Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zoya: Sharon & Essie: Shine Of The Times

*phew* Long day. It was almost my mom's last Georgetown appointment, but with her rash thing almost totally gone, we all agreed that one more follow-up would be a good idea. Just to make sure it doesn't come back. Also, my mom and I agreed we like her and they have baskets of skin-care samples to raid on the way out. ;) We like that, too.

I'm glad I didn't decide to go with a holo today, because it is very grey and gloomy out. Nice day for a cream, though!

Ahhhh.... Zoya's LE Sharon is the perfect execution of what Julep's Kaylen ended up being. (as opposed to the "bright orange" she was supposed to be :p) Two coats, pretty good dry time, super smooth and easy to apply. Possibly could have used a third, I did catch some slight VNL indoors by monitor-light and my 2nd coat ended up a bit thick so if you're better about thin, even coats you'll probably need three. Overall a very pretty basic orange cream.

I almost didn't bother with the flakie since it is so gloomy out, but I said I was gonna so here's Sharon with one coat of Shine Of The Times:

Just a *tad* underwhelming without the sun...

Meh. Would make a pretty Autumnal combo. :)

So far two of my Bond Girls have shipped! Pussy Galore and Solitaire! Just waiting on confirmation for the third.

I haven't totally made up my mind, so I want to know what you guys think. Okay, so I've got a few places where I'm "hiding" money. I've got real life money stashed away to save up for vacation/emergency. I've got my SwagBucks money which can turn into real money, and I have various other online monies that pay out in check, amazon or paypal... Polish aside for a second (*GASP!* I know!) I've got two goals. Vacation, obviously, and I want a tablet. It would make a convenient portable portfolio for Aaron's FX pics, and it would also be very handy for trips because I could take pictures and keep notes and stuff without a whole bag full of stuff. I did find a tablet I like on amazon (an Acer Iconia, it's gotten some good reviews and I like that it has Windows, keyboard attachment and usb ports for extras) for $340 in "like new" condition. What I'm thinking is that I could keep saving 'real life' money like normal, hold on to my 'extra' money for 'must have' polish purchases and use SwagBucks to pay for the tablet. The perk to this is that while every other amazon/paypal cashout is 100SBs = $1; the $5 amazon card is only 450SBs, so I'd be saving 50cents off of every $5. I could cash this out five times a month (the limit on any single gift card) and still have a rollover balance that I could cash out bigger when I get close to a big enough amazon balance... What do you think? Does that sound like a good idea? If it makes sense at all. lol I still have that focus group that pays out in only amazon money, and I could cash out OpinionOutpost to amazon and even cover some with my checking account if I wanted to. LOL Kinda sounds like I've made up my mind and just need someone to tell me it's a good idea, huh? :p Maybe. I haven't started moving any money around yet, though. I can just let everything sit and ride where it is and see what happens. *shrugs* Let me know what you think. If it sounds like a really bad idea for some reason I haven't thought about yet, I'd like to know before I start! LOL Hope everyone's having a great week. :D


  1. Oh hey I just did a similar look a few days ago, I put shine of times over a neon orange, I thought it was ok, you actually can't see the color shift of the flakie much over orange and yellows
    I can't believe you have shine of the times and never used it since I started following you! Don't you have the urge to put that on top of EVERYTHING?!?!
    I do!
    I got lost half way in your tablet buying dilemma, so whatever you choose, good luck? Sorry, I am not money savvy, at all :(

  2. LOL I was real excited when I first got Shine Of The Times, but I keep forgetting I have it! o_O Perhaps I should keep it out in the open and handy... I need to start gathering up colors for a pastel cream skittle mani to see how SOTT looks over everything. hehehe

    No worries, thanks for the luck. :D

  3. I love your idea on buying the tablet. I've never heard of that particular one but if you're set on it, I say move whatever money/points around you need to to get it! My personal rec, though, would be an iPad. A few people at work have one and SWEAR by it.

    1. lol I'll look into it. ;) Probably with go with the Acer cuz it's windows based, but I know a few people that love their iPads, too, so it's worth checking out.

    2. Whatever you do try not to get a tablet that has Windows Surface. Just my 2 cents but that operating system is rough on the head (huge learning curve) :/

    3. *yikes* Good to know. I'm pretty sure the Acer has Windows 7, so not much to learn there. ;) lol Never heard of Windows Surface before. People always trying to make things all complicated.... -_-


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