Friday, June 21, 2013

Julep: Fiona & June Challenge Day 21 (+Plus)

Lots to cover. Didn't end up mowing yet, going tomorrow. I did have to change the oil in the mower again (it got really bad while I wasn't paying attention lol) and chipped a bit of polish. Can you tell where I patched?

Fiona. Fioooooonaaaaaaaa! (Eurotrip lol) Fiona is the green version of what Kaylen wanted to be. Gorgeous, bright, two coats (technically three because I was trying to de-ridge a bit, but that didn't work so well), excellent dry time. Fabulous. I'm assuming the name is an Ogre reference. ;) Totally worth using my 50% off on.

At HEB today I swung by the polish aisles and noticed something a bit depressing...

*sigh* Seriously. Why do we have to put up with this just because parents can't be bothered to explain that "Pussy Galore" is just a name. If your kid is old enough to know that "pussy" is another word for vagina (and not, "hey, is that like catwoman?) then it's a bit late to be blocking labels. Totally ridiculous. Interestingly someone started peeling back the big sticker at the top of the display so it read "Pussy Gal-Galore". Great job. Then, when I went to upload today's pics I ran into this:

What?! Never gotten that before. Must mean I'm all popular now. ;) lol I checked my stats and...

About 78% there. I'll keep an eye on it these next couple of days and see how fast it jumps. If necessary I can upload to one of my other two accounts. Insanity. Since I'm such a rebel, here's another one for ya. Lookie what Aaron pulled out of the claw-machine for me the other day!

The perfect lead-in for today's challenge post.

Today's prompt:
One of your favorite shows

Star Trek. Star Trek Star Trek Star Trek. In order from most to least favorite series:

Next Generation
Deep Space 9
Original series

We haven't watched Enterprise so I don't know if that's any good or not, but as long as it stays on Netflix while we watch those top three (on an episodic rotation) I will see it eventually. I'm not a super huge fan of the original, though there are some episodes I remember liking (and Shatner is hilarious to me outside of the show). As a franchise I just love it to bits. My problem with Star Wars is in the name. They center around violence. I don't like that. If they're not fighting, they're preparing to fight. Star Trek does have it's battles, but the main focus is inter-species relations. Most space movies instill an underlying panic in a lot of people about warlike alien races, but Star Trek explores the possibility of friendly encounters on multiple levels. Much of the plots revolve around the crew and how they interact with each other. Exploring new technologies. I find it all very fascinating. It also probably didn't hurt that Next Generation came along with the young Ensign Crusher when puberty was digging it's dirty little claws into me full-bore. Imagine how tickled I was when he showed up years later on Big Bang Theory. hehehehe I do watch a lot more tv than I like to admit and have a lot of shows I get really into (Walking Dead, 2 Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory, SVU, NCIS, Monk, Burn Notice, Misfits, Absolutely Fabulous, Wings, Cheers, Golden Girls, etc etc etc and an embarrassingly large number of cartoons), but Star Trek is something I can sit and watch for hours at a time at any time.

Tomorrow's prompt:
How have you changed in the past two years?


  1. Lmao gotta love good ol' censorship, sooo ridiculous
    Wow Aaron must be a skilled claw machine player, I have never in my life gotten anything out of the stupid machines lol

    I liked the new movie remake of star trek, have you seen those lol

    1. We've both gotten pretty good at them over the years. Had about 50 stuffed toys we donated a few years ago because it got SO ridiculous having them all around. I haven't seen the new movies yet. I caught part of the first one on tv last week and they all look so young... Not quite sure how I feel about that.

  2. I have never seen an episode of Star Trek. Please don't stone me.. I do love the Big Bang Theory though!! I also watch 2 Broke Girls, Wings, Cheers, Golden Girls, I used to watch Psych but somehow my DVR stopped recording I must investigate.

    1. lol It's okay, nobody's perfect. ;) OMG I forgot about Psych! I love that one, too. They're so funny. Do you have Netflix? It's on there. I need to start working on some neon arts. hehehe Neon polish has to be my favorite thing about summer.

  3. uhh, forgot to add.... I love that polish color!! I am ready for neons!!

  4. Hehehe you'd totally get along with my husband! The man worships Star trek. Funny you post this I'm doing a Star Trek mani for him next week hehe. Ahh nails and Trek. Two great worlds coming together. The plush Spock is so cool!

    1. OMG!! Star Trek mani! *swoons* That's so freakin' awesome. :D

  5. Have never seen any Star Trek ever but love the little doll- my son in law would love it !

  6. Fionaaaaaaaa total shrek reference! I loooooove that colour grrrl but I think you already know that by now ;) I hope you're not getting crazy ridges like me :( I don't watch Star Trek, I'm more of a doctor who girl...mmmm David Tennent ;)

    1. Of course! We're totally in sync with the ugly yellow-greens. ;) I don't think my ridges are too bad. Mostly depends on the polish. Some settle worse than others. :(


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