Sunday, June 23, 2013

China Glaze: OMG A UFO & June Challenge Day 23

I got lucky! Yesterday was nicely overcast and breezy for mowing, today was a gorgeous sunny summer day in Texas. Which means... *trumpet fanfare* Time to give this "totally disappointing non-holo" a try. Now presenting for your viewing pleasure: OMG A UFO!

Oh ladies ladies ladies. I'm fighting the urge to get snarky at all those stupid ChG hater trolls that can't seem to get a life outside of haterizing on facebook. Also all those so-called "professional" nail bloggers attached to their lightboxes at the hip. OMG A UFO may not dazzle you with bright rainbows of holo sparkle, but it definitely has a very holo sheen. It's a little subtle, but far from non-existent. Because, ladies, sometimes you have to be a little coy. Otherwise we may as well be dudes.

I am officially logging back onto amazon and putting the whole rest of this collection back on my wishlist. Shame on me for ever taking them off! "no holo"... BAH! This is two coats.

Yep, so pretty it got three pictures. Tell me, honestly, hype aside: Is this not a pretty polish? The formula was a little weird. Started drying fast so over-stroking was killing me, but if you slap it on and leave it alone it does take long enough to fully dry that it levels itself out. Weird, right? But it worked once I stopped trying so hard to make it cooperate. lol

Good news! If you live near a Walgreens and have a rewards card; Sinful Colors are on sale. 2/$3 and you get 1000 Rewards Points! WHAT?! Yep!

I picked up High Strung (which I will compare to Innocent) and Burning Bright. I know, I know... I have problems. lol On to today's sexy sexy challenge!

Today's prompt:
Give pictures of five guys who are famous who you find attractive

This was hard. I got to three and had to ask Aaron for help. LOL Of course after I got my pics compiled and uploaded I thought of a couple more, but these are the sexy mens who made the list.

First, Patrick Stewart. The dignity, the voice, the humor! I don't generally like a lot of talking during sex, but with him I would make an exception.

Tim Curry. One of my first real crushes. Yes, as Frank N Furter. Seeing him in Rocky Horror completely and irrevocably re-programmed my brain on so many levels. "Things I'm attracted to" being at the top of the list.

Meatloaf. Hate the food, love the guy. After watching RHPS I mentioned to my mom that I liked his singing and she went out and got Bat Out Of Hell 1 & 2 for me and I wore those tapes out. He'd be another exception to the hush-rule, but only if he was mumbling to his own songs (playing in the background) in my ear. hehehe

Terry Cruz. What can I say? I don't generally like muscley guys, but he just carries them so well. *swoons* Also, he's pretty damn funny, too, and there are few things sexier than a great sense of humor.

Chris Hemsworth. He's at the bottom of the list because I don't know if I'd still be attracted to him if he hadn't done such a kickass job as Thor. The whole Thor thing does it for me. With the long hair and lightning and hammer... Even Eric Kramer got me a little hot when he did Thor in the Hulk movie back in the day.

I've been told I have odd tastes, but I think it's odd when people automatically go for the hyped up pretty boys. :p

Tomorrow's prompt:
Your favorite movie and what it's about

hehehe Most people don't even have to guess mine. It's a known fact and part of how I knew Aaron was 'the one'. lol


  1. I like it, the color is pretty unique imo

    I love Patrick Stewart, I don't watch startrek but I remember seeing him in Frasier in the most hilarious episode in which he played this fabulous gay opera connoisseur who tried to hook up with Fraiser
    Also he plays professor x in xmen

    1. I never saw that episode of Frasier! Totally going to look it up while they have it on Netflix. I was so mad at the third xmen movie... stupid phoenix blowing him to smithereens like that...

  2. Ugh! DROOOoool Patrick Stewart?! YES PLEASE! And Terry Cruz? Yes again! Did you see Terry in everybody hates chris (loved that show!) he was hilarious! It's odd to see him going from a whipped husband role to an ass kicker but he rocked it out both times!

    Sent you my review and pics! Now to dive back into the bushes where I was hiding hehe

    1. OMG Yes! Chris Rock is funny, but Terry Cruz was the only reason I kept watching that show. hehehe Absolutely love his Old Spice commercials. Did you get to see those? Hilarious.

    2. Old spice commercials? o_O! NO! I never saw those! *runs to YouTube*

    3. *comes back* oh yeah I remember those! Too funny :)

  3. Chris Hemsworth- yep, Thor makes him an exception.

  4. I love that polish color. I don't even know what holo is, but I do know what pretty is. :) I don't normally go for muscley guys in real life, but something about them on the big screen and my heart drops to my knees. In real life, I prefer my guys kind of squishy. Plus, I like baking and muscley guys don't like to eat refined sugar, but squishy guys do. :) Oh, and Patrick Stewart is one hot dude!

    1. lmao I totally know what you mean. Most muscley guys in real life have a slew of really bad personality traits to keep up that appearance. If it's in a movie or tv then you can just sit back and enjoy the character. ;) "Holo" is actually kind of a misnomer. It's prismatic stuff in the polish that casts a rainbow when the light hits it. :)

  5. Omg a ufo!!!! If only ;) I like it, hahahah your comment about the bloggers and their lightboxes made me laugh :) peehee. Mmmm gurl Chris Hemsworth is totally up my street ;) it's that hair and those muscles lush...I didn't realise that Terry was in everybody hates Chris!! Ahbhh I can see it now though, funny, I just love him in white chicks :p

    1. LMAO!! I think I first saw Terry Cruz in White Chicks. Too freakin' funny. lol I don't have anything personally against lightboxes, but they're really no substitute for actual sunlight. Also the stark white background is totally BLAH. I think that's why I love your pics so much. The nails are a part of the whole picture! There's interesting stuff going on behind them.


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