Friday, June 28, 2013

Sinful Colors: Eva So Bright & June Challenge: Day 28

Oh goodness goodness goodness. lol Been quite the long day so far. Took my mom for a new tire, came back with two. Didn't have any problems; the fine folks at Discount Tire were as friendly as ever. I also had this loveliness to look at while we (yes, I made my mom go with me since it's her van hehe) waited:

Sinful Colors Eva So Bright. A very bright... kind of coral... it's a cream, but it's kind of sheerish. I probably could have gone with three coats for opacity, but I decided to layer one coat over French White Creme to bring out the brightness.

This is with topcoat; I had sleep marks. Not sure if it's the polish or the white... I seem to be having issues with it. First coat dries like lightning then the second... just sorta sits there for a while. *shrugs* I've still got a few more sheers to go through for testing. Overall, I really do like Eva So Bright. It is bright! A fun summer color. Should have compared it to Thimbleberry, they kinda look similar. Only a few more untried then I can start looking into some regular comparisons. Hopefully. lol I'll try. ;)

I may have to send a thing to OpinionOutpost. Got the survey for the product test and I completed it, but I don't think I got credit? :( Somewhere between the site, my browser and my connection the credit page(s) didn't want to load. *sigh* Always something. Got to play a fair amount of State of Decay this morning, though, that was great. Except they patched it and now the jumbo-zombies are impossible to kill with cars. They just pop right back up instead of falling down and rolling over so you can re-plow over them. *ugh* Bright side? Made it past the bandwidth reset! Yay! Definitely going to keep a closer eye on that.

Today's prompt:
Something that you miss

Lots of things... mostly how simple life used to be. Seems like things keep getting more difficult, the work keeps piling up and there's always something more to be done.

Tomorrow's prompt:
Goals for the next 30 days

hehe right... goals. :p Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. Don't you hate sleep marks, they just drive me nuts, I wake up in the morning and oh look, look at these lovely bedsheet patterns on my once perfect manicure :p

    1. OMG Yes! Like "I swear this was dry when I laid down...." >_< Thankfully a quick layer of topcoat is *usually* enough to fix it, but still... very annoying.

  2. That colour is just so 'pretty'. I love it.
    Life does seem to become too complicated at times. Enforce boundaries and always take some time for you. It will be as simple as you make it xx

    1. Thanks. :) Often easier said than done, but I'm trying to make sure I'm not the one shouldering all of the responsibility.

  3. Haaate sleep marks. I get them even when I'm not sleeping, I've a habit of sitting on my hands (that's not as weird as it sounds) and I always get marks on my polish from my jeans!

    1. hehehe It's not that weird. I sometimes end up sitting on my hands, too. Definitely not fun for the polish. lol


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