Sunday, June 30, 2013

Future French & Nail (etc) Mail

Awkward title? I'm not sure. lol Good news, everybody! First, this mani may not be "perfect", but it's almost exactly how I pictured it; and my product test monies credited!! :D I also laughed in the face of Mercury's retrograde and got to spend a couple of hours with my chat buddy. I think the Universe may be trying to butter me up for last week and next week which is filling up rather quickly. Hrm...

So, my idea was to do a futuristic twist on a traditional french manicure. Here's how it turned out:

I used Foil Me Once for the pink base and Worth The Risque for the 'white' tips. I think the metallic pink and holographic white/silver makes it suitably futuristic. Along with the chevron instead of the traditional curve.

Futuristic. Finished it off with a layer of topcoat. Fresh bottle! *swoons* It's the little things. lol

For the chevrons I remembered having these chevron-shaped guides.... though now I can't remember which packet of stuff they came in. *eep* Sorry.

They were a lot stickier than I expected and pulled up all of my base polish on my first finger! *dies* So I gave Foil Me Once overnight to dry and really de-stickied them the second time. So.... some of the lines aren't perfectly straight, but at least everything stayed put.

Nail Mail Time! Got my Julep box earlier than expected!

So I've got Karen, Faye and (just in time for July) Fireworks. Plus the body tonic.

Plus a pack of face blotting papers.

I... uhm... kind of sweat a lot. Like, a lot lot, so if I find that these work well, you can be sure they'll work for you. lol

I mentioned a while back that Yves Rocher discontinued my absolutely favorite perfume, Ming Shu. It was scented like night lilies. Very... watery and floral and... special. I really like it. They replaced it with Ming Shu: Fleur de l'Aube, which is... it's nice, and kind of similar, but almost too sweet. You don't get the sense of nighttime secrets with it.

It's nice, and wearable. It will serve (along with my Hello Kitty perfumes and what's left of my Betty Boop) to extend my waning bottle of proper Ming Shu. *sigh* At least I don't wear it enough for it to be a "signature scent". Nobody will notice but me. lol

Since it's the end of the month (and my stuff credited), I guess I can do a quick rundown of my tablet progress.

Amazon Balance: 64.40
Paypal Balance: 0.87
OpinionOutpost: 22.50
Swagbucks Appx: 54.70
ICS Balance: 1.30
Total: 143.77

Almost halfway there! ....*sigh* Not bad for a little over a month's worth of trying, I guess. Tomorrow starts July so you can look forward to four days of red, white & blue manis. lol I think this year is going to be more glitter-heavy than last year. Then it's back to the untrieds. Nine of those, so I'm still under double-digits! Hope everyone's had a great weekend. :D

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Misa: Toxic Seduction & June Challenge: Day 29

Finished mowing the back yard! :D In the process I kinda borked my mani a bit, but at least these pics came out okay.

I thought that Toxic Seduction was going to be more of a straight jungle green, but it's definitely gone some strong blueness in it. This is two coats. Not bad considering some of the sheerness issues I've had with Misa in the past.

Dry time was... fair. You could probably do better, but I ended up a little heavy-handed on the second coat. Not entirely my fault. Wanted to get out early to finish mowing. Served me right. :p But taking into account how freakishly hot it got today, I don't feel so bad for my haste.

That's about 41.7C. *dies* And summer's only begun! We should cool off the next couple of days, but after that... it's going right back up. I wonder if we'll see 114/45.5 again this year...

Jasmine has an amazing swatch of Harp On It on her blog... and she just had to hook me with "sci-fi" and "futuristic". So no untrieds tomorrow, but hopefully I'll have my own fabulous sci-fi mani. (please let it look as good as it does in my head pleasepleaseplease) *ahem* If it doesn't you'll see it anyway, because mistakes can be helpful, too. lol

Today's prompt:
Goals for the next 30 days

Well, I'm probably not going to participate in another blog challenge next month. I started slacking because it got to be a bit much. I am, however, going to keep posting my normal stuff daily and continue to get on the bike at least every other day. Also going to keep chugging away at my tablet goal. Even if I do really really really want another insane polish haul... lol I'm also going to try really hard to have the dishes done while my dad is home and not the whole rest of the time but somehow un-miraculously not when he's here. -_- I think that's it for goals. Don't want to set the bar too high. Perhaps if I can nail this much then I can aim a little higher for August.

Tomorrow's prompt:
Your highs and lows of this month

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sinful Colors: Eva So Bright & June Challenge: Day 28

Oh goodness goodness goodness. lol Been quite the long day so far. Took my mom for a new tire, came back with two. Didn't have any problems; the fine folks at Discount Tire were as friendly as ever. I also had this loveliness to look at while we (yes, I made my mom go with me since it's her van hehe) waited:

Sinful Colors Eva So Bright. A very bright... kind of coral... it's a cream, but it's kind of sheerish. I probably could have gone with three coats for opacity, but I decided to layer one coat over French White Creme to bring out the brightness.

This is with topcoat; I had sleep marks. Not sure if it's the polish or the white... I seem to be having issues with it. First coat dries like lightning then the second... just sorta sits there for a while. *shrugs* I've still got a few more sheers to go through for testing. Overall, I really do like Eva So Bright. It is bright! A fun summer color. Should have compared it to Thimbleberry, they kinda look similar. Only a few more untried then I can start looking into some regular comparisons. Hopefully. lol I'll try. ;)

I may have to send a thing to OpinionOutpost. Got the survey for the product test and I completed it, but I don't think I got credit? :( Somewhere between the site, my browser and my connection the credit page(s) didn't want to load. *sigh* Always something. Got to play a fair amount of State of Decay this morning, though, that was great. Except they patched it and now the jumbo-zombies are impossible to kill with cars. They just pop right back up instead of falling down and rolling over so you can re-plow over them. *ugh* Bright side? Made it past the bandwidth reset! Yay! Definitely going to keep a closer eye on that.

Today's prompt:
Something that you miss

Lots of things... mostly how simple life used to be. Seems like things keep getting more difficult, the work keeps piling up and there's always something more to be done.

Tomorrow's prompt:
Goals for the next 30 days

hehe right... goals. :p Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

China Glaze: Paper Chasing

Hello, dolls. :) I'm back with some shorter nails and a fairly disappointing polish. *furrows brow* I know, I know. I'm baffled as well. It's green, it's China Glaze, it should be love, but Paper Chasing fell a bit short.

The bottle color is absolutely gorgeous, but upon testing I discovered that Paper Chasing is almost infuriatingly sheer! It's not even a neon! It's not a jelly! WTF!?! *sigh* Thankfully the other night while we were at HEB I noticed they had coupons for Wet n Wild ($1 off of 2) so I picked up two bottles of French White Creme. Ya know, because I have a couple of untrieds that are going to need undies. Never expected this to be one of them...

*sigh* Ah well. It will make a nice shimmery topcoat over some lackluster green cream. Or... hrm... Perhaps a Lizzy-brand style of non-jelly sandwich. Probably not any time soon. It's going in the drawer for now. Still... ideas. This is two coats of Paper Chasing over two coats of French White Creme. So, exactly how sheer is Paper Chasing?

That's four coats! And the black line wasn't any greener than after the first. *ugh*... just... *ugh*

So, I'm working on transferring my collection page pics to an alternate photobucket. I didn't realize that's almost 56MB of pics in that, and I load it up every time I'm trying to find a blog link. Hopefully that will relieve some pressure on my main account; bandwidth-wise. Should reset tomorrow, but if it doesn't I apologize for any missing images! I'm so so so so sorry!! *cries* Current posts (from the past week or so) should be okay, but earlier posts probably not so much. *fingers crossed* Still busting ass on the tablet. Not even halfway there yet, but I still have my focus group and some product testing money should be coming in soon. I will not rest until I reach my goal! Tomorrow I've got to take my mom for a new tire. Hopefully they don't give us any shit or one of those "heh, women" looks over the stupid lug nuts. I'm not the one that put a faulty nut on the stupid van. I guarantee that was some dude made that mistake. Whatever. I think tomorrow I'm going to wear Eva So Bright for the occasion. It's kind of calling to me. Then Saturday I'm going to double-back and swatch Toxic Seduction. My last Misa! Probably for quite some time. Then we'll see where my mood takes me. Independence Day is coming up so I'll probably do some themed manis for that again this year. Including *SPOILER ALERT* a red, white and blue texture mani. hehehe Hope everyone's having a great week! I'm... going to go catch up on some emails. lol Take care, y'all!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


*dies*..... This hasn't quite been the longest two days ever, but it's been pretty rough. Spent all day working on the tire yesterday to no avail, barely made progress today and had to call in some big guns. Let me backtrack a little. After yesterday's efforts I made a trip to Walmart this morning. Now, my dad said to take the credit card, but he's got a (totally bogus) court date on the 1st so to give him a break I used my money to rain down hell on the stupid stubborn nut that didn't want to budge. So... the bad news is that I'm back to square one on the topaz hunting. The "good" news is that I now have some snazzy new tools. Yay?

Didn't end up needing the giant wrench, but something heavy and swingable isn't a bad thing to have around, even after we get a gun. I spent almost an hour exhausting the methods I had read online about removing a stubborn, rounded lug nut. Finally Aaron came out and managed to get the cross thingy wedged on there enough to finally wrench it free!

So what was the big problem?

Whatever crap they had coated the lug nut with had expanded or something and it wasn't durable enough to withstand the pressure of being turned. Once I got that crap (more or less) off, the process was a lot easier. WTF? Really? Lug nuts do not need to be shiny. Just effective. Keep the tire on and come off when it's time to change the tire. That's all I ask. That, however, was only the first part of the battle. That fancy hydraulic jack was a pain in the ass. The rocks in the driveway didn't help to get it flat and it popped out twice while he was trying to get the tire off. Finally he called his mom and she and his uncle came to the rescue. He had some of that old school ingenuity and managed to work the jack, using one of those come-with-your-car jacks as a support and got the van up high enough to get the busted tire off and the donut on. Woohoo!

That was done a little before noon. The reason I'm so late posting is because after lunch and a much needed shower I spent a few hours hanging out with Brak, my bestie. Didn't get any pics, but we talked and played with the new puppy. Who isn't bright. At all. lol They have two older dogs so hopefully she'll learn before she demolishes the whole house. Or herself. We both decided that if we ever get a dog on our own choosing (this puppy is her parents' and Jet is technically my mom's) it will be an older dog. Preferably one that sleeps a lot. ;) That's more our speed. Older dogs need love, too.

I'm so tired and sore. Also, I got sunburned on my back. I keep forgetting and scratching it. >_< Also, I broke four nails working on the tire, so I'm in the process of filing them down to more-or-less even. I do have some new colors to look forward to, though.

(see how grubby my hand is? lol) Eva So Bright and Over It. Another 1000 Reward Points for me. *happy dance* I think I'm up to 7200 now. 2800 more and I'll have $10 to use at Walgreens. hehehe I think I'm going to hang on to it, though, and see if I can reach the $50 (which I think is the cap?) to spoil myself with. Which reminds me, my mom replaced the ink in the printer. Should check the expiration date on that Ulta essie coupon and see if it's still good... and it is! Should try to print that out before she goes ballistic printing stuff. lol

I guess that's it. Few more nails to file down and a stash page to update. ;) I wanted to wear Paper Chasing today so you can look forward to that tomorrow! :D Hope everyone's having a great week.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sinful Colors: Burning Bright +Blah....

Today is fast becoming one wretched whore of a day, so let's start with the polishes and then you can skip my griping if you want to. ;) Most of my untrieds are green, so in the interest of spacing them out I decided to wear my new Burning Bright today.

Two coats, no undies needed! :D I did have to topcoat, though, due to sleep mishaps.

Burning Bright is, obviously, a bright blue cream. Nowhere near neon, but still bright for what it is. I went through several glitters trying to find something snazzy to put over this and finally landed on...

Models Own Indian Ocean. Not a glitter, but still very very pretty.

I've been uploading into a separate photobucket account so hopefully you won't run into any "bandwidth exceeded" photos while I wait for my meter to reset on the 28th. lol Insanity.

I'm going to skip today's challenge because... well, I couldn't think of anybody. Also, the day I've been having is just frying my poor brain. Woke up early and decided to start mowing the back yard. That was going well considering some of the weeds are three feet tall. Then Aaron pops up, "We've got to change a tire on your mom's van". *ugh* As if that weren't bad enough I have a sneaking suspicion that my sister took off with her lugwrench and jack. I have my own, but my wrench was stripping her nuts. So we went out (while I'm still sweaty and dirty from mowing) and grab one of those cross-shaped ones. No luck. *UGH* So then I read online to use WD40 and one of those wrenches that locks into place. Hey, I have one of those! Hey! Her stupid hubcap is in the way! *facepalm* The geniuses at Chrysler decided to use the nuts to hold the hubcap in place so now I'm going to have to try and cut it off. As soon as I feel like trying again. On top of all that Swagbucks has saddled me with a 140SB goal to reach and I'm not even halfway there yet. There are two silver linings. After my "yellow for communication" mani I did manage to catch my chat buddy a whole four times on Sunday and I now have Sims 3 Island Paradise installed and waiting for me. Don't forget only a couple more days to enter my giveaway! Link's at the top left. Good luck everybody! I'm... gonna keep trying to reach this goal and see what the damage is to my nails... I know I broke two. :( Hope everybody's having a great week! :D

Monday, June 24, 2013

Blog In June: Day 24

Today's prompt:
Your favorite movie and what it's about

*deep breath* There are a lot of movies that I like, but only one that has held a special place in my heart for... oh geez... well over 20 years. Gather 'round, cuz it's time for a story.

When I was about 9 years old my parents caught me one night on my way to the bathroom. "C'mere, you've got to see this movie". Oh wtf, are you serious? I was tired and in the first 10 minutes I was so bored I just wanted to go to bed. Old people movie, bah! Someone gets married and these people get stuck in the rain and end up at a castle (remember, we lived in Germany so castles weren't a big deal or anything strange at all) and some weirdo answers the door and some people dance and then... Frank shows up. Once Tim Curry threw off that robe and I saw what he was wearing underneath I don't think I blinked for the whole rest of the movie. I was on the edge of my seat and my whole outlook, my whole way of seeing the world was changed that night.

Yes, my number one forever and always favorite movie has to be Rocky Horror Picture Show. It opened up a whole world that I never knew existed. My dad was into British comedy so even a man in women's clothing wasn't all that bizarre, but the way he carried himself and the things that went on in that movie... blew my mind. I watched it every day for two years and continually once a month after. Minimum. Whenever they change the cover or add features I have to have it. I have four copies on VHS, four on DVD (still need to invest in a Blu-Ray copy even though I can't watch it yet) and a digital copy saved on my Hello Kitty USB necklace so I can carry it around with me. There were a lot of things that went completely over my head that I didn't understand until years later (most of the swears and nearly all of the sex stuff), but it stuck it's hooks in me and never let go.

What I did understand, and what I always held dear was the inclusiveness of it. Of course, I knew nothing of the live shows so I didn't fully understand the scope, but the message was clear even to my young mind. Everyone was included and welcome (in some way) in that castle. Everybody was wanted there by somebody. I never really fit in and this movie gave me hope that someday somebody would want me for who I am. That there are people out there having different kinds of fun that maybe you don't see every day. That, simply, being different is not a bad thing. Sure I had been told that, both by my parents and the church, but those things were normal in my life and RHPS was different. It was also one of the very few things that my sisters and I agreed on and continue to agree on today.

As much as I loved this movie I was never the way people are now with Twilight and Potter and stuff. I drew Frank's castle for an art project and I continued to watch it, but I guess I instinctively knew it wasn't for everybody. So when Aaron found out that it was my favorite movie and showed up at the Cafe dressed as Frank under his trenchcoat... I was floored. He got into it a bit later than I did, but he still knew all of the songs and we've watched it together numerous times. He may not be as obsessed as I am, but he knows it, he gets it, and he appreciates it. Loving RHPS isn't a requirement, but it's probably the quickest way to shoot through my defenses. It makes me so giddy to unexpectedly find another fan.

Oh, what it's about? Geez... If I were to completely reduce it to it's basest plot I guess I'd say it's about an average couple who stumble upon a house run by aliens and have their world turned upside-down for the night. But, really, it's so much more than that.

Tomorrow's prompt:
Someone who fascinates you and why

Well... I guess I should start thinking about that now.

Norma Presents: Nfu Oh 36, 56 & 59 +Glitter A Peel

C'mon everybody, gather 'round. I haz a guest poster and the lovely Norma is going to tell us a story! I won't italicize the whole thing this time because that could give people headaches. lol Now to hand over the reigns of this crazy beast. Everyone say "Hi, Norma!"


*pulls leaves out of hair* Well! The charming and wonderful Miss Lizzy rustled me out of the bushes so I could tell you about my Nfu Oh’s hehe : )

So I bought Nfu Oh 39, 56 and 59 from Nail Polish Canada a few weeks back and haven’t officially used them yet (though I plan to use 59 in my Canada Day mani). One thing that Jasmine and Lizzy noticed was the Nfu Oh’s took FOREVER to dry. And sadly – I agree. Now I’m a pretty patient person so I don’t have too much of an issue with slow drying polishes (especially if they look as pretty as the Nfu Oh flakies!) but the one thing I noticed was in allllll the swatches and reviews the three of us read, no one talked about the dry time. Weird! That’s pretty gosh darn important to mention!

Luckily since Lizzy and Jasmine had already mentioned the dry time I knew what was in store. As you can see from the pic below of some of my glitters 1) I love glitter! and 2) I’ve had practice using slower drying polishes...

From l to r – Chunky Holo Cotton Candy, Chunky Holo Clover, Chunky Holo Teal, Chunky Holo Fuchsia, Chunky Holo Black, Chunky Holo Purple, Elf Chic Confetti, Elf Gold Star, Essie Shine of the Times, Elf Fairy Dust, Sinful Colors Green Ocean, Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, Sally Hansen Set the Stage, Revlon Supernova, Nfu Oh 39, Nfu Oh 59, Nfu Oh 56.

I’d say the Nfu Oh’s were similar to the KleanColor Chunky Holos as far as dry time and how the polish behaves (thick gloopy jelly). So I made sure to paint my nails with a color base coat the night before to make sure the polish was good and dry. I used 1 coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter a Peel (in the pic below on the left) which is a peel off base coat – so awesome and it dried in about 2 minutes! One coat of Essie First Base (LOVE that base coat!) and then one coat of color per nail.

I used Julep Gloria and Sally Hansen as the base for two nails and Revlon Black Magic as the base for the other 3 (oops forgot to take a pic of her!)

I also had NPB Glitter food on hand (r) in case the glitters felt too bumpy and needed to be smoothed out but I’m happy to report the Nfu Oh flakies were very well behaved on the nail. They laid nice and flat : )

The next day it was time to bust out the Nfu Oh’s baby! Whoot! They were so very easy to work with! Lots of flakes so no real need to paint the same nail over and over to get a decent flake pay off and they didn’t move around and need dabbing and special placing like SC Green Ocean or Revlon Supernova tend to.

I used one coat of Nfu Oh (the coat was a bit on the thin side but it wasn’t a super thin coat either). Then....I waited. And waited.....annd – well you get the idea ;)

At about 5 minutes my nails were tacky to the touch. At 7 minutes they were slightly tacky and I could’ve slapped on good old Seche at that point without *too* much fear of shrinkage but I waited some more to see just how long it’d take these suckers to dry.

And here is where I’m going to hear a small scream of agony from Jasmine ;) - after about 12 minutes I’d say these were dry but I doubt if they were ‘set’ (you know, when you feel like a polish is dry to the touch but the second something bumps into it you get a ding? That’s dry but the polish hasn’t ‘set’ yet).

Anyway in my humble opinion? It was freaking worth it! OOOH man these were sooooo gorgeous! *swoon* Enough talk, on to the pictures (keep in mind I am NOT a pro. My manicures are far from perfect and I didn’t do any clean up on these before taking pics)!!

From L to R – Nfu Oh 59, Nfu Oh 39, Nfu Oh 56

L to R Nfu Oh 39 over SH Pacific Ocean (*drool!*) – Nfu Oh 59 over Julep Gloria – Nfu Oh 59 over Revlon Black Magic – Nfu Oh 39, Nfu Oh 56

Oh man. Neither the bottle shots nor the nail shots do these beauties justice!!!

I think 59 would look awesome over any red or orange cream (like Julep Gloria hehe). In the sun it made my nails look like they were on fire. But I’m a sucker for blue and glitter so putting 39 over Sally Hansen Pacific Ocean was such a win for me!

Since I took em, here’s each finger closer up:

Nfu Oh 39 over Revlon Black magic

Nfu Oh 39 over Sally Hansen Pacific Ocean (I know right?! So amazing!)

Nfu Oh 56 over Revlon Black Magic. You can see it has large flakies and smaller glitters.

Nfu Oh 59 over Revlon Black Magic (aww yes!! *dances*)

Nfu Oh 59 over Julep Gloria

All in all I’d say the Nfu Oh’s are worth it. If they were cheaper I’d get more but they’re pretty pricy in my opinion (mind you I’m cheap!) I got mine for $11.50 a bottle at Nail Polish Canada. Wonder why more companies don’t come out with flakies since obviously lots of us are dying for them *gives polish companies a meaningful look*.

BUT you’ve got to be patient with these and I’d highly recommend you have a good quick dry top coat on hand if you want to make sure your mani is set. I think these would be good to do while you’re watching TV or reading or doing something else that doesn’t really require you to use your hands a whole lot.

So like I mentioned above, I used Glitter a Peel by Nail Pattern Boldness as my base. I heard lots about it but this is the first time I’ve tried it for myself. Basically it’s a better alternative to using glue as a base coat for easy glitter removal. It lasts longer (I usually get one maaaybe two days out of a glue mani) and it’s not water soluble so no worries about getting into the shower and losing a nail or two. If you want more info you can read up on it here

Anyway out of five nails 2 peeled off very easily. I think next time I’ll use two coats of Glitter a Peel to make removal easier. But I’m happy to say that for the cleanup I had to do with remover, everything came off with just ½ a cotton ball (and there were some flakies still on my nails)! Seriously the rest like, fell off my nails it came off so easily *dances*. I’m not sure if the Nfu Oh’s are easy to remove with remover anyway but I’ve had some horrible experiences with glitter – man they are stubborn! I think the Glitter a Peel made things much MUCH easier and I’m happy to have it in my collection.

More pics!

Peeling up my first nail – hehe it came up like a sticker!

My index fingerpeeled well but as you can see from my thumb some of my digits had residue left over. Next time I’ll use two coats of Glitter a Peel.


Well I hope my findings were helpful. I still think the Nfu Oh’s are amazing though the price tag is a bit high. No idea what the wear time would be like since I took it off right after the pics (promised to do a Star Trek mani for the hubz, can’t disappoint him!).

On a scale of 1-10 all things considered? I’d give the Nfu Oh’s about an 8. They’re sooo amazingly beautiful but I knocked points off for price and dry time.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program – take it away Lizzy! : )


Yay! *applauds* If you ever want to do another post, just let me know! :D Guess what, though. It's all you today, darling! I'm taking the opportunity to extend a mani so I'm not all rushed getting multiple pics. hehehe Thanks for filling in! ;) I'll be back later with my challenge post. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

China Glaze: OMG A UFO & June Challenge Day 23

I got lucky! Yesterday was nicely overcast and breezy for mowing, today was a gorgeous sunny summer day in Texas. Which means... *trumpet fanfare* Time to give this "totally disappointing non-holo" a try. Now presenting for your viewing pleasure: OMG A UFO!

Oh ladies ladies ladies. I'm fighting the urge to get snarky at all those stupid ChG hater trolls that can't seem to get a life outside of haterizing on facebook. Also all those so-called "professional" nail bloggers attached to their lightboxes at the hip. OMG A UFO may not dazzle you with bright rainbows of holo sparkle, but it definitely has a very holo sheen. It's a little subtle, but far from non-existent. Because, ladies, sometimes you have to be a little coy. Otherwise we may as well be dudes.

I am officially logging back onto amazon and putting the whole rest of this collection back on my wishlist. Shame on me for ever taking them off! "no holo"... BAH! This is two coats.

Yep, so pretty it got three pictures. Tell me, honestly, hype aside: Is this not a pretty polish? The formula was a little weird. Started drying fast so over-stroking was killing me, but if you slap it on and leave it alone it does take long enough to fully dry that it levels itself out. Weird, right? But it worked once I stopped trying so hard to make it cooperate. lol

Good news! If you live near a Walgreens and have a rewards card; Sinful Colors are on sale. 2/$3 and you get 1000 Rewards Points! WHAT?! Yep!

I picked up High Strung (which I will compare to Innocent) and Burning Bright. I know, I know... I have problems. lol On to today's sexy sexy challenge!

Today's prompt:
Give pictures of five guys who are famous who you find attractive

This was hard. I got to three and had to ask Aaron for help. LOL Of course after I got my pics compiled and uploaded I thought of a couple more, but these are the sexy mens who made the list.

First, Patrick Stewart. The dignity, the voice, the humor! I don't generally like a lot of talking during sex, but with him I would make an exception.

Tim Curry. One of my first real crushes. Yes, as Frank N Furter. Seeing him in Rocky Horror completely and irrevocably re-programmed my brain on so many levels. "Things I'm attracted to" being at the top of the list.

Meatloaf. Hate the food, love the guy. After watching RHPS I mentioned to my mom that I liked his singing and she went out and got Bat Out Of Hell 1 & 2 for me and I wore those tapes out. He'd be another exception to the hush-rule, but only if he was mumbling to his own songs (playing in the background) in my ear. hehehe

Terry Cruz. What can I say? I don't generally like muscley guys, but he just carries them so well. *swoons* Also, he's pretty damn funny, too, and there are few things sexier than a great sense of humor.

Chris Hemsworth. He's at the bottom of the list because I don't know if I'd still be attracted to him if he hadn't done such a kickass job as Thor. The whole Thor thing does it for me. With the long hair and lightning and hammer... Even Eric Kramer got me a little hot when he did Thor in the Hulk movie back in the day.

I've been told I have odd tastes, but I think it's odd when people automatically go for the hyped up pretty boys. :p

Tomorrow's prompt:
Your favorite movie and what it's about

hehehe Most people don't even have to guess mine. It's a known fact and part of how I knew Aaron was 'the one'. lol

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Norma's Take On Nfu Oh & Kiss: Purple Glitter & Challenge

I was going to wait 'til I got pics to share, but after hours of mowing in the heat I don't really feel like doing a whole lot to my nails. This way you get some extra informations and a couple of pictures because Purple Glitter isn't really that complicated. lol First a word or two from Norma! You all know her by now, right?

So I got my Nfu Oh's today. I did a paper test with them and they all dried in about 5-6 minutes. I wanted to know if they'd dry over nail polish so I painted an area with polish, waited for it to dry, then painted the Nfu Oh's over. They were dry (yet tacky) to a light touch after 5 minutes and after 10 minutes they were completely dry.

I got Nfu Oh 39 59 and 56.

I made sure to use pretty thin coats because I figured the jelly base would take way longer to dry if I used a medium or thick coat.

My guess - the forumlas on these are not good enough to warrant the hefty price tag but they are beautiful and so customers will buy them and they can keep charging so much money :/

I've had similar experiences with Sinful Colors Green Ocean and the KleanColor 'holos' (the slow drying jelly base) and those polishes can be made to work so I think these can too but they'd take more effort.

I think you'd absolutely need a good quick dry top coat. You'd also need patience. With this mani I'd think you'd need to make 100% sure your base color is dry (like paint your nails and come back a few hours later or even the next day!) and then do thin coats. To build opacity you'd have to wait, I'd think, 8-10 minutes between coats and then top it all off with a quick dry top coat.

So that's my two cents. I didn't get 40 but 39 looks very similar and has the same type of jelly base I'd think

Now maybe if we all bat our eyes and ask really nicely she'll send me some pics and a run-down on whether or not they behave the same way on her nails. *bats eyes* hehehe

Now for the Kiss striping polish in Purple Glitter.

Stripe. :p It is exactly what it says it is. Sort of. There is a smattering of red and blue glitters, but that just adds a bit of depth to the purple. Or... interest. Something. They're not obviously red and blue unless you're looking really close.

The base is clear. I first used it on a different color and was shocked by the clear base. I couldn't figure out what to do with it. The skinny striping brush is a bit limiting. I'm confused by glitter!!! lol I kind of like these simple stripes, though. Perhaps over a medium/dark purple cream. Of course if I planned on wearing it I'd be a little more careful to make sure my lines are straight.

Today's prompt:
How have you changed in the past two years?

I'm not sure that I have... Other than chronically doing my nails every day now. lol I did lose about 35lbs and gained almost half of that back, but I'm trying really hard to get back into the habit of exercising (had to look up how to spell that...) regularly. The muffin-top must go! Beyond that it's just been another string of same old. At least from my perspective.

Tomorrow's prompt:
Picture of five guys who are famous who you find attractive

Are there five? I'm sure I can come up with five... lol