Thursday, June 6, 2013

Abstract Strawberry LimeAde

Yes, I know I said "pink lemonade" yesterday, but... apparently that's not what this mani wanted to be. :p It turned into more strawberry lime-ade, which I love. I used to get cherry lime-ade at Sonic all the time then one day I thought "I wonder how it would taste with strawberry?". The answer: SO GOOD!!

Yeah yeah yeah.... not exactly what I had pictured in my head, but since I did it I may as well share how I did it, right? As if you couldn't figure it out easily.... *pffft*

Starting with two coats of essence Exits On Your Right. Not the brightest in the collection, but pretty. Two coats, super quick dry time.

Kind of a sagey color. Then...

Added some squiggle lines with Kiss Beach Yellow. Had to go over my lines twice for full brightness.

Next I added the strawberries in essence Ultimate Pink.

I had the hardest time figuring out where to dot. :p Some are on the yellow lines, some kind of off to the side... *ugh* Random and I are not friends.

Add some topcoat and voila. Abstract strawberry lime-ade. Sorta.

Seriously need to paint my toes, and I have a cute idea for some sorta-art tomorrow. No new swatches (*GASP*), but I'm down to 14 untrieds so... I should be okay. Mentally. LOL Neck still a bit sore, but feeling better. According to my mom Saleen popped out yesterday and jumped up to the kibble dispenser to eat, even though I stuck some on a little plate for her on the floor. :p So that's good. The way she's been hiding I don't know if she's thrown up, but I haven't seen it so... yeah. Got last month's bonus for SwagBucks last night, should get my forum payment in the next couple of days. Slowly but surely... I did convince myself that since I only really want the tablet for portable SwagBucks, messenger (and portable internets when I do finally get a vacation) and the ability to more easily share Aaron's fx pictures I don't really need the super badass $600 one. Saying it like that kinda sounds like "whatever" anyway, right? lol It's just a real pain moving my laptop from one side of the room to the other. So heavy. :p

*groans* Guess I'll nuke me up some french fries and catch up on emails. Then see what kind of money I can make today. lol Hope everybody's having a Happy Thursday!! :D


  1. Cute! I love the base color, looks like an awesome neutral base for nail art!
    By the way, how is sock going?

    1. Sock is about 6" altogether. I tried working on it yesterday but it made my neck all stiff from leaning over. :p Hopefully it'll loosen up and I can get back to work on it soon.

    2. oh no :( time to hire some nimble elves to help you finish :)

    3. hehehe that would be awesome :)

  2. I LOVE that Essence green colour!! Definitely will have to check it out! Great post!

    1. hehehe I hope you can find it. I think the collection is fairly old, but there's usually people selling random essences on eBay. :D


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