Thursday, June 6, 2013

Blog In June: Day 6

omg I'm such an idiot. Got caught up in the 30-facts I mis-titled this one "day 30"... it should be fixed now.... *facepalm*

Today's prompt:
Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

....I can't promise they'll be "interesting", but here goes nothing. lol

1. I was 5 lbs 6 1/2 oz when I was born. Came out so easy the dr thought I was my mom's 7th child.
2. My butt-crack sharply angles to the right at the top. The dr also thought my hips were displaced. They were/are not. :p
3. My dad's brother Billy was the first extended family member to hold me. His daughter is just as awesome as I am. Coincidence? I think not.
4. My mom's brother AJ taught me how to high-five (and low-five) when I was five.
5. I have a small birthmark shaped like a lightning bolt on my right arm.

6. When we lived in Colorado I had a constant tan. My mom said I looked like a little Mexican girl.
8. I didn't know what racism was until I was 13
9. I have a metal plate in my leg from when I broke it.
10. I'm still nervous jumping on that leg even though it's been almost 20 years
11. I've been dye-ing my hair since I was 14.
12. I can roll my tongue into a straw-shape.
13. I was Individual Events captain on my high school's speech and debate team
14. I won a first place trophy for my speech on alien involvement in Earth's ancient architecture
15. I have a tattoo of a scorpion on my back

16. I make wishes on stars, pennies, fountains, dandelions, triple-clock-digits and anything else you can think of.
17. My mom taught me how to crochet specifically to keep my hands busy
18. To this day if I'm in a store with expensive/breakable stuff I keep my hands in my pockets
19. There's something about expensive/breakable stuff that makes me want to smash it :p
20. I'd rather mow the lawn than wash the dishes


21. Growing up I wanted to be a cowboy-ballerina-cosmonaut
22. I know it's the same thing, but I'd rather be a cosmonaut than astronaut because it sounds cooler
23. I eat way too fast, but I can't seem to help it
24. I still maintain that Pluto is a planet
25. I believe in aliens, ghosts, Big Foot, leprechauns, Nessie and all the rest
26. I love art, but I'm not very artistic
27. You'll find deeper meaning in my sarcasm than my sincerity, if you bother to look
28. My longest Uno match came down to me and my dad and lasted almost six hours
29. Even being Wiccan, Jesus Christ Superstar is still one of my top 10 favorite movies
30. I *heart* musicals and foreign horror flicks

*phew* That was a stretch. Let's see what's next...

Tomorrow's prompt:
Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

Bwahahahahaha! I guess you got a big ol' hint for that one in today's post, huh?


  1. LOL @ the sharply veering butt crack

    'I didn't know what racism was until I was 13' WOW that's incredible. Sadly I can't remember a time I didn't know what racism was.

    'I still maintain that Pluto is a planet
    I believe in aliens, ghosts, Big Foot, leprechauns, Nessie and all the rest
    I love art, but I'm not very artistic
    I *heart* musicals and foreign horror flicks.
    I make wishes on stars, pennies, fountains, dandelions, triple-clock-digits and anything else you can think of.' Same :D

    1. LOL Yeah, Aaron gets a kick out of my butt-crack. If I ever end up badly mangled missing my head, hands and tattoo he'll still be able to identify me. :p

      *sigh* Here's hoping for a day when nobody has to really know what racism is. It will be a vague, long ago concept. I was raised to believe that no matter what somebody looks like, we're all the same. Grew up in really small towns (not all-white ones, either) so it wasn't ever an issue until we moved here. :(

    2. *nods along with Lizzy* I hope for that one day too. Seems lots better than when I was growing up but we're still not there yet.

    3. *hugs* Not quite, but hopefully not too much longer.

  2. Lmao your buttcrack one is hilarious
    I am not surprised that you like foreign horror films, I totally picture you as someone who enjoys the gory type of movie that young dad from Juno likes (hope you seen the movie)
    and now I understand why your twitter name is scorpiolizzy XD

    1. I think I've seen half of Juno. It was on tv so I don't know how much I missed. :p I find other countries have far better mind-bending movies than in America. It never occurred to me until I learned that movies like The Ring and Pulse were just Americanized versions of movies that were already made. *ugh* Shameless. Was surprising that the bloodiest horror movies I've seen were made in France!

      hehehe Yep. ;) My mom had a mild interest in astrology so I got into it pretty early. Tomorrow's gonna be a fun one for me. :D

  3. My nieces bum crack does the same thing. Did the tattoo hurt ? I was captain of the debating team as well( many many moons ago). Love JCSS. I wouldnt know how to start a lawn mower. Lisa x

    1. Did your niece have hip displaysia or is it just one of those things, like mine? lol Naw, the tattoo didn't hurt that much. For me it was like getting randomly poked with a safety pin whenever he hit a hair follicle, but 98% of it was just vibrations. Awesome to find another JCSS fan! :D

  4. I have a birthmark shaped like the Hawaiian Islands on my butt. I also have three birthmarks, my siblings don't have any. I used to tell them that I got all of theirs. I also still maintain that Pluto is a planet. I love musicals too. LOL at the buttcrack!! I love learning all these things about you.

    1. hehehe Glad ya like it. ;) My middle sister ended up with a strawberry birthmark on the back of her neck and my youngest got no birthmarks, but she's the only one with dimples. o_O Crazy how that works out sometimes. Have you been to Hawaii? I would totally take that as a sign. ;)

    2. Not yet, but I hope to go one day.


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