Monday, June 24, 2013

Norma Presents: Nfu Oh 36, 56 & 59 +Glitter A Peel

C'mon everybody, gather 'round. I haz a guest poster and the lovely Norma is going to tell us a story! I won't italicize the whole thing this time because that could give people headaches. lol Now to hand over the reigns of this crazy beast. Everyone say "Hi, Norma!"


*pulls leaves out of hair* Well! The charming and wonderful Miss Lizzy rustled me out of the bushes so I could tell you about my Nfu Oh’s hehe : )

So I bought Nfu Oh 39, 56 and 59 from Nail Polish Canada a few weeks back and haven’t officially used them yet (though I plan to use 59 in my Canada Day mani). One thing that Jasmine and Lizzy noticed was the Nfu Oh’s took FOREVER to dry. And sadly – I agree. Now I’m a pretty patient person so I don’t have too much of an issue with slow drying polishes (especially if they look as pretty as the Nfu Oh flakies!) but the one thing I noticed was in allllll the swatches and reviews the three of us read, no one talked about the dry time. Weird! That’s pretty gosh darn important to mention!

Luckily since Lizzy and Jasmine had already mentioned the dry time I knew what was in store. As you can see from the pic below of some of my glitters 1) I love glitter! and 2) I’ve had practice using slower drying polishes...

From l to r – Chunky Holo Cotton Candy, Chunky Holo Clover, Chunky Holo Teal, Chunky Holo Fuchsia, Chunky Holo Black, Chunky Holo Purple, Elf Chic Confetti, Elf Gold Star, Essie Shine of the Times, Elf Fairy Dust, Sinful Colors Green Ocean, Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, Sally Hansen Set the Stage, Revlon Supernova, Nfu Oh 39, Nfu Oh 59, Nfu Oh 56.

I’d say the Nfu Oh’s were similar to the KleanColor Chunky Holos as far as dry time and how the polish behaves (thick gloopy jelly). So I made sure to paint my nails with a color base coat the night before to make sure the polish was good and dry. I used 1 coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter a Peel (in the pic below on the left) which is a peel off base coat – so awesome and it dried in about 2 minutes! One coat of Essie First Base (LOVE that base coat!) and then one coat of color per nail.

I used Julep Gloria and Sally Hansen as the base for two nails and Revlon Black Magic as the base for the other 3 (oops forgot to take a pic of her!)

I also had NPB Glitter food on hand (r) in case the glitters felt too bumpy and needed to be smoothed out but I’m happy to report the Nfu Oh flakies were very well behaved on the nail. They laid nice and flat : )

The next day it was time to bust out the Nfu Oh’s baby! Whoot! They were so very easy to work with! Lots of flakes so no real need to paint the same nail over and over to get a decent flake pay off and they didn’t move around and need dabbing and special placing like SC Green Ocean or Revlon Supernova tend to.

I used one coat of Nfu Oh (the coat was a bit on the thin side but it wasn’t a super thin coat either). Then....I waited. And waited.....annd – well you get the idea ;)

At about 5 minutes my nails were tacky to the touch. At 7 minutes they were slightly tacky and I could’ve slapped on good old Seche at that point without *too* much fear of shrinkage but I waited some more to see just how long it’d take these suckers to dry.

And here is where I’m going to hear a small scream of agony from Jasmine ;) - after about 12 minutes I’d say these were dry but I doubt if they were ‘set’ (you know, when you feel like a polish is dry to the touch but the second something bumps into it you get a ding? That’s dry but the polish hasn’t ‘set’ yet).

Anyway in my humble opinion? It was freaking worth it! OOOH man these were sooooo gorgeous! *swoon* Enough talk, on to the pictures (keep in mind I am NOT a pro. My manicures are far from perfect and I didn’t do any clean up on these before taking pics)!!

From L to R – Nfu Oh 59, Nfu Oh 39, Nfu Oh 56

L to R Nfu Oh 39 over SH Pacific Ocean (*drool!*) – Nfu Oh 59 over Julep Gloria – Nfu Oh 59 over Revlon Black Magic – Nfu Oh 39, Nfu Oh 56

Oh man. Neither the bottle shots nor the nail shots do these beauties justice!!!

I think 59 would look awesome over any red or orange cream (like Julep Gloria hehe). In the sun it made my nails look like they were on fire. But I’m a sucker for blue and glitter so putting 39 over Sally Hansen Pacific Ocean was such a win for me!

Since I took em, here’s each finger closer up:

Nfu Oh 39 over Revlon Black magic

Nfu Oh 39 over Sally Hansen Pacific Ocean (I know right?! So amazing!)

Nfu Oh 56 over Revlon Black Magic. You can see it has large flakies and smaller glitters.

Nfu Oh 59 over Revlon Black Magic (aww yes!! *dances*)

Nfu Oh 59 over Julep Gloria

All in all I’d say the Nfu Oh’s are worth it. If they were cheaper I’d get more but they’re pretty pricy in my opinion (mind you I’m cheap!) I got mine for $11.50 a bottle at Nail Polish Canada. Wonder why more companies don’t come out with flakies since obviously lots of us are dying for them *gives polish companies a meaningful look*.

BUT you’ve got to be patient with these and I’d highly recommend you have a good quick dry top coat on hand if you want to make sure your mani is set. I think these would be good to do while you’re watching TV or reading or doing something else that doesn’t really require you to use your hands a whole lot.

So like I mentioned above, I used Glitter a Peel by Nail Pattern Boldness as my base. I heard lots about it but this is the first time I’ve tried it for myself. Basically it’s a better alternative to using glue as a base coat for easy glitter removal. It lasts longer (I usually get one maaaybe two days out of a glue mani) and it’s not water soluble so no worries about getting into the shower and losing a nail or two. If you want more info you can read up on it here

Anyway out of five nails 2 peeled off very easily. I think next time I’ll use two coats of Glitter a Peel to make removal easier. But I’m happy to say that for the cleanup I had to do with remover, everything came off with just ½ a cotton ball (and there were some flakies still on my nails)! Seriously the rest like, fell off my nails it came off so easily *dances*. I’m not sure if the Nfu Oh’s are easy to remove with remover anyway but I’ve had some horrible experiences with glitter – man they are stubborn! I think the Glitter a Peel made things much MUCH easier and I’m happy to have it in my collection.

More pics!

Peeling up my first nail – hehe it came up like a sticker!

My index fingerpeeled well but as you can see from my thumb some of my digits had residue left over. Next time I’ll use two coats of Glitter a Peel.


Well I hope my findings were helpful. I still think the Nfu Oh’s are amazing though the price tag is a bit high. No idea what the wear time would be like since I took it off right after the pics (promised to do a Star Trek mani for the hubz, can’t disappoint him!).

On a scale of 1-10 all things considered? I’d give the Nfu Oh’s about an 8. They’re sooo amazingly beautiful but I knocked points off for price and dry time.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program – take it away Lizzy! : )


Yay! *applauds* If you ever want to do another post, just let me know! :D Guess what, though. It's all you today, darling! I'm taking the opportunity to extend a mani so I'm not all rushed getting multiple pics. hehehe Thanks for filling in! ;) I'll be back later with my challenge post. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!


  1. Awww shucks *pokes toe into ground* I'm certainly no Lizzy but thanks for inviting me to do a guest post! Glad my post lets you take a day off :)

    1. Don't be so modest. ;) You did great and I'm glad to have you guest post whenever you want to.

    2. Aww :) I may take you up on that offer again some day! It was really fun :)

    3. Yay! I look forward to it! :D

  2. Awww sweet, I kinda wished you had a blog Norma!
    59 looks very similar to Essie's shine of time, would you say it's same kind of orange to yellow to green flakie?
    Also glitter peel! Very interesting! Good to hear that it actually helps things last longer!

    1. ooh yes love glitter-a-peel! I LOVE glitter but it was so freaking hard to get off with remover I started neglecting my glitter polish bottles. I love the idea of a glue mani but it pops off so easily (hehe Mr. has said 'Is this your nail?' as he picked it up off the floor so many times!). So G-a-P seems like a nice alternative. I've read a few bloggers got up to 4-5 days wear with G-a-P so that'd make the purchase worth it in my book!

  3. Aww thanks Jasmine :)

    I have both SotT and 59 (I should've done a comparison post!) Over dark polish I think they basically would look the same. But the Essie is in a clear base while the Nfu Oh has a dark tinted base so I wouldn't think it'd look good over a lighter polish. Also the Essie dries sooo much quicker than the Nfu Oh's. That said you get more in the bottle with the Nfu Oh than you do with the Essie. All in all I don't think you *need* both. But when it comes to flakies most seem to be variations of the same flaked effect I think.

    1. I've noticed that, too; that a lot of them appear very similar. I'm wary now when I see a new flakie and it *looks* like that same iridescent white in a clear base. I mean, I only need *so* many of those. lol

  4. Hey Jasmine,
    Tried to comment on your blog but got a cranky message saying 'only members' were allowed to comment :/
    *points above* you DO have a quick dry top coat! I heard the SH is one of the best. Why not use that for your Nfu Oh's?

  5. All I can say is Wow, this was great! I especially like the ones that look like an erupting volcano. Will have to try. Fabulous post, Norma.


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