Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zoya: Ziv

Hello dar- "But Lizzy! You said-" ut-tut-tut-tut *ssssshhhhhhh* Let's not dwell on things I may or may not have said. ;) Cut me some slack! I haven't lied about something I was going to do here in a while. LOL So! Yes. Nuclear Energy will be here Thursday. Tomorrow is Blueberry Fizz (YUM!) and today is Zoya Ziv.

This is an absolutely necessary two coats. Ziv is one of those pulverized metallics that looks like this:

from certain angles. Ew.... lol From certain angles, in some lights, you get a bit more detail.

That's with my phone camera. :p Lookit, though! Got a gold metallic with kind of bronze flakies all up in it. Subtle, but effective when you get to see it. Wanna see Ziv in the shade? Of course you do!

....*shrugs* lol The many faces of Ziv. It did take a bit longer to dry than I expected from a metallic, but it's smooth and pretty and worth the wait.

Got my amazon $10 from a focus group today so I think I'm going to go and try and decide on one (or two) polishes off of my wishlist. lol Also got an Ulta coupon for 20% off of one item so I think I'll be using that soon as well. So many tough decisions!! Hope everyone's having a terrific week so far. :D


  1. I got ziv from glossybox, I WUV IT SOOO MUCH, I love how it's got some variety in there, like it's not a plain metallic gold.

    1. That's awesome! I love getting nail polish. ;) I was kind of hoping for a plain metallic gold, but this is definitely cool.


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