Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blog In June: Day 12

Today's prompt:
Bullet your whole day

You asked for it. I'm counting "the day" as starting around midnight.

  • Get home from Cove
  • Take 3 hour nap
  • Take mom to Temple for dr appt
  • Load of laundry
  • Paint nails
  • Take another nap
  • Take nail pics
  • Run to HEB for dinner
  • Feed cats while Aaron makes dinner
  • Eat dinner
  • Edit pics
  • Catch up on blog reading/commenting
  • Blog
  • Knit & swag
  • Sleep

Thrilling, no? Course the second from the last is a bit misleading since I've been on SwagBucks all day. :p

Tomorrow's prompt:
Somewhere you'd like to move or visit Ooooooooooh.........


  1. 3 hour nap, that's what I'm talking about lol

    1. lol I try to keep them around 90minutes or less, but since I didn't get any proper sleep I needed a bit longer to function. ;)

  2. Lizzy your sleep schedule is like a cat! Mostly naps instead of one big sleep :)

    Oooh I'd be interested to hear your tips and tricks on getting points in Swagbucks. It feels like getting points on there takes forever!!

    1. There is a team challenge you should join (Dads v Grads) if you haven't yet. Bonus points there. Mostly I just run SBTV all day. Sometimes I'll try for surveys either on the trusted surveys page or under Discover>Special Offers>Peanut Labs. Throughout Special Offers are often videos and sometimes videos will pop up on your ledger, too. :)

    2. Ah thanks! I've been running Swag TV today and it does rack up :) I try for the surveys too but mostly I seem to be disqualified (boo!). I'll try for the discover bread crumb trail you left me (I've been haunting their special offers too) Also added them on facebook - they seem to have special codes etc sometimes that you can trade in for bucks.

  3. Naps are awesome! I plan on taking a few next week. Oh, and painting my nails...

    1. hehehehehe It's addictive. ;) Painting the nails that is. Napping, too... napping is definitely addictive. lol


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