Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Revlon: Topaz & Nails Inc: Hackney Crackle +eMoney Update

Happy May, everybody! A new month, a new sub-folder on photobucket. :p Was really hoping to start May off right, but I slept in again and now it's so hot I can't bike outside during the day. So I can either bring it in or freakin' wake up a few hours earlier. We'll see... really want to try and wake up earlier. Need to quit staying up all night playing Poker Night 2.... lol

Today we're starting off with three coats of Topaz. Not 100% sure what they were thinking with the name/color combo here, but it's my birthstone and I'll take it. Topaz is a green-to-blue (I have seen blue topaz, but it's more icy blue) duochrome that, on my nails at least, worked fairly well.

You can sorta see the blue there at the tips. For three coats the dry time wasn't too bad. I think I laid down maybe an hour and a half after application? No dents or hair marks so that's pretty impressive.

There you can see the blue up by my cuticle and more around the edges. It's more visible in low-light so I tried to take a video. I'm not 100% sure it helps, but you can see the stack of books I keep in the bathroom and I thought you might get a laugh out of that. ;)

I decided to top this with Hackey Crackle at the last minute. It does end up being very similar to my Ulta Quake Duo, but nobody remembers that, right? ;)

I was very surprised that it crackled so well. When I first pulled Hackney Crackle out of my drawer it was clear! OMG! All of the silver had settled at the bottom. Luckily a good five minutes of shaking brought it back to life. Here's a close-up in the shade so there's not so much glare.

Pretty. :) And it applied a lot thicker on my nails than it did on my test-swatch so I just may be using this again over something a little more contrasty.

Things are trucking along eMoney-wise. Somehow managed to hit the $20 auto-cashout on CashCrate and the check will be on it's way on the 15th. I'm keeping that site. As long as I remember to log in every day it's got a regular, steady increase. Just under $6 left to cashout SendEarnings then I can finally close that one out and start working on InboxDollars. *ugh* So good when they started, but now they're just a nuisance. Figured out a pretty sweet system for $2 jumps on InstantCashSweepstakes as long as I can remember to log on every now and then. lol That one could be pretty lucrative if I could just remember! Got $13.50 sitting in OpinionOutpost just waiting for something to jump at me. Should be getting my $10 Amazon card from the focus group in the next couple of days. And, of course, SwagBucks. My big "spoil me" baby. Hit the goal every day last week so I'll get a hefty bonus on the 5th, my Sephora Shop & Earn points should clear on the 19th. I'm 18.7% to my next $100 cashout already without either of those bonuses! hehehehe If you're curious, SwagBucks is open internationally, just that not all of the special offers are available to all countries. Which isn't really a big deal, I do just fine without them. ;) I.... think that's it. That's how I fund my psychosis. lol Actually, I'm thinking of doing something a little smart and *gasp* responsible. Been peeking around at online savings accounts and investment sites. I am 32 after all and I really should have started thinking about the future when I didn't die at 21. :p So, yeah. If I find something great then I'll definitely share. We could all use a little more security, eh?

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. I'll be back tomorrow with another Gum Drop! :D


  1. I'm really liking the new revlon line! Love the pairing of the crackle with it too...the same thing happened to my OPI silver crackle with the separating :0

    1. I love it, too! I just wish they weren't so expensive. It's a weird separation, right? Most of my metallic crackles have seperated, but there's just a bit of clear at the top. This one was almost all clear and just a bit of silver at the bottom! Definitely surprised it worked. lol

  2. Haha, love the video, you have such nice nails!

  3. I love your blog. Perhaps we could follow eachother? Let me know sweetie!


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