it's really going to get wild. I promise!

So.... yes. Minus a couple of polishes the essence display was still untouched (I'm tellin' ya, they freakin' hid it!) and so in the interest of pushing the brand's popularity (and, I admit, I'm in love with the whole Floral Grunge theme) I grabbed some more makeups:

The two lip glosses, the blush and the darker eyeshadow. All I'm missing is the temporary tattoos, stick-on eyeliner and a studded headband. *swoosh* If HEB could keep up with the displays and do them one-at-a-time on time I could clean them all out like this. ^_^ Let's start with the lighter lipglosses, because the darker ones I found much more interesting.

This set is called Kissing Me Softly; it has a glitter, a peach and a coral.

Sorry that's out of focus. The other one is called Grungy Kisses Rock!. Yes, with the exclamation point.

Guess which one I'm going to actually wear first? hehehehe This one has a darker coral, lavendar and minty green!

I've had fancy colored lipsticks and glosses turn pink/red when it hits the skin. So glad these keep their color!!

(omg they just had a commercial on tv for MySpace! ROFLMAO!!)

The darker eyeshadow quatro is called Eye Like Grunge and (haha) looks exactly like the colors I used to wear in my grunge days. :)

I also picked up the blush, called Be Flowerful.

I couldn't see it in the first pics I took, so here it is to the right of Better Way To Sky.

*phew* Lots of makeup. Guess I should start wearing some. Regularly, I mean. lol I'm going to put a face-look together for tomorrow so you can start seeing these in action. I'm trying to find the right time to approach my mom about trying out the hair dye powder. ;) I know she'd wear it no problem, but I don't want it getting on her clothes or anything. Oh! You're probably done paying attention by now, but after my couple days of green smoothies (and absolutely nothing else because I'm lazy) I dropped almost 3lbs. :D I picked up an "acaiberry weekend cleanse" thingy while I was at HEB. Hopefully it will do a better job for me than I can do on my own. LOL Hope everyone's week is off to a fantastic start! Y'all take care. :D

Sunday, July 21, 2013

7-Layer Polish: Day 1 +Essence Pre-Swatch

Yep, couldn't help myself. Black To The Roots isn't technically texture, so I went ahead and started my layering experiment as planned. I do have my pre-swatches, but I'm getting ahead of myself again! Let's start over.

Hi! ^_^ Today is the first day of my 7 Day Layering Experiment (referred to as 7-Layer Polish for the post titles). I thought for sure I was going to start with green, but then I realized I can easily turn it green later. I wanted something nice and opaque for my first layer, so I started with one coat of Silver Twister.

Ta-da! Layer #1. Silver. lol Exciting, I know. ;)

So I wanted to see the new essences and find out if the black one was textured or not. While I was at it I went ahead and did the rest of them. No worries, I'll be doing proper swatches next week.

Left to right: Be Flowerful is a shiny cream, Lily Bloom is a pearlized white (nearly frosty, but not quite), Grunge Me Tender is a slightly shimmery and barely textured (think really old leather) matte, Madly Purpled is a smooth matte, and Black To The Roots is also matte with some silver sparkles that make it sorta rough, but not in a "texture polish" kind of way.

I very nearly started my layering with Lily Bloom, but I would have needed a white base and I thought starting with white would be cheating. lol

Wanna see something fascinating and kind of gross? Too bad! I was digging around blind in my "misc" drawer for tomorrow's layer and stumbled upon this exceptionally separated bottle of sadness:

LOL My White Knight has seen better days. Fear not! A couple minutes of shaking and it was back to normal. All of these CHI polishes separate like crazy. My White Knight is not tomorrow's layer, I just seriously had to share that. It's like a lava lamp about 5 minutes after you plug it in and it's barely starting to do something, but not really. :p

So... uhm... yeah. Tomorrow. I... got nothing else. lol Hope everyone had a great weekend!