Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Seven Deadly Beauty Sins (Tag)

It's nearly 2am, the rollover time for Swagbucks. Got Sims saving, waiting for my basecoat to fully dry. Why not go ahead and post up some fun-ness? This is technically a tag, but since The Happy Sloths vague-tagged, I figure I can, too. If you wanna do this, do it! It'll be fun. Promise. lol

1. Greed ~ What is your most expensive beauty item?
Aw man, first one and I'm already stumped! Uhm... I'm going to cheat and say my contact lenses. I have a perfectly functional pair of glasses I wear most days, but I wear contacts when I want to look pretty. (*gasp* Vanity! LOL)

2. Wrath ~ What beauty item do you have a love/hate relationship with?
Eyeliner. I can't live without it, but I hate that I can never really get boths lines 100% identical to each other.

3. Gluttony ~ What brand makes up the biggest chunk of your collection?
Easy. essence. 62 polishes, matte powder, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, 3 eyeshadows and (*GASP*) now blush. Don't get excited, I haven't tried it yet. Baby steps.

4. Sloth ~ What beauty product do you neglect to use due to laziness?
Wrinkle cream. Any facial moisturizer, really. Okay, I'm so lazy I'll put on my powder and if I notice dry, flaky patches I'll put a dab of lotion on those and then just powder back over. :p

5. Pride ~ Which beauty product gives you the most confidence?
Oooooh... Eyeshadow. I have amazing eyes (if I do say so myself) and when I nail that I feel like everything else just disappears.

6. Lust ~ Which beauty item is at the top of your wishlist?
Zoya Summer 2013 PixieDust collection. Yep.

7. Envy ~ What makeup product/look looks great on others but not on yourself?
Still going with blush on this one... We'll see if essence can change my mind, but I'm not holding my breath.

That wasn't so bad. Kinda short, really. Lots of fun, though. :) I love stuff like this. Let me know if you decide to dive in a complete the Seven Deadly Sins!... beauty tag. hehehe


  1. I would really like to see you do like an eye makeup post!
    Also I really want the pixie dust polishes too, out of all the textured polish collections I have seen so far, I like that one the best, but zoya doesnt ship to cananda (or was it super ridiculous shipping fees, can't remember)

    1. Yeah, "no shipping outside the continental US". *boo* I wouldn't be against doing an eye makeup post. It probably won't be as lovely and creative as yours, but I may be able to throw something together. :)


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