Saturday, June 8, 2013

China Glaze: Unplugged

Hello dolls. :) Just kind of a quick post today. Been a little down since we downloaded State of Decay last night. It's a fun game, don't get me wrong, but it just reiterated the fact that our tv sucks. It's a good tv! I think that's what pisses me off the most. Big ol' JVC our brother-in-law (his sister's hubby) picked out for us, like, 10 Christmases ago and the color isn't going or anything. But when you can't read the directions in a game you're kind of guessing at what you're supposed to be doing... and that's not as fun as it sounds. So I've been sitting here all day doing surveys and running SBTV and wracking my brains because I know TVs aren't that expensive! Not like they used to be anyways. This giant thing cost Frankie almost $1000 and now they have flat HDTVs for $300. Shouldn't be that hard to come up with, but somebody really sucks at budgeting and saving. *nodding my head to the left* Maybe if I take a jar and label it "NEW TV" we can put money in there and not touch it...

*deep breath* Enough depressing nonsense. Let's get to the polish!

Unplugged is a gorgeous, deep, shimmery brown. Guess this one is up for comparison as well. lol Two coats, dried quickly. Absolute wonderfulness like I expect from China Glaze.

Blah, wonky camera. :p At least you can see the shimmer.

Since this is such a short post today, here's the rest of the eCollection (Eco-Collection) for you to browse if you'd like.

Shower Together
Tree Hugger
Solar Power

There ya go. We ended up going to a different HEB yesterday so I didn't pick up any new textures. Maybe tonight. We're going to the in-laws tomorrow for barbeque which could be an all day affair. I'll try to at least do the challenge post, though. Hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend. :D


  1. Omgosh, I love when you used to do nail art on all your NOTDs! Love the one that kind of looks like white and milk chocolate swirled together!

    1. I do try. lol Time permitting I should have something for tomorrow. Need to find some inspiration for water marble... haven't done that in forever!

  2. Gah! (((Lizzy)) I hate that about how fast technology is changing now. You can have a perfectly fine tv/pc whatever but because of forced obsolescence, it wont' be able to keep up in a couple of years and you'll have to buy something bigger/better. So annoying and wasteful :/

    1. It is! The only time we used to buy a new tv was when the tube would start to wear out and that triangle of darkness would start to creep over the screen. :( I dunno what we're going to do with this one. It works fine so I can't throw it out, but we already have tvs in every room (except the bathrooms)... *ugh* Maybe I can squeeze it into the closet and hook up the ps2 or something. lol


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