Thursday, June 27, 2013

China Glaze: Paper Chasing

Hello, dolls. :) I'm back with some shorter nails and a fairly disappointing polish. *furrows brow* I know, I know. I'm baffled as well. It's green, it's China Glaze, it should be love, but Paper Chasing fell a bit short.

The bottle color is absolutely gorgeous, but upon testing I discovered that Paper Chasing is almost infuriatingly sheer! It's not even a neon! It's not a jelly! WTF!?! *sigh* Thankfully the other night while we were at HEB I noticed they had coupons for Wet n Wild ($1 off of 2) so I picked up two bottles of French White Creme. Ya know, because I have a couple of untrieds that are going to need undies. Never expected this to be one of them...

*sigh* Ah well. It will make a nice shimmery topcoat over some lackluster green cream. Or... hrm... Perhaps a Lizzy-brand style of non-jelly sandwich. Probably not any time soon. It's going in the drawer for now. Still... ideas. This is two coats of Paper Chasing over two coats of French White Creme. So, exactly how sheer is Paper Chasing?

That's four coats! And the black line wasn't any greener than after the first. *ugh*... just... *ugh*

So, I'm working on transferring my collection page pics to an alternate photobucket. I didn't realize that's almost 56MB of pics in that, and I load it up every time I'm trying to find a blog link. Hopefully that will relieve some pressure on my main account; bandwidth-wise. Should reset tomorrow, but if it doesn't I apologize for any missing images! I'm so so so so sorry!! *cries* Current posts (from the past week or so) should be okay, but earlier posts probably not so much. *fingers crossed* Still busting ass on the tablet. Not even halfway there yet, but I still have my focus group and some product testing money should be coming in soon. I will not rest until I reach my goal! Tomorrow I've got to take my mom for a new tire. Hopefully they don't give us any shit or one of those "heh, women" looks over the stupid lug nuts. I'm not the one that put a faulty nut on the stupid van. I guarantee that was some dude made that mistake. Whatever. I think tomorrow I'm going to wear Eva So Bright for the occasion. It's kind of calling to me. Then Saturday I'm going to double-back and swatch Toxic Seduction. My last Misa! Probably for quite some time. Then we'll see where my mood takes me. Independence Day is coming up so I'll probably do some themed manis for that again this year. Including *SPOILER ALERT* a red, white and blue texture mani. hehehe Hope everyone's having a great week! I'm... going to go catch up on some emails. lol Take care, y'all!


  1. wow that sucks lolz what?!?! I absolutely HATE sheer polishes!!!

    1. Right?! What's the point? I guess some people like to do fun stuff with layering, but I'd much rather it just look like it does in the bottle. >_<


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