Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yellow For Communication & June Challenge Day 19

I'm sure Jasmine will roll her eyes, but today's mani is inspired by the energy of colors. Sort of continuing on with an idea I had back when I first wore Piggy Polish Poet-Tree and added runes. See, in Wicca we believe that everything vibrates with it's own energy and it's this energy that's utilized in spellwork. I know it probably sounds like I'm trying to make "magick" nail polish, but I'm not really. Just trying to consciously carry a particular energy around with me. I've been having an increasingly difficult time catching my chat-buddy online (no, I'm not being avoided on purpose, of that I am sure) and Wednesdays correspond to communication work. First, the colors.

I chose Solar Power because yellow is the primary color for communication. You know I can't just wear yellow polish (it rubs me the wrong way), fortunately gray is a good color for neutralizing negative forces. So (yes, theoretically) gray would help negate whatever is getting in the way. Hence Cracked Concrete.

The crackle itself is (can be) symbolic as well. With the communication "breaking through" the negative influences. Get it? I was hoping to do some spellwork to go along with this, but it was a busy day already (the "kids" were great, btw. Totally well-behaved and absorbed in their tablets. lol) and it doesn't look like Aaron's going anywhere. He doesn't try to overbear this part of my life, but it's far easier to work when I'm alone in the house. Anyway, this is where I was pretty proud of myself mundanely because back in August I said Cracked Concrete would probably look pretty sweet over yellow.

I do like the contrast, but of course it's yellow so it did wear on me after a few hours. I like yellow (and I like neon yellow polish) just not on me. Probably something to do with skin undertones, but I just don't have the eye for that sort of thing. I know it sounds like tooting my own horn, but I do like this idea. I'm sure some "purists" would balk at wearing nail polish during spell work (because it's unnatural; some believe you shouldn't even wear clothes let alone makeup and jewelry), but I think especially Zoya would work well since they have a vegan-friendly formula. And I'm not much of a purist myself, anyways. ;) I like to experiment. I figure bottles of polish could be cleansed and consecrated same as any other tool. I don't know that I have any fellow Wiccans following along, but I'm still interested in your thoughts on this, if you have any. Even if you think I'm just being silly, as I'm sure Jasmine does. ;)

Today's prompt:
Disrespecting your parents

lol If you've followed along this past month and a half you know both of my parents were in the army; they're also both hippy-ish. We had some strict rules as far as manners and safety, but we also had a very open dialogue and the ability to disagree. We could have (non-essential) household rules modified or suspended if we presented a clear and logical argument. My parents were big on instilling the ability to think for ourselves and providing a safe and fair childhood. My Tuesday bedtime was later than the rest of the week so I could watch Star Trek because my homework and chores were always done but I had to sit quietly and make sure I was in bed on time every other night without argument. A fair compromise. I was allowed to dye my hair when I was 14 if it was temporary color and not distracting (ie: "natural" colors, as per school dress code). My mom was a master at choosing her battles.

My parents never tried to be our friends. They were our parents and we never had any delusions to the contrary. Firm but fair. Which means I genuinely respect them as an adult. Not out of fear or love (though I do love them both, dearly), but because they're respectable people who treat(ed) us with respect. There is one thing, though, that I know comes off as disrespect, but it's really an inside joke. Whenever my mom asks me to do something I say "no". I do what she wants because she's my mom, but I say "no". Sometimes with great flair and exasperation. She laughs and gets her way. When my dad's home she gets particularly pushy (which is a whole other crazy story) with a whole list of demands. I'll make a big show of throwing my hands in the air and huffing and puffing and slumping off all heavy-footed and my dad will chime in with "don't forget to polish the silver, beat the carpets, tend the fields and finish those pyramids if you have time" at which point I fall on the floor dead and everybody laughs. This is usually an at-home showing, but one time I accidentally said "*ugh* No!" and rolled my eyes in front of one of her church friends (before promptly leaving to grab whatever it was she wanted) and her friend was appalled, to say the least. My mom laughed and explained the joke and how we've always butted heads and fought with each other. I've always done what I'm told because I'm the responsible one and it's that essence of the act that matters. I couldn't imagine outright disrespecting my parents. Ever. And the way I was raised made it essentially unnecessary. When you're allowed to plead your case (without whining or throwing a tantrum) you know that the "firm" rules are there for a reason.

Tomorrow's prompt:
How important you think education is

That should be a fun one. Since my untrieds list is winding down I think I'm going to swatch Spinning Out of Control. I've been hanging on to that one way too long and... it's time. Can't get hung-up on whys or names or I could potentially have it untried forever. It looks gorgeous in the bottle and I have a feeling it will look amazing matte-ed. We'll see! Probably jungle-mowing tomorrow, but I'll take my camera in case we're there past noon. I did put new batteries in! Should be able to get some good pictures. lol Hope everyone's having a great week! :D


  1. Hahahaha, it is a pretty manicure and that I can always appreciate :)

    I am lagging behind on the challenges these couple of days, no motivation, I just want to nap
    But um your parents seem very cool, you wrote about them before in another challenge post and I just get the impression that they are those really good parents you see in movies and stuff :)

    1. I'm glad my superstitious ramblings get in the way of the polish. ;) Yeah, I think I got very lucky.

  2. That's nice. Haven't wore my crakle polishes for a while :)

    1. It is fun to pull it out from time to time. ;)


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