Friday, May 17, 2013

Zoya: Skylar

Yes! Finally. lol I had been eyeballing Skylar since the True collection was sitting in Ulta forever, finally found her on clearance and now I'm getting around to wearing her.

Skylar looks more grey indoors, but outside in the sun she definitely has a blue cast. This is three coats, super smooth application, average dry time.

And such a pretty shimmer. I think it was mostly the shimmer that made me think she would be similar to I Have A Herring Problem.

Side-by-side like that they really don't look that similar. On the nail they do look a tad closer...

Skylar on my middle and pinky; IHAHP on index and ring. Skylar is a bit more blue and a touch darker, IHAHP leans more grey and is a bit lighter. I think the shimmer in Skylar is a bit more dense, or it could just be an illusion. lol

Skylar on the left; IHAHP on the right. Close, but definitely not dupes. Not outside anyway, indoors they look much closer. Gotta love the sun! ;)

So my mom had a couple of 40% off coupons for Hobby Lobby and wanted me to go with her. Why not? I wasn't planning on getting anything, but then she pointed this out....

It's a sock loom! You know, so I can make socks! SOCKS!!! LOL Out of this!:

LMAO!!! Gonna make some day-glo knee highs. And normal socks. Summer's coming up, though, so I'm going to need something to detract from my legs when I start wearing shorts. :p Also, we're forever losing our normal socks so once I get the hang of this thing I should be able to whip out a pair of ankle-socks in no time. Aaron needs a certain color socks for a costume? *BAM!* There ya go. And once the zombie apocalypse happens I can trade clean socks for fresh water or something. I'm also assuming I should be able to make, like, those arm thingies? You know, like long gloves without fingers. One of the pics on the back of the package is of toe-less socks so it's not a big stretch. This is going to be so much fun.

That's about it for me. Starting to get painful to type again so don't be surprised if I have a big ol' chop coming up again soon. I have no idea how Abbie does it... Hope everyone has a Happy Friday and a fantastic weekend coming up! Love you guys!! :D


  1. *Giggles* I just love your blog! If the zombies ever take over I'll know who to go to for socks!

    This polish is beautiful. Have you heard of LA Girls Extreme? I'm a sucker for periwinkle polishes so that one screamed my name and demanded I take it home with me. I highly recommend it!

    1. LOL You bring the water, I'll bring the socks. ;) I haven't seen Extreme around. I'll have to see if Dollar Tree still has the mass of LA Girls colors. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I think Zoya really makes some great polishes, I wish they shipped to canada though cuz their online store always have those really good deals!

    Sock loom haha that's awesome! I never have patience for knitting and stuff but I am excited to see your creations!

    1. Have you checked Amazon for ones you like? I don't know how their shipping changes going to Canada, but that's about the only other place I've found Zoya online. :/ I hope to start up some socks tonight. I just noticed the colors I have match the three Ready For Boarding polishes I have! hehehehe

  3. won't ship to Canada far as I know and has a few Zoyas (like less than 10) and they're all over $20 a bottle (o_O!). There's nailpolishcanada (they carry Zoya) but I think Jasmine is saying the Zoya site itself has really awesome deals that we can't take advantage of *cry*

    1. OMG WHAT?! That's insanity. It's so sad when stupid international shipping comes between polish lovers and the amazing deals that allow them to get those polishes. :(


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