Sunday, June 30, 2013

Future French & Nail (etc) Mail

Awkward title? I'm not sure. lol Good news, everybody! First, this mani may not be "perfect", but it's almost exactly how I pictured it; and my product test monies credited!! :D I also laughed in the face of Mercury's retrograde and got to spend a couple of hours with my chat buddy. I think the Universe may be trying to butter me up for last week and next week which is filling up rather quickly. Hrm...

So, my idea was to do a futuristic twist on a traditional french manicure. Here's how it turned out:

I used Foil Me Once for the pink base and Worth The Risque for the 'white' tips. I think the metallic pink and holographic white/silver makes it suitably futuristic. Along with the chevron instead of the traditional curve.

Futuristic. Finished it off with a layer of topcoat. Fresh bottle! *swoons* It's the little things. lol

For the chevrons I remembered having these chevron-shaped guides.... though now I can't remember which packet of stuff they came in. *eep* Sorry.

They were a lot stickier than I expected and pulled up all of my base polish on my first finger! *dies* So I gave Foil Me Once overnight to dry and really de-stickied them the second time. So.... some of the lines aren't perfectly straight, but at least everything stayed put.

Nail Mail Time! Got my Julep box earlier than expected!

So I've got Karen, Faye and (just in time for July) Fireworks. Plus the body tonic.

Plus a pack of face blotting papers.

I... uhm... kind of sweat a lot. Like, a lot lot, so if I find that these work well, you can be sure they'll work for you. lol

I mentioned a while back that Yves Rocher discontinued my absolutely favorite perfume, Ming Shu. It was scented like night lilies. Very... watery and floral and... special. I really like it. They replaced it with Ming Shu: Fleur de l'Aube, which is... it's nice, and kind of similar, but almost too sweet. You don't get the sense of nighttime secrets with it.

It's nice, and wearable. It will serve (along with my Hello Kitty perfumes and what's left of my Betty Boop) to extend my waning bottle of proper Ming Shu. *sigh* At least I don't wear it enough for it to be a "signature scent". Nobody will notice but me. lol

Since it's the end of the month (and my stuff credited), I guess I can do a quick rundown of my tablet progress.

Amazon Balance: 64.40
Paypal Balance: 0.87
OpinionOutpost: 22.50
Swagbucks Appx: 54.70
ICS Balance: 1.30
Total: 143.77

Almost halfway there! ....*sigh* Not bad for a little over a month's worth of trying, I guess. Tomorrow starts July so you can look forward to four days of red, white & blue manis. lol I think this year is going to be more glitter-heavy than last year. Then it's back to the untrieds. Nine of those, so I'm still under double-digits! Hope everyone's had a great weekend. :D


  1. Love the chevron mani! Also can't wait to see the 4th manis :) I'm wearing a Canada Day mani now put Nfu Oh 59 over Sally Hansen Red Carpet. It's so sparkly!

    1. OMG Pretty! :D I've got so much to do this week (for some reason lol) so I can't promise they'll be anything special, but they will be mildly patriotic. lol

  2. I am just going to have to make the 6 hour drive for you to do my nails every couple of weeks. :) Oh, and finally meet/chat with you. :) Love the combo, it's gorgeous!

    1. hehehe Thanks :D I have no idea what we would do other than nails. It kinds sucks here.... :p

    2. i have been there a few times, I would have to agree. But, it's the same way in OK. You at least have cool cities in your state. Everyone from my state goes to yours for entertainment. haha

    3. No way! Everyone I know goes to OK cuz of the gambling. LOL

    4. Hahaha!! I guess the grass is always greener on the other side...of the red river!!! LMAO!!! There is a huge casino just on the other side of the state line. On your side of the state line is the adult store (not that I have ever been in there.... ;) ) Back before we had the lottery, everyone went to Texas for the lottery tickets, and the 6 point beer!

    5. LOL Yeah, we gots adult stores everywhere. You guys don't have those? Or are they spread too far out? I've definitely been. XD We like to shake things up from time to time.

  3. I love that mani, the chevron stickers are so handy, we never seem to have anything but blah french tip ones here! Looking forward to the celebration manis :)

    1. I'm pretty sure these came in one of the Kiss nail art packets. I really wish I could remember which one. :/ Hopefully you can find some. It really is so much more fun than the traditional curve. ;)


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